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As this movie begins we are in the current year (2009) in the U.S. state of Nevada. We enter a small town community and move into the kitchen of a big two family house. There we see an American born, Spanish descent man at the kitchen table seated in a chair speaking on the telephone. We move closer and listen to the conversation he is having. This man, whose name is George, says to the man listening on the other end, "Richard, I finally got the bootleg DVD from my connection. I want you to come over to my house tonight at seven P.M. so we could watch it on my living room television. I already contacted Sam and he said he would be here at that time to watch it." On the other end, Richard tells his friend, "Ok George, I will be at your house just before seven P.M. to watch the DVD you have."

We move in front of a clock at George's house and see that it is five minutes after seven P.M. Just after this, we move into George's living room and see him seated in a chair. We next see his two friends, Richard and Sam seated on his large couch. We approach and listen as George continues, "Ok Gentlemen, we are all here tonight to watch the DVD I attained through persistence and patience." Just after George says this, he goes to his television and inserts a DVD into his DVD player. He then returns to his seat, grabs its remote off of the coffee table, presses the play button and just after this the disk he inserted starts to play.

Suddenly, on the television we see what appears to be a large indoor carnival. (This indoor amusement park is in a completely closed off professional sized football stadium like structure.) As the camera person walks about filming, we see over ninety percent oriental people walking about and on the adult rides. As the camera person keeps walking, suddenly an incredible site starts to come into view. As the camera moves closer we see standing inside a huge steel cage a medium built man-like being that is from head to toe about sixty eight and a half feet. As we continue watching we see that the creature has just one large eye in the upper center of his head.

As the camera person walks right up in front of the cage, he films with his camcorder, turning it to the right and then to the left. Meanwhile, as he does this we see over a dozen people standing just next to the steel cage staring in shock and amazement at the terrifying, huge, one-eyed creature inside it. As the cameraman points the camera back into the cage we see several livestock animals (adult cattle, full sized sheep and turkeys) walking about, near the cage bars.

The camera person then refocuses on the huge Cyclops inside the cage. As we continue watching this creature, it suddenly walks forward, reaches down and quickly grabs an average sized cow. It lifts the scared mooing animal to his mouth, opens it, then sticks the beast inside and bites it in half. As this happens, the cow's blood sprays out of its torn in half body. The huge creature chews the half of the animal for several seconds, swallows and then sticks the remaining half into its hungry mouth as it then continues to chew and swallow. Just after this, it lifts its massive right arm and wipes the cow's blood off its mouth area. The gigantic Cyclops then reaches down to the floor of the cave, grabs and lifts to its mouth a gigantic basin filled nearly to the top with two percent low fat milk. It next pours the milk from the basin (about thirty gallons) down its thirsty throat. The huge creature wipes its mouth then throws down the wooden/plastic basin. It smashes into a corner of the inside of the cage. As we refocus on the terrifying monster, we watch him rub his massive stomach and let out several loud burps.

A minute after this, we suddenly are in a similar completely sealed off huge professional sized stadium like structure. As the different cameraman moves forward, we see many people walking about the carnival. As the cameraman continues to film and passes people, we hear many of them talking to each other. As we listen, we notice that the different foreign language being spoken is German. This time, as the cameraman continues moving forward, we suddenly see two separate huge steel cages next to each other and we see that there is a gigantic Cyclops in each one. As the DVD is playing, we move several times from the television back to the three men watching it, viewing their reactions as they each see the two different terrifying huge Cyclops. The cameraman approaches the cages and films up close the gigantic one eyed human like creatures for a while then the film ends.

After just viewing the very difficult to obtain, expensive DVD, George turns to his two friends seated on his sofa and says, "Besides having this DVD that you just saw I have more evidence I want to show you tonight proving that these huge one eyed creatures really exist not only just in other countries but many of them are in different areas our own country (the United States). In fact, there is an area deep underground close to our town where as many as a thousand are said to be living."

Just after this is said, George reaches into his right pant's pocket and pulls out his cell phone. He opens it, dials and then holds it up to his right ear. After three rings someone answers asking, "Hello?" Hearing this George asks, "Excuse me. Is this the Saint Joseph's church shelter?" The man on the other end says, "Yes." George then asks, "Is there a homeless man currently staying with you named, Willie Gonzalez? I need to know because I am a good friend of his." Thinking for several seconds the man on the other end of the telephone says, "Yes, there is a man with that name who is currently staying at our shelter."

After hearing this, George thanks the person and hangs up. He then looks intensely at his two friends still seated on his couch and says, "I want to drive you two over to this homeless shelter so you both can hear the incredible story this man, Willie Gonzalez, told me five days ago." As he looks at his two friends, Richard says, "Ok, George, I'll go with you to the shelter to hear that homeless man's story." Right after Richard finishes telling George this, Sam next says, "I'll also go to the shelter with you two guys." After hearing this George says, "Great! I have my car parked in front; let's go right now, we will arrive at the shelter in less than fifteen minutes." Just after saying this, George grabs a paper bag that has a one-pint bottle of whiskey in it. George quickly slides the bag into his left dress pant's pocket. The three men then walk out of the living room and next out of the apartment into the hall, through it and out the vestibule.
They walk in front of George's car, then, the three men get into it. Next, George starts the vehicle up and drives it out of its space. He drives for eleven minutes then looks for a parking space. He finds one then parks his automobile. The three men exit the car and walk passed three two family houses and then right in front of a medium sized Catholic church that has a community center just next to it. George leads his two friends to the church's basement door.

Standing in front of it, George knocks on the door. Several seconds later a man opens it, looks at George, Richard and Sam then asks, "Yes, may I help you?" George answers saying, "Yes you can. We are here to see Mr. Willie Gonzalez. We are good friends of his." After hearing this, the man who answered the door tells the three men, "Yes, your friend is here, please come in, I shall take you to him." The three men then enter the church's basement.

As they walk into a large warehouse like room (the community center basement next door is connected to the church's basement) they see seventy beds with most of them occupied by homeless men. Knowing which bed Mr. Gonzalez occupies, the person who answered the basement door walks the three men towards it. As they approach it we see a homeless man, who is fifty-four years old, sitting on his bed and talking to two other upper middle-aged men that are each sitting on their beds just next to his. Walking right up to Mr. Gonzalez and then standing themselves at his sides, the polite man who led the three men to him speaks, "Willie, these three men asked to see you." Just after this is said George quickly says, "Willie, my name is, George, I am here to speak to you concerning the one eyed men."

Just after this is said and a several second pause, Willie looks at the man who brought the three men into the shelter and says, "Ok, I'll see these three men, thank you." Hearing this the man who brought them to Willie says, "Ok Willie, I'll then leave you here with them." The man who brought them to Willie next looks at the three men and says, "I am pretty certain you three men know your way out when you're finished speaking with Mr. Gonzalez." As they hear this, the three men each agree. This man then walks away.

Just after he gets out of hearing range George turns towards the homeless man and says, "Willie, the reason why I am here with my two friends is because I want them and myself to hear the incredible story you told me five days ago about the sixty-nine-seventy foot one eyed monsters you and your friend saw at the bottom of the cave you both climbed down into."

Looking at George, Willie begins to slightly shake as he then says, "Ok, I'll tell you three men what another man that was staying here and myself saw several days ago." (As the homeless man starts telling the story we move back and forth from watching him narrating to actually being there watching everything he is explaining.)

He tells them, "As I was living here at this church shelter, a man that I knew, who was also living here, approached me and said that four kids in their late teens were going to pay one hundred and fifty dollars and give a pint of quality whiskey and two packs of cigarettes each to any two homeless men if they would enter the cave located about seven miles from here. They first are going to give us a new MP3 DVD camcorder each to do important filming they wanted. After receiving this we were then to go through the widely known small opening that is deep inside the cave. We next were to climb down the one hundred and forty yards passage distance to get to the other side. Once the two of us made it to the bottom we were then instructed to look for the gigantic Cyclops monsters that many people living in desert areas of Nevada already know as common knowledge have always existed in certain areas there deep under the ground.

After trying to convince me, for five minutes, to do this with him, I gave in, explaining, I would go with him to the cave and then deep down into the ground to secretly film the terrifying gigantic monsters." This Hispanic descent, who received his American citizenship at the age of forty years old, continues, "Just after I gave my approval on going to try to film these huge one eyed monsters, the other homeless man, whose name was Ricardo, went to the payphone on the wall over there." Just after saying this, Willie points to a wall where a payphone is located. The three men turn and look at where he is pointing and after seeing the payphone they each turn back and look at Willie.

The homeless man (Willie) continues, "Ricardo spoke on the telephone for just two minutes and then returned asking me if I was sure it would be ok we did what the teenagers wanted us to do and could it be today. After asking me that question I told him that I did not mind if we went over to try to film the human like one eyed monsters today. He next told me", "Great! The four young men are driving over here right now to take us in their mini van to the cave.

After arriving just outside the dark cave, they will first teach us how to use the two camcorders. In the cave, just before we go down the narrow long passage leading below, they will give us about one quarter of the promised total amount of money, thirty-five dollars each."

Willie continues, "The young men arrived in their mini van twenty minutes after Ricardo spoke to the driver. We both then got into it and were driven to the cave. We stopped on the road one hundred and sixty yards from the cave, got out of the small van and walked to it. Just outside the cave the young men showed Ricardo and me how to properly use the two new MP3 DVD camcorders.

Just after the young men turned on their powerful hand held beam floodlights (flashlights) the six of us then went into the dark cave. Sixty seconds after entering the cave we approached the about five feet high and four feet wide square foot, (5 x 4 square) very long passage that eventually leads down into the land of the huge Cyclops monsters. Two of the teenagers then handed the both of us one camcorder each. Then next the two others handed us each a powerful hand held beam floodlight (flashlight).

Immediately, after receiving these battery-operated gadgets we both then entered into the passageway and proceeded to go down into the long, tight corridor. After traveling downwards for about thirteen minutes we then stepped out of the steep passage and onto what appeared to be even miles of caverns with an ninety five up to an even two hundred foot high rock ceiling. We next each turned on the camcorders with their lights and because there was some dim, low light we then turned off the two beam floodlights (flashlights).

We next cautiously walked forward, now filming as we proceeded. As we continued walking, about four hundred yards from where we entered the cave about one hundred and forty hundred yards in front of us we suddenly saw several of these gigantic one-eyed men and women. In order that neither of us would be seen together, we quickly moved and hid behind some large nearby rocks, positioning ourselves as we continued filming the huge monsters.

As we kept filming, the huge Cyclops started walking closer to where we were hiding. Frightened, a sound came out of my friend's mouth causing one of the huge one-eyed monsters that was now walking about eighty yards away to stop and look in our direction. After a long pause he then saw the both of us trying to hide. The creature let out a loud growl and started quickly walking towards us. With the DVD camcorders still on, we both started to run in terror back towards where we entered the gigantic caves below.

As we kept racing, several other Cyclops monsters saw us and also began quickly moving in our direction. The foot of the other man I was with, hit a rock and then he fell onto the ground. I stopped a few seconds to try to help him but the horrifying creatures were almost upon us so I then re-continued running backwards, filming! About thirty one feet away from him, one of the fast moving huge creatures reached down and grabbed the severely limping other homeless man. The gigantic one-eyed monster continued lifting the screaming man and then it opened its mouth, stuck him into it and bit him in half! After a few chews it then stuck the rest of his body into its huge mouth.

After seeing this and knowing there was nothing I could do to save the other man, I turned and raced back to the opening area that leads up to the outside.

I just made it to the opening with one of those monsters following right behind me. As I moved my body into the passage, the creature leaned down and reached its huge hand and arm into it trying to grab me. Screaming out in horror, I just narrowly escaped its huge hand and then continued back up the passage as fast as I could move. Nine minutes later, exhausted, I finally made it back to the cave and with the help of the teenagers; I climbed out of the opening leading to the monsters' dominion below.

Standing in the cave, with torn dirty clothes and with my exhausted body bruised, slightly cut and bleeding, one of the stunned teenagers took the camcorder from me. Another one of them then asked, "Where is the other man?" Gazing at them with a bewildered look on my face I told them, "A giant Cyclops monster ate him!" Several seconds after I told them this, the teenagers and myself then quickly moved to their waiting minivan and then they drove me back to this shelter. The young men next gave me the money they promised with the booze and cigarettes and then left."
Hearing this incredible story, with a slight, stunned look on their faces, the three men look into each other's eyes. Having heard what he wanted George hands Willie the small bottle of liquor and thirty dollars. George thanks the homeless man for the important information he gave, then he and his both friends walk towards the shelters exit door, open it and leave.

Having already paid the teenagers for the DVD, George smiles knowing that he had downloaded it into his portable computer, which is in his vehicle. The three men walk back to George's parked automobile and get inside.

Before George starts his car up he reaches under his seat, grabs and lifts the portable computer. He unlocks and then lifts open the top of the computer that also has built in it two small stereo sound speakers. He goes into the folders of his computer and clicks on a digital film. Just before the film starts playing, George presses the pause button and then enlarges the frozen picture to full screen size. He next turns towards his two friends seated in the back seat of his car, reaches and hands his computer to Richard who then takes it from him.

Looking into both of his friends' eyes George tells them, "I bought a copy of the recorded DVD that the homeless man filmed from the young men and then downloaded it into my portable computer." He then instructs Richard, who has the portable computer on his lap, to press the pause button so the film could play. Richard does this and then he and George's other friend, seated in the back seat, watch and listen to the entire DVD film the homeless man recorded. As the two men continue watching, George starts up his automobile, moves it out of the parking space and then drives off. After driving for twenty minutes he arrives in front of Richard's home.

Having finished watching the breathtaking film, Richard lifts the portable computer and hands it to Sam. He then unlocks and opens the right rear door and steps out of the car. He walks up to the front passenger side of the vehicle, leans down and through the one third opened widow, listens as George looks at him and says, "Richard, I'll call you tomorrow at eleven A.M. with Sam on my triple phone line. I will then tell you both in detail about my incredible money making plan." Hearing this, Richard says to his friend, "Ok George, I shall be waiting for your important call at that time tomorrow."

After hearing this, George drives his car away and then eight minutes later he drives up to Sam's home and stops. Sam hands the turned off closed portable computer to George who then puts it back in the compartment under his seat. Sam gets out of the car. Just before he drives off George tells Sam, "I shall call you tomorrow at eleven A.M. with Richard on my triple line to discuss my money making plan for the three of us." Hearing this Sam tells his friend, "Ok George, I shall be waiting for your important call tomorrow at that time." Sam gets out of the car. George then drives off in his automobile.

The following day arrives and just as he told his two friends, George first telephone calls Richard and then Sam on the triple line feature of his telephone. With the three men on the same telephone line, George then starts to discuss his huge money making scheme. He tells his two friends, "The film you both watched on my portable computer in my car last night completely confirms the story the homeless man living at the church shelter, told us. It also confirms the huge indoor underground carnival/amusement park DVD you both watched on the television in my home over an hour earlier that night.

Now that we are certain, that these gigantic one-eyed monsters exist and are deep under the desert ground, my plan is for the three of us to become partners with each of us putting up one third of the money we are going to need to do the following. The large rocky cliff area in the desert that has the cave and long passage way the two homeless men entered. My plan is to get dynamite experts who shall drill precise holes into designated areas of the huge cliff. After they finish drilling the marked holes, they next shall plug up each of them with high tech explosives (dynamite). Next, they then shall detonate the dynamite, blowing the front end of the huge rocky cliff into rubble. With the gigantic front of the cliff destroyed, there should be a very large opening exposed that leads directly into the grounds below where the gigantic Cyclops monsters live.

Because of the very large opening made that exposes their domain, many of the huge creatures shall then come out through the just dynamited open cliff. We shall be waiting just outside with fifteen other hired men. These hired men waiting outside the opened cliff with us shall each be holding a powerful dart rifle with a mounted laser-light. As the gigantic Cyclops creatures come out of the opened cliff, the hired men shall aim their rifles with the mounted laser lights and shall shoot the powerful darts into each of these monsters. Once we have captured about three of these creatures, we will then have the cliff re-dynamited causing it to be re-closed off to keep other giant Cyclops from coming out.

I have contacted several huge traveling carnivals and they are willing to set up their high tech amusement parks at the site after we first show them the deed to the land or a certified letter from the lands owner or owners confirming permission to have the large carnival on their property. After this we have to then pay them one third up front in order to receive their services. We will have several huge invisible custom made cages ready to hold the monsters outside the blown off front of the mountain.

We shall hire contractors to improve the road that leads to the cliff area and then we will also have a large area of nearby land improved for parking."

George concludes, "Whatever money we make we shall then evenly split it up three ways. After we capture several of these gigantic monsters and then set up the huge carnival I am certain that we shall each become very wealthy. So the question is, now do you both want to do this with me?" Just after asking this question nearly at the same time Richard and Sam reply, "Yes!" After hearing this, with a big smile on his face, George tells his friends, "Great!" He then starts to tell them the expense of the project and what each will have to contribute in the three ways split. As this is happening we fade from this scene.

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