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As this story begins we enter into a young twenty one year old woman's life whose name is Linda. She is a part of a medium sized family having two brothers. One brother is a year older than her and the other is three years younger than she is. She still is living at home and is in the last month of her fourth year of college. For reasons unknown to Linda or her family, her father committed suicide when she was fourteen years old. (Her father was, mentally and emotionally tormented by his father, two brothers and both sisters. Because of this he secretly found it impossible to adjust to the normal uncertainties and stresses of life.) Since his death her mother remarried. They all live in a two family house that her mother inherited clean and clear of mortgage payments from her parents five years ago. The young woman so far has not had any long-term relationships with men. She is still a virgin having had only kissing relationships with men so far. Because of her father's death, Linda has some emotional problems. This is the main reason why she has been afraid to start any serious relationships with men. Deep down she badly needs a man because not only do her emotions desire one but her body does too.

One night Linda goes out with two friends to a nightclub. She never went to discos, nightclubs or bars before but now that she is over twenty-one and is at the legal drinking age this new world is now available to her. At this nightclub Linda finds herself taken by the well-dressed people, the flashing lights and the loud beating, driven, disco music. While sitting at the bar with her two friends a man comes over and asks one of her friends to dance. The young woman accepts. The both then head for and arrive on the dance floor not too far from the bar. Watching her friend dance Linda sits on the barstool having a hard drink. Several minutes later Linda's friend returns from the dance floor and retakes her seat next to her. Talking to Linda and her other friend she says, "That cute guy I just danced with gave me his telephone number and he wants me to call him tonight."

As the night continues a man approaches Linda and asks her if she would like to dance with him. As Linda is struck, her two friends tell her go and dance with him to have some fun. So she accepts his offer. She has never danced with a man before. With the loud heavy hypnotic disco beat, the hot lights and people around her dancing, as she gets into the rhythm with this man she thinks, "Wow, dancing is very exciting!" After dancing for about a dozen minutes she heads back to her seat at the bar. A short time later a different man asks her to dance. Linda accepts. After the two songs they danced to are over he gives her his telephone number as she then heads back to her seat at the bar. Linda stays another thirty minutes at the nightclub then leaves with her friends, a little drunk.

As her friends drives her home Linda tells them, "One of the three men I danced with tonight gave me his telephone number and he wants me to call him when I get home tonight." She continues, "I let the guy dance with me but I don't want to have anything to do with him otherwise." Her friends tell her, "Then just throw the number he gave to you away." Linda rips up the number and throws it out the cars window as they continue driving.

A week passes, Linda's two friends want to go out to a movie together but Linda tells them she would rather go out to the same night club they went to last week. Because of Linda's persistence her two friends reluctantly agree to go there. At the disco, Linda walks to the bar and immediately orders a shot of hard liquor, which she quickly drinks. She orders another, drinks about half of it then gets off of her stool seat and walks to the dance floor. There, she starts dancing by herself. As a minute passes she moves her dancing to just in front of men that are without women, just then one of these men starts dancing with her. After a few minutes she abandons her dance partner. She then moves in front of other men, again a different man starts dancing with her. She continues to move her dancing from one man to another for about twenty-five minutes.

Perspiring profusely she finally heads back to her seat at the bar and starts to finish her drink. Her two friends look at her with struck expressions on their faces. Just then one of the men she danced with comes up and starts talking to her, with an uninterested look on her face she says in a loud voice, "Get lost!" She then turns back facing the bartender and asks for another drink. As he pours it she turns facing her two friends and says, "This place is hot!" Just then another man she was dancing with approaches her. After talking with this individual for thirty seconds she goes back on the dance floor with him. After dancing for a short time with the man without saying anything to her two amazed girl friends sitting at the bar Linda suddenly heads for the door with him.

Laughing, Linda gets into this man's car. They then drive off. As he drives the man asks, "So, would you like to go to a hotel? I will pay for the room." Linda replies, "I don't mind." They then head for and arrive at a cheap hotel. The man tells Linda to wait in the car as he then goes into the hotel office and pays the clerk the fifty dollars for one night. He returns to the automobile and shows Linda a key for room 2A. He opens the car door for her, she gets out. Walking together they arrive at their room and enter it. Within fifteen minutes they are in bed naked and having sex. About four hours later they get dressed. As she was dressing, this man asked for her telephone number, never wanting to see him again she gave him a false one. The man then drives and leaves Linda two blocks before her house. The next day when he tries to reach Linda by phone he gets a recording stating, "This number is not in service."

One of Linda's friends calls her on her cell phone and says, "Linda, what you did last night to Susan and me was wrong we both are wondering whether to drop you as our friend!" Linda replies, "You both shouldn't take things so hard, I was just having some fun." Working things out the two talk a little while longer then both hang up.

In one week Linda is going to graduate from college and shall receive her bachelor's degree with honors. In September she shall return to school for two years in order to obtain her master's degree. Linda knows that after her schooling is finished if life on her own becomes rough she can always live at home with her mother and stepfather in the two-family house her family owns. Linda is a heterosexual woman who is also very romantic, compassionate and lusty. To live a full happy life, being married for her is a must. But because of her father committing suicide when she was fourteen her attitude towards meeting a man then getting married is a very rebellious one. She decides to have nothing but quick rocky relationships and one-night stands.

After making this decision to be safe Linda looks through her telephone book for an Aids hot line number, finding one she calls. Just after a specialist says, "Aids prevention" Linda asks, "How can I prevent getting Aids?" The person on the other end of the phone tells her, "Have your partner wear a latex condom." The specialist continues, "You can buy this product at any pharmacy store." After hearing this important information Linda thanks the help line individual and hangs up. She then goes to a large pharmacy store and purchases a moderate supply of latex condoms.

In less than one week we are at Linda's graduation. Seeing her in cap and gown we witness her name being called, she then goes up to the presenter and is handed her hard earned bachelor's degree diploma.

Linda has a driver's license and is a good driver but since she started driving at nineteen she has had no car of her own. Whenever she has needed one Linda would borrow her mother's. From the two thousand dollars she received from her family and friends as graduation gifts and from money she saved, after shopping around for several days at different used car dealerships, Linda finally buys a good used car. Now that Linda has a good-looking well running automobile there is no holding her back.

Sadly, she knows that if a man wants to take her to a hotel and she accepts his offer almost all the time he will pay for the room. When she is at the bar or on the dance floor in a nightclub and a man approaches her, or if she introduces herself to one and Linda would like to have a hard drink and he does not make the offer to her she could then ask him to buy her a drink and almost every time he will. Unbelievably, because of her sad way of looking at relationships, she feels this will save her money as she heads down this tragic road.

As the summer begins, Linda starts going out mostly on weekends to discos, nightclubs and lounge bars. During the next three months we watch Linda at these places, we then see her at a hotel or in a man's home. We witness her getting dressed after having sex with these men.

September arrives and school starts. Linda enrolls and starts working towards getting her master's degree. When the weekends arrive we see Linda with a man she just met or at a nightclub. At the clubs Linda starts meeting other girls similar to herself and she makes several male friends that are just that and nothing else.

From these new friends she learns about house parties. House parties, meaning, an individual who owns a nice clean one or two-family house throws a party. This person might have hired a professional D.J. who has his own powerful stereo sound system equipment. Even if there is no professional D.J. at a house party there is always food and lots of free soda, beer, wine and many times hard liquor. People at these house parties are usually well dressed and there are always many willing young men. If you are well dressed and have the correct password like, "Joe told me I could come here," you should have no problem being allowed in. Linda further learns of a system on how to know where these house parties are. She telephones several people who obtain by networking all this information throughout the week.

Three months after Linda started to go to these house parties, on one Saturday night she looks over the list of house parties she obtained from her sources. Linda then heads out to one of them. Arriving in a good neighborhood, finding the correct address she parks her car. As Linda walks up the porch stairs she sees three well dressed men all holding drinks in their hands. As she walks towards the door to enter the vestibule she turns and looking into one of the three men's eyes she asks, "Are you here for the party?" The man answers, "Yes." Just after Linda finishes asking the question, she is struck by how handsome he is to her as she slowly walks away from him through the vestibule then hall and into the first floor where the house party is in progress.

Linda strangely feels a little faint while the many people around her are talking to each other and several are dancing as the loud disco type of music plays. Seeing a chair she takes a seat as she feels her emotions strangely race in all directions. As she is sitting she starts asking herself, "Why am I so attracted to that guy I spoke to on the porch, I don't understand." As she sits looking around she sees two people she knows. She gets up from the chair walks towards one of them saying, "Hi Eric." Eric, holding a drink looks into Linda's eyes saying, "Linda, it's great to see you." Linda then says, "Eric, as I was walking up the front stairs to this house there were three men on the porch. I spoke to one of them asking, are you here for the party? He was slightly over five foot nine inches tall, medium build, dark brown hair, brown eyes and looked about twenty-four or twenty five years old. He was wearing black dress paints and a buttoned up open white shirt. Do you know him?" Eric replies, "No, I don't think I know him but now that I have his description if you want, I will go outside and tell this guy you like him and would like to talk with him." Linda nervously says, "Yes, I would appreciate it if you would do that for me."

Eric goes out onto the porch and just sees two men there neither of them fit the description Linda gave. Looking at both men he asks, "Wasn't there another man out here with you?" He then gives a description of the man. One of the men tell Eric, "That guy's name is Timothy and he just left walking down this block," as he then points in the direction the man went. Eric thanks the man then races down the block hoping to find Timothy. Just at the corner he sees a man that fits the description Linda gave. Breathing hard, Eric asks the man who is now turning his head in his direction, "Are you Timothy?" The man replies, "Yes." Eric then says, "There is a young attractive woman at the party who wants to meet you, she asked me to look for you to tell you this, I think she really likes you." Timothy says, "Really, I'm sorry I am not interested." Eric then says, "You saw her yourself about twelve minutes ago. She approached you on the porch and asked if you were here for the party." Timothy then asks, "Was that the young woman with black hair, beautiful hazel eyes and wearing, a Lavender colored dress?" Eric replies, "Yes, that's her!" A smile comes over Timothy's face as he says, "Yes, I'll go back with you to the party to meet her." The two men then head back up the block, walk up the porch stairs then into the house.

Just after they both walk into the first floor where the party is, Eric looks around then points Linda out who is now sitting on the couch. Timothy thanks him. As Eric walks away he strolls over to where the hired D.J. is. Extending ten dollars he asks him, "Would you, on my cue, please play the following soft disco song?" Eric then gives the D.J. the name of the song, The D.J. says, "Ok, I will do that for you," as he then takes the money.
As Timothy walks towards Linda and their eyes meet, a magical, crushing, dazed feeling comes over the both of them as he continues walking towards her. It also is as if both of them are the only two people in the room. Now, standing right in front of her and looking into her eyes he extends his right hand and asks her, "Do you want to dance?" She accepts his offer saying, "Yes." Reaching her right hand into his she then stands up. As they move closer to the center of the room the people around them move out of their way and stare at them with smiles as if they know what is happening. Now at the center of the room they stand motionless in front of each other and stare into each other's eyes.

Just as they start to dance Eric directs the D.J. to start playing the beautiful soft disco song. Because of hearing this soft romantic song, instead of doing the regular type of disco dancing with Linda, Timothy gently pulls her close up against his chest. They then begin to slow dance and while doing this they continue to stare deeply into each other's eyes. Timothy asks Linda, "Do you like me?" Linda replies, "Yes." He then asks, "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" Linda shyly turns her head down from Timothy's eyes as she says, "Yes." Timothy then slowly moves his open left hand up from Linda's warm back, passed her neck and leaving it to rest on the back of her head. He then starts repeatedly stroking her beautiful long hair from her head down her back. While doing this and as Linda looks back into his eyes he moves his lips slowly towards her and starts deeply kissing her. As this is happening Linda starts thinking to herself, "This is the handsomest man I have ever seen!" As she then thinks from deeper in her mind, "I am in love for the first time!" They continue hugging and kissing as the four and a half minute soft disco song then finally ends. The D.J. starts playing a different song as Timothy and Linda continue to kiss and hug.

Just then the young man who is throwing this house party at his parent's house approaches the couple. Taping Timothy on his shoulder he says with some authority, "Excuse me!" The couple stops kissing. Looking in both their eyes he says, "You two cannot go on kissing like this in front of everyone here. If you want to continue the both of you must then leave!" Timothy looks into Linda's eyes and says, "Lets go outside." She says, "Ok." With his right hand he grabs hold of Linda's left hand as the two then walks out onto the porch.

Standing on the open porch for an instant Timothy and Linda feel the cool summer night air. The two then re-embrace and resume their kissing. They kiss for about ten minutes then Timothy stops and says to her," I want to talk to you." Linda says, "Ok, I would like to talk too." Standing in front of her, he looks into her eyes and asks, "What is your name?" She tells him, "My name is Linda." He then asks, "Do you have a last name?" "Yes, my last name is Davis." She then asks, "What is your name," he tells her, "My name is Timothy Sheppard." He next asks her, "Do you know the people who threw this party?" Linda tells him, "No, I don't. A friend of mine told me that there was a good house party at this address and the individual throwing it was allowing well dressed people over twenty-one to come." Timothy says, "I was told the same thing from a friend of mine." He then asks, "How old are you?" She tells him, "I am twenty-one years old." Linda then asks, "How old are you?" He tells her, "I am twenty-four years old." He asks her, "How did you get here?" Linda tells him, "I drove here in my car." She then asks the same question. Timothy explains to her, "My car is in the repair shop so I took a long bus ride to get here."

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