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The year is 1999 we are outside The F.B.I.'s National Headquarters in Washington D.C. We see a man wearing a suit and tie, whose name is Joseph enter the huge complex. We follow him as he continues walking up to the front security desk. He greets everyone present behind this desk as he then removes his wallet from his right back pant's pocket. With a smile on his face he opens it then draws out and shows his F.B.I. agent his photo ID card. He then walks to and stands himself in front of a locked closed bulletproof glass door and turns to his left hand side, standing himself in front of a computer scanner that is five feet from the floor. The scanner is seven square inches and slightly indented on the wall. He swipes his ID card into at its direct left hand side. A Moment after doing this, a green light goes on and an electronic bell sound is heard. The agent then stands closer at this indented area and looks in deep with his both eyes as we then see a red scanning light go into them. We next watch the computerized mind look in and just a few seconds after searching through its entire files finds the correct perfect matching left and right eye retina. The bulletproof electronic door this man is standing in front of unlocks. Still smiling he pushes the door open and enters the building offices area.

He heads for, arrives, and gets into an elevator. He presses the third floor button. The elevator door closes and takes him there. The elevator arrives, the door opens and he exits then continues walking down a very long corridor. As he walks passed several more F.B.I. agents he says, "Hello". He walks right up to a wooden office door with black professional letters on it saying, "Conference Room." Standing in front of the door he quickly looks at his watch and sees he is about one minute late. He lets out a sigh and takes his wallet out from his back pocket. Quickly going through it he finds the correct computerized card. He lifts the card and holds it before a red light just next to the door as the heavy wooden door then opens an eighth of an inch. Agent, Joseph, then pushes it open and enters the large room as the door then closes by itself behind him.

As he continues walking into the room we see a large number of agents either standing talking to each other or sitting at the huge conference table discussing important matters. These seated agents are also either working on a portable computer or going through important papers.

Joseph walks to the table, lays his folders and portable computer on it, pulls out a chair and takes a seat. Making certain he is comfortably seated he then opens his portable computer, turns it on, goes to his document's folder and finds the correct folder stating, "Top Secret Information Number Three." He clicks on it and as it then opens up in front of him we see the large typed heading letters stating, "THE TOP SECRET ELITE FORCES OF THE F.B.I." With his right hand he presses making the, "Top Secret" pages he wrote scroll down. As he continues doing this, Joseph, slows down now and then to quickly proof read what he has written. Four minutes after he took his seat two high level F.B.I. agents enter the conference room (his boss and the second in command of the group). Just after they both entered the large room every agent that was standing immediately heads for his seat. These men walk passed all the other federal agents and move towards the head of the huge conference table, arrive and take their seats.
The higher of the two in authority (their boss) seated at the direct front center of the huge conference table looks at the dozen F.B.I. agents facing his direction and says, "Two weeks ago I ordered you twelve men, who are the elite level F.B.I. thinkers, telling you each to figure and find out ways we can catch certain top secret (unknown to the public) arch criminals. At the meeting two weeks ago you were each told, in this conference room, about this hidden problem we the United States federal elite agents have. You were informed how at different areas of the U.S. there are types of super criminals who escape being arrested by the police. You each were informed that in order not to scare or panic, not only the United States but also the worldwide public, the F.B.I. and all other police authorities have not allowed any of the mass media to reveal any information about these evil, incredibly strong, greatest fighting skilled, fastest running, very smart and even wealthy criminals. Again, even though they are committing very serious crimes, in order not to start any kind of a panic none of them have ever been revealed that they even exist to the massive general public.

You were each also told the reasons why these certain types of criminals escape justice. It is because of the following reasons: when local police would appear to arrest one of these mentioned wanted individuals, because most of them either have such incredible strength or are skilled in their ability to fight or have blazing fast running speed, they escape the law. Some of these wanted criminals can lift cars over their heads; with one punch put their fists through even double-bricked walls and some of them are unbelievably even bulletproof. Besides having freaky strength others have such incredible fighting skills and abilities that they can defeat fifty or more men. Some can run and move so fast that it has been impossible so far to catch them. Again, almost all of these criminals are kept by our request out of the worldwide mass media.

These lawbreakers escape to other countries by traveling to an airport and taking either a private propeller airplane, or a private jet or helicopter. These individuals even escape the U.S. by getting on a private boat that leaves our shore and heads out to another country. These lawless individuals may kill three people then immediately leave the United States then return to this country a year or two later to kill one or more people. Then, by quickly using the mentioned methods, they quickly once again leave the U.S. Many of them successfully live in other countries because they know many world languages. These people many times are also very wealthy from money they have inherited. Others get money from robbing check-cashing places, certain banks and armored cars and by ripping off the doors of safes at large successful businesses. Most of these dangerous even genius, cunning, powerful criminals are always one step ahead of even the best from our federal investigation bureau."

Finishing his speech the head agent at the important meeting then looks across the table and says, "Of the entire twelve of you thinkers which ones of you feel you found a smart solution to this hidden problem, please raise your hand." Just after saying this ten agents quickly raise their hands. Seeing this their boss looks into each of their eyes with a look of slight disbelief and says, "Gentlemen, I only want to hear the plans from those of you who are certain their plan will solve this problem that we, the F.B.I., has had for sometime." Just after hearing this one man and then a second one puts his hand down. As the executive federal detective continues looking into the remaining eight men's eyes another two and then one more and then a final two put their arms down as just three firmly remain up. (One of the three men with his hand still up is agent Joseph.) Looking into the eyes of these three men The F.B.I. boss says, "Ok, you three men can put your arms down." They each do this.

The F.B.I. leader then says, "Are you three certain that each one of you has a great plan to combat these very unusual types of criminals?" Looking back into the federal detective executive's eyes the three remaining F.B.I. thinkers each move their heads up and down in a yes motion as then about a second apart from one another each of the three say, "Yes, yes, yes!" The F.B.I. boss then points at one of the three thinkers and says, "Ok Dan, you will be the first thinker who will tell us what plan you figured out." Looking back at his boss the federal detective thinker then looks into the eyes of all the other thinkers at the conference table and starts to explain his plan to catch these mentioned special criminals. We speed though his twenty-minute explanation.

He finishes, then after a few seconds pause; the F.B.I. executive looks into the eyes of agent Joseph and says, "Joseph, you may tell us your plan to stop the super strong criminals." Just after this is said we see Joseph looking back into the eyes of his boss. He then looks around the huge table at the very quiet other federal detectives who are all looking back at him. Joseph clears his throat, looks at the table in front of him reaches down and lifts the several letter-sized papers that have his entire plan typed on them.

He looks down at the papers then back at the men sitting at the large table and says, "Well, since these wanted criminals are either so incredibly strong, skilled in their ability to fight, fast, intelligent and or wealthy and are not only wanted by the F.B.I. but are also wanted by the U.S. Marshals, the ATF, every single police and detective bureau from across the United States; every state police force, county, sheriffs' officers, and Homeland Security agents, etc. Every other local, county, state and national law enforcement agency would also attempt to apprehend and arrest these wanted individuals if they were seen or found. To guarantee catching them I figured we must fight fire with fire. In other words, we must find even stronger, greater skilled in fighting, faster, smarter individuals to hunt down and or apprehend these very dangerous wanted criminals and suspects.

My plan is the following: we the F.B.I., will broadcast a 'Top Secret bulletin' not only to every single United States town, city, county, state and federal law enforcement authority (all U.S. police and detectives bureaus). The nationwide bulletin will also be send out to every sheriff's department, county and state police, town, city, county and federal court officers, the entire U.S. Marshals, ATF, CIA, Homeland Security, town, city, county, state and federal F.B.I. bureaus, the entire U.S. military and to the entire local, county, state and federal prison (jail) system, etc. To all licensed to carry guns private detectives companies and independent private detectives. We also will contact every single licensed, armed guard outfit doing business from across the United States. This broadcast will also be sent out to all town, city, county, state and federal prosecutor's offices. In this all out emergency Top Secret F.B.I. broadcasted bulletin we shall first explain to all the groups I just mentioned telling them in detail of our desperate situation.
After we give complete written details about these rarely seen types of criminals (they either are super strong being able to lift cars and even trucks over their head or have fighting abilities where they can defeat forty, fifty or more average men in a street fight situation. Or a wanted individual can run with blazing speed such as forty miles an hour or faster for twenty five minutes or longer and are very cunning, smart and even wealthy). We shall tell all the recipients of our broadcasted bulletin in order to fight and win against these seemingly, not catch-able or obtainable criminals, we are looking for men and even women whose strength, fighting abilities, speed, and intelligence are even superior to these certain mentioned, dangerous wanted individuals."

He continues, "I know that men have certain principles and because of this they will never come into the open and reveal that they have either super human strength, fighting abilities and or speed. Because of this we will continue to say in the important nationwide bulletin that in order to find these individuals you must do the following: you leaders of all the mentioned law authorities, military, jail and prison, armed guards, prosecutors and armed private detectives, when you stand before the mostly men and lesser number of women, you leaders will tell them that the F.B.I. headquarters in Washington D.C. has mailed out a special emergency bulletin.

Continue telling your entire mentioned personnel the F.B.I. urges the following needed individuals to secretly come forth. After reading the important bulletin to your entire force of workers urge these certain individuals to secretly come forward and reveal to their superiors (you bosses) that they either have the greatest strength or fighting abilities or speed which is at the mentioned criminals level. Tell your entire outfit that this strength you possess must be at a level where you would even be able to lift a car over your head. The reason why a car, van or even truck must be lifted is because if any of these incredibly strong governmental law workers, armed guards or armed private detectives are asked to lift this equivalency in metal or steel from a professionally made weight set most of them probably will decline because they each shall be doing something very famous by instantly smashing worlds records by unbelievable distances in clean and jerking or snatching movements while their ultimate goal is to remain unknown to the public.

Continuing, you must also ask all of your workers if any of you can with one punch put your fist through a regular double-bricked wall. They all also must be asked if anyone of them has hand-to-hand fighting skills where you can literally take up to, forty, fifty or more average sized men at one time. Or you secretly must have speed where you can run as fast as forty miles an hour or even faster for twenty-five minutes or longer.

You will tell everyone that the F.B.I. desperately needs those of you with any of these mentioned hidden strengths, fighting abilities and speed to secretly come forward and secretly show your superiors your amazing abilities. The F.B.I. intends to start a 'Top Secret' force of about one hundred of you certain invincible like individuals. If you are one of these individuals your mission shall be as follows: after the F.B.I. has located these dangerous, strongest, greatest fighting skilled and fastest running criminals, you, our new special Top Secret elite members of the F.B.I., shall go after them to apprehend and arrest them.

In this bulletin we shall explain to the heads of these mentioned law enforcement entities that when a person approaches you bosses saying that they have one of the mentioned abilities, have them either completely lift a car up or put their fist with one punch through a double bricked wall or a thick metal or steel wall or to fight forty, fifty or even more law enforcement offices all at once without seriously harming any of them as they are defeated by this certain individual proving to us this individual's fighting abilities is at the level we are looking for. Or, if they say they are able to, then have them run on an empty highway next to a speeding vehicle going forty, fifty or more miles an hour for twenty-five minutes or longer. As this is happening MP3 DVD record (film) as professionally as possible what you are seeing with your own eyes. Once you have this DVD recording mail it to, The Think Department, located at The F.B.I. Headquarters Office in Washington D.C. All of us here at this meeting today shall view all these DVDs sent. We will then edit through them all until we find the top one hundred of these strongest, best fighting skilled and fastest individuals.

Joseph continues, "A different part of the bulletin sent out shall explain that we are also looking for about fifty other individuals who are the greatest geniuses at solving crimes and at doing the brain work of tracking down an incredibly smart, cunning criminal. To get these needed individuals in this other part of our broadcast we shall ask exclusively all the U.S. local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies from across the country, who is your best law enforcement officer at tracking down hard to locate wanted criminals. Send us all the information explaining how they figured where these fugitives were before they were then arrested. Also include the total number of wanted people arrested because of their researching and figuring their whereabouts.

After the law authorities from across the United States send us the information on who is the greatest in figuring out and finding hard to find wanted criminals, then with the help from the certain best F.B.I. agents in our organization who know how to do this they shall go mathematically and precisely editing through this huge list of the countries best until they come down to the top fifty absolute smartest in the U.S. at locating these smart and strong, criminals. The plan would be to have a total of about one hundred and fifty of these mentioned elite level Top Secret F.B.I. agents. Fifty of them would be simply the greatest in the United States at locating these very dangerous wanted men. The remaining one hundred would be the most powerful, greatest skilled in fighting and fastest running federal law enforcement personnel ever."

Just as agent Joseph is finishing speaking we hear that his voice is choking as he is holding back a tear of pride and as this is happening we also see that he has a super focused look on his face. As he slightly turns his head about the huge conference table he sees most of the other agent thinkers looking directly at him with normal expressions on their faces and three of the twelve with grins on their faces giving the appearance that they are holding back laughter. Joseph turns his head and looks at the leading agent. The head agent looks back at Joseph with his mouth slightly opened and with a, I don't know what to think look on his face. As Joseph looks at the second in command seated next to his boss he sees a big holding back laughter grin on his face. For a second Joseph is struck that the agents did not find his plan not only good but also at the level where they would immediately move forward with it, so he just slightly shrugs his shoulders and mumbles, "Oh well." He closes the secret files and then his portable computer and puts his paper work back into his cardboard folder.

Meanwhile, the head F.B.I. agent says to Joseph, "Agent Joseph, that was different, we will keep your plan in our Top Secret files." The head agent then looks at the third agent who had his arm up and says, "Agent Dan, you may now tell all of us your plan." For a second we move passed Joseph and towards the front of Dan who after a second's hesitation reaches down grabs several letter sized papers then starts to read from the top one on the pile to the rest of the F.B.I. thinkers seated at the large conference table. We then pull out of the large room and move about the huge F.B.I. headquarters building. As we continue moving about the large building we see agents in different rooms on telephones or computers and see others at meetings.

As we continue moving about the federal detective building we quickly move from room to room seeing more meetings, agents on advanced computers, others talking to eyewitnesses, other agents working in high tech laboratories with microscopes checking DNA samples. We see agents checking fingerprints, bite marks in photos, fiber evidence, others watching important recorded DVD film on Luma-Light evidence used at certain crime scenes. Continuing to move around the building we see a federal detective watching a DVD playing on a large plasma television, and different agents viewing and examining tire skid marks on regular roads and others checking car tire track impressions that was made on dirt roads. We pass several rooms where we see agents fire handguns, rifles and shotguns into sound proof-bulletproof metal boxes to check bullet impressions left in the guns' barrels. As we keep moving about we watch many federal agents in soundproof rooms with ear protection on as they aim at and then fire their weapons at human bull-sized targets. We stay mostly in the F.B.I. Headquarters Building at Washington D.C. moving from room to room quickly watching them continue their important federal police detective type of work for two years.

Then as September 11th 2001 (911) arrives we watch each of the two World Trade Towers get hit by a different commercial airliner jet. We then quickly view the United States Pentagon smoking after a huge commercial airliner jet crashed into it. After this tragic scene we move towards and arrive at a large opened field somewhere in the United States and see a commercial airliner jet smashed and broken into pieces on the smoking burnt and burning grassy ground. After seeing these tragic scenes we move back in front and then inside of The F.B.I. National Headquarters Building at Washington D.C.

Back there we either see large numerous meetings underway or many agents on the mass of different computers searching through their even worldwide criminal data base for every possible suspect that may have had any part of this highest level act of lawlessness. We quickly speed through several months and watch The F.B.I. learn that the four large commercial airliners were high jacked by Arab terrorists who belonged to a dangerous military group called al-Qaeda. We continue to quickly speed through months as we see F.B.I. masterminds direct the United States military and NATO forces to where this terrorist army is hiding

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