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From Another World

As this movie begins we watch an advanced alien ship flying onward through outer space. As it continues its flight we see it head towards a planet. As it gets closer we see the planet is earth. We watch it fly into and through earth's atmosphere. Flying high over the Atlantic Ocean, it quickly moves towards North America. Over North America it continues up towards and passes Canada. Continuing, it flies over Alaska.

At the top and coldest area of Alaska the alien ship suddenly starts to move out of the sky toward the ground. It hovers motionless and then slowly descends, until it comes to rest on a huge frozen flush area of ice. A few seconds after it has landed, the extreme heat on the ships outside begins melting the ice underneath. This continues causing the round ship to keep moving down until it is completely below the surface of ice.

The top of the ship is now six inches below the surface of the ice. Just after this, the ship's outside quickly cools down and returns to its normal temperature. Immediately after this, the top exposed area of the ship in fifteen seconds turns white and icy looking in order to camouflage it. Six inches of snow and ice then quickly forms over the entire top of the spaceship to completely hide it.

Right after this, at the top center of the alien ship a door slides sideways open. Then the being, whose spaceship this belongs to, is elevated, until the terrifying, green skinned, six foot eight inch alien is standing on top of the ship. The horrifying, grotesque, alien walks off the ship and continues moving across the frozen ground.

He walks for about one and a half miles and sees several mammoths, walking. The alien immediately races towards them. Using its incredibly powerful body, it leaps onto the back of one of the hairy creatures and then quickly moves up and slightly passed the center of its spine. Just after this happens, the huge elephant turns it's head and tries to look at the alien.

Filled with fear, the huge furry and horned mammoth begins to run; it also starts to yell out as the alien begins clawing and biting into the giant animal's back. The alien rips its teeth and claws through muscles, tendons and then the large creature's spine. As the alien claws through the spine, the giant elephant's legs become paralyzed as it then smashes onto the ice. The alien continues clawing the huge mammoth's spine and rib area. As this is happening, the gigantic elephant has its head mostly turned in the direction of the alien, crying out in fear and pain. The alien continues ripping through the mammoth's spine, killing the animal.

Instantly, after accomplishing this, the alien moves off the beast's back and stands himself right in front of the elephant's stomach area. He reaches and pushes his sharp hand claws into the mammoth's stomach and starts ripping it open. Finished, the alien then carefully pulls out all of the organs in this area throwing them onto the icy ground. Having done this, the alien looks back into the stomach and now sees gallons of blood. The creature sticks it's head into the blood filled area and gouges, drinking several gallons of red blood. As this is happening, from different nearby areas we see several mammoths standing and watching.

The alien rests itself on the dead furry elephant for about an hour. It then gets up and starts to walk away to look for other game.

Walking for thirty minutes, it sees in the distance a settlement of Eskimos. It spies for several hours, watching this village that houses over five hundred of them.

Late that night the alien quickly and quietly walks into the area and enters a tepee. Seeing two people sleeping, he quickly moves towards one, pulls off the animal skins that were the Eskimo's blankets and mauls the man. As this is happening, the Eskimo's wife awakes and seeing this she starts to scream, but just one second into screaming the horrifying alien lunges at her, grabs and crushes the woman in it's arms. The alien then quickly drags the bodies away to drink their blood.

The next day the other members of the village discover that two Eskimos are missing. They also see some of their blood in the tepee. Because of this, a full investigation gets underway.

Three nights after he killed and removed the two bodies from the small Eskimo community, the alien returns at a different area of the campsite. Like the last time, he enters a tepee, kills and removes the two occupants. Having dragged the bodies for fifteen minutes, he then stops and drinks their blood. Having finished, ten minutes later, he next heads back to his spaceship.

The next morning the two additional Eskimos are discovered to be missing, some of their blood is also found in their tepee.

Frantically searching, the Eskimos discover the alien's large footprints. A posse of seventy-five men follows the footprints. Searching for twenty minutes, they discover two bodies that are completely drained of all their blood. Continuing to look, fifteen minutes after discovering two dead Eskimos, the remaining missing two are found with their bodies also completely drained of all their blood.

Continuing to search, forty minutes later they all walk up to where the alien's ship is. Because it is just under the icy ground and because it has been camouflaged, the angry Eskimos cannot find the evil creature. They are certain that the monster that kidnapped and killed the four Eskimos is in this area so they camp out waiting, circling twenty-five yards around of the hidden spaceship. The skies turn dark as nighttime settles in.

Late at night, seven hours after they arrived in this area, suddenly the evil alien elevates out of the ship and starts walking away from it. Being completely alert, most of the seventy-five angry Eskimos suddenly appear and circle the creature. As they approach, many light torches revealing the alien's terrifying features. The Eskimos rush up to it from every angle with their weapons trying to subdue the monster. It yells out as it fiercely fights. Many Eskimos throw their torches at it and onto the ground just next to the alien. Suddenly, the ice beneath this fierce battle begins to crack and break open. As this is happening, many Eskimos fall though into the freezing water below. As the thick ice continues to break open, the alien falls through it into the water. Just after this the ice shifts again and slams shut. The surviving Eskimos search and see the alien trapped deep under the ice. Feeling satisfied, the remaining Eskimos leave and head back home.

Sixty thousand years pass and we are in current time, which is the year 2008. Moving across the coldest area of Alaska, we see then pull into a United States science base that is the size of one square average town block.

On the inside we see several men and women in a huge gym area exercising. A man and a woman are running on separate professional treadmills. Two other men are on stationary bikes. One man is punching a large punching bag. As we move towards the bench press, we see a powerful looking man lift off and start to rep out with five hundred pounds. He completes ten repetitions, then puts the huge amount of weight back on the bench's rack. Super setting his chest with his legs after the set on the bench, he rests for only a minute and walks to the squat rack. There we see him lower his head down under the Olympic bar, putting the bar on the back of his shoulders, he then full squats five hundred and fifty pounds for ten perfect repetitions.

As an hour passes, we see that all the people in the gym have been having rugged workouts because their hair and clothes are drenched with sweat.

We again move towards the super strong six foot two man and see him in front of a boxing speed bag. Punching this we see that he has the most advanced professional skills. Having been on the speed bag for twenty minutes he finishes, walks over to a chair, picks up a towel and wipes the sweat off his face and arms. He then lifts a jump rope off the chair and starts to use it at the highest professional level. Twenty minutes pass. He finishes jumping rope, then moves towards a professional running treadmill. He puts the exercising machine on at a very fast speed and then continues running on it for an hour.

Finishing his workout, we see him head for the showers with two other men who have also concluded their intense workouts. Having finished showering we then see them in the gym's locker room, dressing.

As they dress, one of the scientists named Don says to the super strong scientist, "So David, the story again is that you retired from professional boxing because you were certain you defeated the world champion who possessed the best of the three heavyweight belts on that night you fought him. After one of the three judges gave him one point more than you, giving him the controversial victory, you decided to give up professional boxing?" "That's true," says the powerful scientist. Don then says, "Being that you have a third degree black belt and played four years inside linebacker for high school and then again for an ivy league college and one year of pros and was an all star each year you played, I would say if you fought any heavyweight champion of the world in a street fight you would easily win; so therefore why worry if you lost that close decision two years ago." Scientist David says to Don as they continue dressing, "I am doing what I love most and this is being a good scientist, so therefore I feel fine."

Having finished dressing, they walk together to a science laboratory room. Just after entering the room they walk toward and enter a dressing area. There they each open their lockers and put on white medical jackets. They leave the small locker area and enter a research room that has a lot of expensive scientific equipment. (This United States science base is, "Top Secret." Because of this, the huge complex has just one company that handles, for the entire science base staff, all of the regular telephones, fax phones and cell phones service. This company also provides the computer internet service for surfing the web, e-mailing and chat rooms. Because the science base is top secret, no one is allowed to have his or her own personal cell phone, regular telephone, fax phone and regular on line computer in fear that one of the mentioned might get tapped. Yesterday, the advanced satellite that controls the powerful signal for the science base complete communications malfunctioned. Because of this, all of the entire base's top secret regular telephones, fax phones, cell phones and internet service are not working. If this is not corrected in a total of ten to fifteen days from the time it first happened, governmental personnel, along with military personnel, will fly out to the secret base to check on it.)

We then see ten people, eight men and two women, completely bundled up with many layers of clothes on under their heavy coats, walk through a door leaving the huge complex. Outside they continue walking together until a large cargo jet is seen on an icy runway. The ten arrive just in front of the jet; open it's passenger stairway door and step up into the cargo plane. In the jet, two men walk towards the cockpit, enter it and sit down on the two pilots' seats. The captain presses a button that turns the plane's two huge turbo engines on.

He then presses another button and says, "Attention crew, this is the captain. We are going to take off so please put your seatbelts on." Just after hearing this order, the eight passengers in the cargo area seated on the floor against the plane's sidewall (four on each side) each lift up seat belts and buckle themselves to the wall. The man in charge, at the cargo area, presses a button on the wall just next to him and says, "We are all strapped in, captain, you may take off." Hearing this, the captain starts to move the jet. It quickly picks up speed and lifts off the ground and swiftly climbs up high into the sky.

As it flies, four of the crewmembers start talking. One says to the others, "We are heading out to that new area we discovered a few days ago. From the looks of it I believe we struck gold; there are indications that as many as three very well preserved mammoths are buried under the ice there."

The jet continues to fly for twenty minutes, then the captain radios to the crew to prepare for landing. Just after saying this, the captain presses the button lowering the jet's wheels that have large skis around them. A minute later the jet descends out of the sky and lands on a long stretch of snowy land. It comes to a full stop moments later. The side stairway door opens and with backpacks on, the ten-crew members then leave the plane. They walk about five city blocks then stop and remove their backpacks.

An hour passes and we see two of the crewmembers walking about using high tech electronic devices to scan the ground to read if there is anything under it's icy surface.

As this is going on, we move over one hundred yards away from them and see two men with long chainsaws cutting through the ice. While this is happening, we lift up sixty feet above them and looking down into the cleared off crystal clear ice, we clearly see an entire incredibly well preserved fifty-five thousand year old mammoth.

Meanwhile, as the two men continue to scan the entire area using the high tech equipment, one of the men walks back to where the huge mammoth fossil is being cut out of the ice. Arriving, he approaches and tells the commander of the expedition, "I was doing a complete scan with my equipment over there." He then points in the direction about one hundred yards away. He continues saying, "I suddenly got a reading of a huge radioactive metal structure just about thirty feet under the ice." Hearing this, the commander of the expedition party orders everyone to stop what they are doing and to join in a group about him.

After grouping with all of their essential equipment, the captain instructs them to go with him, to walk over one hundred yards in the distance, to investigate a possible important finding. The ten head to where the strange reading was taken. As they are walking to this area, the other man, who was using the same high tech electronic equipment, walks up to the captain and says, "Sir, I found something fifty yards from here, just eight feet under the ice." He continues saying, I tried to look and see what it was and could see about a third of it. It looks like nothing I have ever seen before. It resembles a horrifying version of a very large green skinned man." He continues saying, "It looked to be perfectly preserved under the ice. There are also several bodies of ancient Eskimos about it, they appeared to me to be fighting this terrifying creature." After hearing this, the head researcher (the commander) decides to go over to the area to see this strange finding, first.

The group then walks the fifty yards and arrives. As they look into the ice trying to see the creature, the head researcher orders that the ice-clearing agent is to be sprayed over the ice. A few minutes after the order was given, this is done. As everyone is waiting for about a minute, the ice starts to clear. Then after another fifty seconds it totally clears, completely revealing the terrifying creature and the several angry Eskimos below.

For several seconds, the ten scientists and researchers stand silently around looking down into the cleared ice. As each person gazes down scary music is suddenly heard. Some members of the group have a slight look of terror on their face as they all continue to gaze at the creature. Then one of the researchers says as he continues looking at the monster, "That creature has been down in that ice for at least sixty thousand years." Thinking for a moment, the commander then says to the others, "I want to see the large object that was also discovered before we remove this Thing from under the ice." The group then walks about seventy yards to the area where the large object is thirty feet under the ice.

Arriving, the two men with the high tech electronic devices do a complete measurement of the area. Finishing, they give the measurements to their commander who then instructs everyone to stand themselves around the measurements that he just received. The ten people separate and walk to the different areas of these measurements. With all of them arriving at the appropriate area, suddenly they see that they are standing around a perfectly round object that is under the ice. As they stand, one of the ten researchers says out loud to the others, "Is it possible, did we just discover a flying saucer under this ice?" After hearing this, two others agree. The commander says to everyone, "Let's not jump to any conclusions, this could be anything."

He then orders the ice clearing agent to be put on top of the entire area so they can all see what this is they discovered thirty feet below. Two men retake folded rods with canisters on them out of backpacks. Unfolding them open, they put hanging straps about their shoulders and begin spraying a chemical out onto the entire surface area. After finishing, they stand back with the others and wait. The ice begins to clear and just moments later, it suddenly becomes completely crystal clear revealing the entire top and sides of the strange alien ship below. The ten scientists stand speechless looking at the huge alien spaceship that is under the ice.

Suddenly, their commander looks over at one of his men and asks, "Charley, if we use the thermit bombs to melt the thirty feet of ice, will it harm the spaceship?" Looking at his boss he replies, "No, the ship will remain unharmed if we use the thermit." Hearing this the commander then orders the thermit bombs to be placed on the ice in order to melt it so they could reach the ship below.

Fifteen minutes after the order was given, the ice melting bombs are finished being put in different areas of the thick ice. Everyone is ordered to take cover. They all take cover, as then five seconds later the bombs are exploded. Just after the explosion, the ten researchers walk back up to where the spaceship is. Now when they approach, they each stop and look thirty-feet down seeing that the ice, which covered the craft, has completely been melted away leaving this huge crater and the mysterious alien ship below, completely exposed.

Four long rope-like ladders are secured above and then dropped into the crater. One long regular ladder is lowered into the crater. Nine researchers then climb down the rope ladders as one scientist remains on top of the huge crater.

The one regular ladder is fully extended along the side of the huge alien ship. Seven of the researchers then climb up the ladder to the top of the ship as two remain investigating the bottom of the ship from inside the crater. On top of the alien ship the seven investigate it; they also look for a way to enter it.

One of the seven sees a partially opened round porthole; he calls the others who quickly arrive and look at it. One of them reaches his hand through the opening, reaching around inside and presses a button. Just after this, a circling door slides sideways, open. Five of the seven climb into the porthole and down a small metal ladder as two are ordered to remain on top of the spaceship to wait.

As the five finish climbing down the small ladder, they stand in a corridor of the strange alien ship. Three of the five have side arms (hand guns) on, that they draw as they proceed to slowly walk through the spacecraft. As they walk along, they each look around with awe at the super advanced alien technology. One of the five says, "Simply incredible!" As they continue cautiously walking. After being about three minutes in the alien ship, suddenly, different colored lights begin flashing as the entire ship then begins to shake. The five people inside the alien ship are confused at this happening and wonder what they should do.

On the top of the ship one of the two men starts moving towards the ladder leading down off the ship, as back inside, the five starts racing towards the area where they entered the ship. Back outside, we see the man who moved towards the ladder is now on it climbing down and just as this is happening the ship suddenly completely explodes.

Thirty feet above we watch the man ordered to stay on top of the crater lift up and fly back fifteen feet, because of the huge explosion. Being stunned, he remains lying on the ice. After a few minutes he gets up and walks to the thirty-foot ice crater.

Looking down he sees that the alien ship has been completely vaporized from the huge explosion. Believing there might still be a slight chance, he cries out to the nine that went down into the deep crater. After yelling their names out for several minutes and looking at the partially smoking and burning ice crater, he starts to realize the truth and thinks to himself, "No one down there could have survived that blast." Lost in emotions he goes through several back packs, loads what he needs into one, puts it on then starts to walk away from that area back to the cargo jet.

As he is walking, he approaches the area where the Eskimos and the terrifying green alien are just eight feet under the ice. Stopping at this area he looks at the frightening, perfectly preserved creature, whose eyes are still open, as the ancient battling Eskimos are about it. As he continues gazing into the ice we hear scary music. Standing for several frightening seconds, he takes a deep breath then continues walking.

He keeps walking. Several minutes later he sees the cargo jet. He walks right up to it, opens the passenger stairway door then walks up the five steps and into the cargo area of the jet. Now inside, he immediately closes and locks the stairway door behind. He walks to the jet's cockpit, turns on the radio and says, "United States exploration base," he then says the name of the base, "This is science researcher, James DiVincent, reporting a code one emergency distress call, please respond!" The scientist researcher desperately repeats himself again and again. Suddenly, someone at the huge research base replies, "Researcher, James DiVincent, we are receiving you. What is the emergency situation you are having?" The researcher then quickly tells the entire details of the terrible situation. He next says, "I have returned the cargo jet but I do not know how to fly it back to the base." The scientist at the science complex then states, "Please confirm your location so we can come out to rescue you." Hearing this researcher, James, gives the jets exact location. After this, the radio communication is ended as the man who received the distress call goes to tell his commander.

Twenty minutes after receiving the emergency radio call, the remaining military personnel, scientists and technicians who are at the science base, have a quick meeting. They immediately agree on what men shall head out to that area with their large team of Alaskan malamutes (sleigh dogs). They know the trip to that area will take several days traveling in horrible conditions (the freezing weather and snowy, rocky, icy terrain and the strong winds). They figure that when they arrive they will confirm, back to the base, their colleague's report and then search for survivors. Ten of the seventeen remaining members quickly prepare themselves, then leave.

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