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As this story begins, we continue moving throughout the endless limits of outer space. We then suddenly move towards and enter the atmosphere of an earth like planet that is multi-millions of light years away from planet earth. The beings of this world have evolved very similarly to human life that would be currently living in the most advanced countries of the earth, but are about seventy-years more technically advanced. A horrifying world war has just ended there. An evil dictator who wanted to take over the planet was the cause of this. This war lasted for several years. As the evil dictator's armies began losing he started to use nuclear weapons. Having many of them he did not hold back in using them in order to gain control of that world. Because of this about ten percent of the world's population was killed before the war finally ended. During the entire war in order to be safe the evil dictator lived in a different distant country. After the war ended the surviving governments of the world, taking a few frantic months hunted this man down in order to bring him to justice.

The former evil dictator was then held at a maximum-security prison. Meanwhile, the world's top level military and police authorities searched through all the endless files of information retrieved when this evil person was found. The authorities looked through them to learn why he tried to take over the planet and what his plan for their world was if he had succeeded. They learned that he has a deepest hatred for everyone and once he gained control of the world his goal was to bring slavery into existence and make all of life into one unjust nightmare for almost everyone living on that planet.

The world leaders became so angry after learning this. Having meetings they decide that they do not want this monster to go to prison for life or to be put to death because he will not suffer enough. The world's greatest scientists are all called forth, they are asked to come up with a plan that would send this individual if possible, to a hell forever. All the governments from around the world are willing to spend an entire year's budget to get this done. The government secretly has the following: the cure for aging and the cure for every known disease. And they have formulas that after taken you would never have to eat, drink or defecate again. Also other drugs that when used; you would never have to breathe again and can withstand incredible levels of heat and cold. Knowing all this the scientists finalize the following plan.

Deep in orbit around their planet a seventy square story (cubical) spaceship made completely of steel shall be constructed. This steel will be made of the highest scientific known properties. Secret new technologies will keep the steel ship from aging as it travels through the endless limits of space. The only living quarters in the ship will be a slightly less than a three square foot cubical, located at the direct center of the ship. It is in here where the evil dictator will be sitting forever in a fetal position, just as being in, then never leaving his mother's womb. About one thousand astronauts immediately begin building it in orbit.

One year after starting, the astronauts finish building the strange huge spaceship. With the help of soldiers, by injection doctors force the evil dictator to take all the secret cures in the hope that he will never die and shall always suffer. The evil man is then placed in the tight quarters of the spaceship's center where he must crouch. This compartment is shut. The entire ship is secured and then launched on its endless journey through space. The alien ship is traveling at a speed of twenty-five thousand miles per hour; super advanced nuclear, solar and other highly advanced technologies will hopefully keep it flying forever. Year after year it continues to fly through space. The once dictator sometimes screams and cries then talks to himself as he struggles to be free. Years turn into hundreds then thousands, time continues then tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of years pass as the spacecraft flies on. All this time the never dying or aging evil man is always trying to break free. Then after about two hundred and seventy thousand years his mental powers become so great he is finally able to will his body to pass through the steel spaceship. Then after around three hundred thousand years his mental abilities increase so much he is finally able to will himself to fly around the outside of the huge ship as it continues traveling.

Many hundreds of thousands of years go by as his mental powers and abilities continue growing. When becoming one and a half million of years old his powers reach a level where he can destroy entire planets. This can be seen as he tests his invincible powers outside of his spaceship. Lost somewhere in the endless limits of space he stays within the ship most of the time because he knows of no other way of life. Finally because he sees no life in space and being so lonely he puts himself into an endless deep sleep in the small cubical. He swears before closing his eyes that he will not awaken until some advanced beings find him and his ship. While sleeping he wills the ship to continue traveling. As the huge cubical spaceship travels on since he was put in it a total of two million years pass. During the last twenty thousand year's it speed slows down to under, one thousand miles per hour.

It enters into planet earth's solar system and while being a few months away from passing the planet Mars N.A.S.A. astronomers see it on the Hubble telescope. Soon hundreds of N.A.S.A. personnel are working to enlarge photograph and television images. They get all these super enlarged pictures and other computer data information they have on it, they then have many meetings on this seventy-five story square (cubical) steel object. The heads of N.A.S.A. contact the highest level of the federal government. The United States President is shown all the information retrieved so far on this matter. He and his top advisors decide to let the public know of this incredible discovery. Soon everyone around the world learns of this mysterious finding by earth astronomers.

After having more meetings the greatest scientists at N.A.S.A., learn the closest it will come to the earth is when it has passed the planet Mars by about one year. They come up with a plan. They then show their entire plan to the president. He approves it. This plan will be as follows: five space shuttles shall take off from Cape Canaveral in Florida. They then will travel to meet up with the huge cubical steel object. After arriving months later the shuttles will use special cannons that will fire at it causing steel nets and cables to completely unfold around. They then shall direct its motion and tow it to the earth's orbit. Once in the earth's orbit astronauts will connect giant steel framed parachutes to the steel nets. Next, they shall direct it to land in the world's largest desert (The Sahara Desert) located in Northern Africa. Their government has already given permission that this may be done.

The time comes as the whole world watches the small fleet of space shuttles takes off. They accomplish their mission as we see the giant seventy-five square story spaceship, fall into earth's atmosphere. The giant steel framed parachutes open as it then lands in the earth's greatest desert. A multitude of scientists arrive with military personnel. The parachutes and steel cables are removed from the outside of the massive cubical.

From helicopters some scientists are landed on the topside of the cubical so they can walk along looking to find hieroglyphics (markings, writings, drawings, etc). Many helicopters fly up close all along the five exposed sides to film every square inch of the ship. Immediately after each helicopter lands, every recorded MP3 DVD is put into several DVD players and the digital recordings into computers. Scientists then watch on giant plasma television screens and computer plasma screens. Markings are found which were created by the alien race in hope that they would be understood by using universal rules, from the natural occurrences in science. Through this the scientists learn what part of the galaxy the ship came from and that it had been traveling for about two million years. They also find instructions on how to open the giant ship.

A helicopter crew sees in one area of the spaceship's outside, a slightly indented, twenty-five square inch, cubical. Above this is an image of a sun carved in the steel. Believing they know what this means from a helicopter scientists and technicians shine a bright beam of light into it. A mass of images can then be seen. In a short time, from other helicopters, giant spotlights are again turned on and directed into the twenty-five square inch cubical as MP3 DVD / digital camera men now film the images. Forty minutes later the copters land. What they recorded is quickly played on huge plasma televisions and computer plasma screens for the scientists to watch. In about a twenty-minute period of time everyone viewing is shone a quick biography of the monster being held forever in a three square foot cubical at the center of the spaceship.

After learning who is being held on the inside of the ship, a giant hanger fortress is then ordered to be built around the spaceship to seal it within. Over twelve hundred more troops are immediately brought in to reinforce the already two hundred and fifty soldiers there. Meanwhile, a large amount of builders work three different shifts, a total of twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to construct the huge enclosure. Therefore in less than three months it is completed. Scientists, technicians and military workers then try to open the spaceship, finally three months later it is opened.

Unbelievably, after being in space for two million years the once evil dictator is still inside the three square foot cubical fully intact with a slimy transparent cocoon around him. With the slimy cocoon still intact around him, advanced robotic arms, carefully, slowly, remove him from the tiny cubical. The mechanical arms put him into a ten-foot high, twelve foot wide and long room. The small room is completely enclosed by a transparent three-inch thick bullet and fireproof glass. The alien is placed here, so that scientists can study him. About twenty-four hours after being put into this area, advanced mechanical arms that were placed in the cubical before the alien was; with their high-powered laser beams now hold then cut into the slimy transparent cocoon. After about eight minutes it is completely removed fully revealing the once evil alien dictator from another galaxy. As it holds him in place the mechanical arms, then lays him still curled up, to rest on a large steel table. About thirty minutes later while scientists observe him through the three-inch glass wall the former dictator suddenly opens his eyes.

He then sits up on the steel table; all the scientists and other personnel present are stunned. He lifts himself off the table to his feet then walks to and through the three-inch bullet-proof-glass. A few military soldiers approach him and place their hands on his shoulders. Both of them begin screaming then melt. Other soldiers then come towards him aiming their rifles at him. As they yell, "Don't move!" He gestures at them with one of his hands; they instantly are torn into pieces. Many more soldiers approach the evil alien but now are firing their rifles at him. Some are vaporized as he kills them all. Scientists present immediately activate the main alarm, instantly many hundreds of soldiers circle the outside of the huge building with latest version M16 rifles, AK47 assault rifles, one hundred percent accurate bazooka guns and a score of advanced heavy tanks. Eight highly sophisticated Apache helicopters fly outside the cubical while six fully armed jets with one hundred percent hitting their target controls, take off and fly over-head. Two of these jets have armor piercing tiny nuclear bombs ready to be used.

As more soldiers approach the evil alien, who is still within the complex, besides shooting at him they now are even throwing hand grenades as he kills them all. Walking through walls like a spirit and looking around he sees a world map on a wall. Quickly eyeing it he memorizes all of the maps contents. Before exiting a final wall to leave the building, he sees then grabs two scientists. With his terrifying glass like own staring into their eyes, then, without his mouth opening and with his deep echoing horrifying voice he asks them both, "Where would the greatest government be located on this planet?" (While traveling endlessly in space he learned how to understand and then communicate with any living creature.) Both of the scientists refuse to tell him, so with his invincible mental powers he melts one of them, the other one becomes so terrified he tells him, "The United States of America, The Capital, Washington D.C.!" After hearing this, the alien releases him and lets him live. From the map he looked over a short time ago the alien looks into his photogenic mind. He then sees exactly were the U.S. capital is.

The evil being walks like a ghost through a final wall then is outside where a small army waits for him. Seeing the mass of soldiers and heavy weaponry about him, the alien mentally projects an invincible completely enclosed twelve square foot force field around himself. The over nine hundred soldiers are almost all killed in less than fifteen-minutes. The alien points then tears apart or vaporizes and also shoots lasers from his eyes, killing this way. He kills quickly with his bare hands too. The eight Apache helicopters while fighting against him are easily destroyed. The score of super advanced tanks, all with one hundred percent laser accurate armor penetrating smart bombs, fire at him with direct shots. Several of these tanks are melted, others are thrown for miles and some explode into pieces. All are quickly destroyed. Meanwhile, the scientist he released and others still inside the huge complex are now with top ranking military officers, working together they activate every super red alert signal at the capital, Washington D.C. After this is done the president, the entire congress and senate are evacuated from Washington D.C., as over one hundred thousand military soldiers move into protect the capital.

Having defeated all the soldiers at the complex the evil alien begins to run at the rate of one thousand miles per hour in the direction of the U.S. capital. The six fighter jets go into pursuit. Generals at Washington D.C. order both jets with the twenty percent tiny nuclear bomb, (these two bombs each are twenty percent the strength of the one dropped on Hiroshima, Japan during World War Two) to make a direct hit on the evil alien. Immediately after the order is given, one of the jets fires on and hits the alien. The alien is not hurt. Retaliating he then leaps into the sky destroying a few jets. The other jet carrying a tiny nuclear weapon fires it backwards and then flies swiftly away to avoid being destroyed by the explosion. The bomb directly hits it's target again without harming the alien. Still in the air the alien retaliates by destroying three more jets as one escapes. He then flies the rest of the way to Washington D.C.

The alien arrives ten minutes later as a war like state breaks out. The president tells the military not to be afraid of destroying the capital. He orders all the generals to tell the soldiers to kill the alien at any cost. Just as the battle begins, again the alien's invincible force field goes up around him. Soon as the fighting continues the four star generals begin to see that the battle is becoming a slaughter, over thirty thousand soldiers are dead with many more dying. This is happening in spite of the military using their latest weapons, (super penetrating latex bullets, one hundred percent accurate bazooka guns with armor piercing bombs) over fifty fully armed Apache helicopters with most of them having the latest version laser light guided Stun Vega machine guns blast away, but they are no match for the evil alien, except for those that retreat, they are all destroyed.

Most of the soldiers are moved out as several hundred of the newest most advanced tanks move in. Many are lined up together as they move towards the alien from different areas of the capital. There are such a great number of these tanks many of them fire at the alien together. With all of them using their most devastating laser accurate bombs they make hundreds of direct shots, hitting the alien. Fighting back, he points at several as they then explode into pieces. He also shoots an invincible laser from his hands or his eyes causing other tanks to melt or explode. Many tanks he just gestures at causing them to vaporize. Horrifyingly, these advanced tanks are all quickly destroyed by the alien.

Since Washington D.C. had been abandoned by hundreds of thousands of visitors and residents hours ago, the military is now also evacuated as quickly as possible. Anthrax and other biological weapons are then dropped on the alien with no affect. After hearing the failure of these weapons, the president approves the dropping of a armor piercing full strength nuclear smart bomb (this bomb is precisely as powerful as the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima Japan) a speedy jet launches it with laser guided pinpoint accuracy so it directly hits it's target but horrifyingly with no effect.

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