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Meanwhile, all N.A.T.O. countries go on the fullest possible red alert, every one of their major cites is evacuated by their government's military personnel. The Pentagon's most important personnel are evacuated and lead to top-secret bunkers. Tens of thousands of British solders swarm in to protect their capital. Their entire air force is ready to go air-born because they are the last strong hold of the free world should the United States fall. The Russian and Chinese, military, air force, navy and armies go into full war alert.

In no more then a day, over one hundred and fifty thousand U.S. solders are killed by the alien.

Safely hidden outside of The United States Capital massive meetings are underway, the leading members of congress and the senate, intensely discuss this World War Three like situation. The greatest U.S. and Canadian scientists are called forth. Soon the other top scientists from every remaining N.A.T.O. country arrive at this secret location.

Many years ago the congress passed top-secret laws that if the government was overthrown, whatever parts of it remained, would stay in hiding collecting taxes, if possible, and secretly would try to keep the government functioning, until it would be able to overtake the evil forces that stole the government and our freedom.

With the alien having completely destroyed the U.S. Capital, generals decide we need to communicate with this monster. After receiving the order a military helicopter slowly flies overhead with a white flag hanging from it, asking the alien on a loud speaker if he wishes to communicate with the country's leaders and the citizens. The copter then tells him where to go, to do this. Knowing he must communicate with our leaders the alien sees then approaches news cameras and microphones. Standing if front of this he now appears on every television station and is heard on every radio station nationwide and worldwide. The physically horrifying alien orders the entire federal government to unconditionally surrender to him or else he shall destroy all major cities in the United States!

The military's highest ranking members and the greatest scientists of the free world tell the United States President that all known chemical and biological as well as the latest most advanced weapons were used against the alien with no effect. Even nuclear power was used with no effect. His advisors tell him to stop the massacre and let the alien have the government. Because of the law passed long ago we will secretly run the government from a hidden location, and meanwhile will always look for a way to kill the evil alien. Knowing that the growing number of troops dead is now over two hundred thousand the president reluctantly approves this proposal. A few days after the unconditional surrender of the U.S. the alien learns of the other world powers. With a simple gesture of his hand the entire military weaponry of Russia, China, England and North Korea suddenly vanish.

Meanwhile, U.S. scientists go over again and again all possible ways to destroy the alien. Seeing his abilities and powers, from watching all DVD and digital film on him, they are certain that the only way the alien can be defeated would have to come from technologies of the future. The scientists figure that if the now hidden and less powerful governments of the world secretly put all their resources together and constantly study the evil alien, in approximately sixty years, earth's scientists will find a way to kill him.

Under top-secret conditions, the U.S. government has recently created time travel suits. They were created from a recently discovered, new scientific break-through. On the top center of the time travel suite's helmet is a super advanced camera that works like this.

With a strong built in light above the lens, which flashes at the same time, the time machine helmet's camera photographs, (takes pictures). But this photographing is different from a regular camera. It photographs, with the power of an electron microscope and x-ray machine combined. (An electron microscope allows a person to see hundreds of thousands of times magnified.) Just after the traveler programs the suit, it photographs everything in front of it. This is the present time the traveler currently is in. As this is happening from within the suit the scientist can hear what would sound like a camera taking pictures faster and faster. As it photographs the computer analyzes these pictures contents. This is the complete molecular-structures in front of the time travel suit, all levels of atoms and every other known molecular structure that would be invisible to the naked eye, using all these microscopic x-ray series of photos as a guild. It next figures how this matter would be, (look in front the suit) in the future or past. It then synthesizes creates, the new molecular structure from within the suit's helmet, and right after this is done the final process is ready, so the photographing stops. The suit's helmet lens, like a digital camera, x-rays filming out and doing this it now orders, the new recreated time structure (time) the traveler programmed the suit to go to, to stand still, held in front of the traveler. At the moment the suit is ready for traveling, from right and left side from within the suit's helmet, the traveler can see very clear and visible red lights flashing, indicating the suit is ready to travel. The traveler steps forward then out into the year, month, day, hour, minute and second of the past, or desired future time.

The time traveler suit's helmet is so large, the traveler can clearly see by turning his head slightly to the right hand side, a three row digital counter. The top row displays counting, the amount of photos the suit is taking, as it is getting ready to travel. While this is happening, again the scientist in the suit first hears the photographing snapping sound faster and faster. In a short time this stops, then for about ten seconds nothing is heard as the suit's helmet is now filming out the new time the traveler wants to go to. Next, as the suit starts traveling, just the sound of the time traveling digital counter in motion (spinning) is heard. The second row digital counter displays the spinning years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds the time suit is traveling passed in order to go to the future or the past. The third row shows, frozen, the year, month, week, day, minute, and second of the desired time the time traveler typed in and wants to go to. From whichever time you set the suit's main controls to go, this is the time you will travel to. The time traveling controls are on the suits left forearm.

The hidden world's governments pass laws that working in top-secret places all their scientists will look for scientific ways to kill the alien monster. Having meetings they all believe that a combination of things would have to be done to the alien in order to kill him. Finally, when all these different combinations that would kill the alien are discovered, this will be put in a secret same area in the United States, waiting for the scientist time travelers to retrieve from the future. The hidden remaining congress, senate and the president as do every other government of the world also pass this top secret law, stating, "That because the U.S. scientists have determined that in approximately sixty years the combination of drugs, weapons or anything else needed will be ready for them to retrieve. From the moment the time travelers leave for their sixty-year appointment in the future whoever is in charge in that time, must not use these drugs or weapons to kill the alien until sixty one years, (one year further into future) because of this law that was just passed."

There will be ten scientist time travelers. The scientist time travelers are carefully picked, and shall communicate with each other through a secret recreated version of the Morse code. If right handed the communication button is under the right index finger print inside the suit, if left handed the communication button is under the left index finger print inside the suit. They shall also be wearing, headphones and microphones from within their suits' helmets so they can verbally communicate with each other and their superiors in an emergency situation.

In different areas of a huge top-secret hanger, located at Manhattan, New York City, the time travelers are in their suits and ready to go on their journey. The departing to the future begins, each traveler leaves about one minute apart from another. As they are leaving we hear the sound of photos being taken faster and faster almost until they vanish. An icy burn mark is left on the ground and there is a slight cold mist after each suit leaves. Because it is sixty years in the future, it will take approximately five minutes for each traveler to reach this time. As ten minutes pass the last traveler leaves.

The time-travelers all safely arrive in the future in a wilderness area about two miles from the town were the combinations of drugs and weapons should be waiting in secret hidden places for them to retrieve. After regrouping the scientists remove the time travel suits. They then all begin digging holes in the ground that are slightly less than two feet deep. After they put the suits into special made large plastic containers, they then carefully put them into the ground and fill these holes with dirt and then leave markings so they can find and recover their suits when they return.

The scientists walk towards the town, slightly less than one hour later they arrive. They all carried maps with them in their time travel suits that they are now looking over. These maps reveal where the drugs and weapons from the past are suppose to be. Once these things are found their mission is to return all this to the past then give these items to their superiors. The military will then use them to kill the evil space alien.

Just after a place is picked where they will regroup the scientists break up, each heading towards a different area of the small town. Besides having maps with them, they also carry combination numbers for safes and special keys for locks. Each scientist leaves then returns to the group with what he was supposed to find. It appears that everything was waiting for them. Believing they have what they came for the scientists return to the wilderness two miles down the road.
Having marked the areas where they buried the suits, the ten scientists dig them up and start putting them on. They first put on their headphones and microphones and then the rest of their suits. Now ready to go back, the scientist in charge will be the last to leave. They each walk an average of slightly over one hundred yards from each other. After they arrive they then signal that they are each ready as the slightly altered Morse cord is heard coming from their suits. They all shall return to the past, spaced about one half of a city block away from each other, this is to avoid any accidents. They will return to the heart of Manhattan, New York City because this is where the largest number of hidden military personnel is located. The travelers will then give everything they retrieved to the military.

The scientists shall journey back in time with the complete regiment of weapons (laser and dart rifles) and the drugs, which are powders, meant to be thrown at the alien's face and body. All these items are strapped over their shoulders. About one minute apart from another, one by one they start their journey back. The first, second and third traveler has left. Then the fifth then eighth and after the ninth has departed, it is time for the last traveler who is also the head of the group to leave. Lifting open the armor plate on his arm he quickly types in the year, mouth, week, day, hour, minute and second he will now return to. Standing erect his suit's helmet lights up flashing out faster and faster, he then begins to walk slowly as the sound of photos being taken with an increasing speed is now heard. And in his large helmet we see the three digital display counters lit up, with the top one in motion. Just then about fifteen seconds before his suit is ready to leave, one of the time travelers that first left, returns, about twelve feet in front, facing him. The scientist who is just about to travel back can see his suit is partially torn apart and on the inside of his helmet, blood is smeared over his face. He also appears badly wounded. The scientist within yells on the radio communication, "Commander, the alien knows about us!"

Immediately after this is heard, the last time traveler leaves to the past. Having seen and heard of the alien knowing their mission, we see the last scientist traveling inside his suit is very quickly breathing. He is letting out a slight high-pitched moan, each time he breathes, in and out. Sweat is beginning to slightly appear on his face. As one of the digital counters, on the left side of his eyes is spinning closer to the suit's destination and the accelerating digital sound can be heard, the journey is completed. Walking slowly he steps onto a block in the heart of Manhattan, New York City. He pulls his helmet off in fear and starts to run. On his headphones another scientist time traveler calls him by name and explains the orders, "Commander, we are ordered to kill the alien right now!" The head scientist continues listening as he stops and finishes removing the remainder of his time suit but not his communication gear. Finished, he starts running again with a few of the weapons needed to kill the alien. As he runs he also hears heavy breathing from the other travels. A few are even screaming. The alien's terrifying voice can be heard too.

Running two blocks then turning a corner, slightly less than halfway down the block he sees two scientists dead on the ground not too far from the alien. He also sees two other scientist colleagues shooting their laser rifles at the alien's force field. He watches the beams penetrate through it hitting the evil beings body. As this is happening, the alien's mental ability to hold his force field around himself is destroyed. The alien becomes slightly disoriented. Just then another scientist runs up to him then throws a large amount of powder in the evil creature's face. As one of the scientists aims his rifle and fires a laser at him, the staggering alien points causing him to melt.
Since the alien has already been hit with the laser guns, they have about five minutes to finish him off while his defenses should be down. Knowing everything that has to be done in order to kill the alien the head scientist pulls a different rifle off his shoulder, aims it at the alien and with the help of a laser light built into the gun he sees the red light on the monster then shoots and hits his target with a poison dart.

The alien falls to his knees. Just then two scientists rush up to him each throwing a different chemical powder in his face and on his body. His body starts smoking and as his strength continues to fail he falls to the ground lying face up. The remaining five scientists rush up to him and make a half circle around the alien. We see that they are ready to continue battling him. (They are all pumped up, breathing heavily and sweating.) A final powder is thrown on him from their arsenal of drugs. The alien then completely melts. The scientists move closer and stand directly over the evil space alien. Seeing that nothing is left their leader says on his communication microphone to all who are listening, "It is all over now, the alien is destroyed!" While saying this many military soldiers with rifles in their hands run over to see, even civilians run into the streets to view the defeated alien. As this is all happening we keep pulling back, seeing the smoking area. Then we continue to draw back until we see the entire planet earth then we pull back into the endless vastness of outer space, as the music being heard is eerie, like cold wind blowing. We now are seeing different parts of deep space as the movie ends.


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