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This story starts by showing the final seven minutes of Scarface one. Right after Tony Montana is shot in the back with a shotgun and falls from the second floor balcony into the luxurious water fountain on the main floor; the scene climaxes as he is profusely bleeding from his back, floating face down motionless in the two feet deep-water fountain. With their guard down drug-lord Sosa's hired Spanish assassination hit squad begins walking around with their dead comrades all around, believing their mission is completed, Tony Montana is dead. But then suddenly, a couple members of the hit squad run onto the main floor yelling in Spanish, "The police, the police!" These exhausted remaining survivors from Tony's fierce self defense fighting start now to franticly run in all directions from Montana's huge house in order to escape the authorities.

The mansion's main entrance is blocked off by the police as more of them drive up the long driveway with their car's lights flashing. Many of the remaining hit squad members run for the high wall circling the huge mansion's complex. Several of them throw climbing rope (rope with three sided steel hooks) over the high brick wall in order to escape the police. With their guns drawn the cops have one shootout at the wall as they rush through the mansion grounds to catch the escaping hit squad. This person is shot dead by them. The police only catch about one third of these individuals trying to climb the wall. Seeing many dead bodies in the lawn area the police call for ambulances. Continuing their way towards the house in self-defense the authorities shoot and kill another criminal and arrest a few more.

The police then rush into the mansion's main floor. Several of the remaining hit squad, are still there, they shoot it out with the police. When it's over two cops and four criminals are dead. On the mansion's main floor three hit squad members and the one who is wounded, are arrested.

A few of the police officers present know that this is Tony Montana's house; one of them almost instantly recognizes him floating face down in the fountain. This officer points in Tony's direction, and yells to his partners, "Look, the owner of this mansion Tony Montana!" He and several other officers rush over to the floating body and remove it from the water. They gently lay him on his back as one of the officers start CPR.

While this is happening, the paramedics arrive. They quickly remove their life saving equipment from their truck and rush into Tony's mansion. The paramedics continue racing right up to his lifeless body and lay all of their equipment properly about him. They quickly prepare the equipment for use.

The police officer that was giving Tony CPR quickly moves out of their way. Kneeling themselves next to his body a paramedic listens for a pulse and hears none. Two of the three paramedics at the scene remove medical scissors from their utility belts and start quickly cutting off Tony's jacket, vest, shirt and pants. The third paramedic removes Tony's wallet opens it searches then removes his driver's license and puts it into his top left shirt pocket. The same paramedic then puts a portable stand next to Tony; a bottle of synthetic blood plasma is hung on it. He then inserts an IV from it into the Median Cephalic Vein at the middle of Tony's right arm. The second paramedic finishes cutting off his pants moves to then turn's on the electronic defibrillator that in several seconds is ready to be used.

Holding one paddle against the right side and a different one against his left side, a paramedic hits Tony's chest once. As he does this, Tony's chest lifts. Seeing no pulse on the electronic cardiograph monitor, he puts one paddle back on the right and the other on the left side of his chest for a second hit of electricity. Again, seeing no pulse on the monitor, the paramedic does a frantic third hit.

Meanwhile, as the first paramedic is working on Tony, we see that a second paramedic has already removed a huge cardiac needle from its sterile package and drew one CC of adrenalin into the hypodermic part of the large needle. Having done this, the paramedic holding the large needle tells the paramedic holding the electronic defibrillator paddles that he is ready.

Just as he gets out of the way we move and focus in on a third paramedic who already had secured a mouth to mouth type of breathing mask over Tony's nose and mouth. We watch this man who has been working trying to get him breathing; quickly remove a magic-marker from his top shirt pocket and draw a small X directly over Tony's heart.

Now, seeing the X directly over Tony's heart area the paramedic, holding the huge hypodermic part of the needle, stabs it into the center of the X on Tony's chest. He next pushes all of the adrenalin out into his heart. Finished, the paramedic pulls the long needle out of Tony's heart and chest.

Still seeing no pulse, the man holding the electronic defibrillator paddles moves back over Tony's chest area and hits both sides of his chest three more times. Each time he does this he sees no pulse showing on the monitor.

Meanwhile, the first paramedic quickly finishes drawing one CC of adrenalin into the hypodermic part of a second large cardiac needle. Finished, he voices that he is ready. Hearing this the second paramedic gets out of his way. Quickly moving himself over Tony's upper body the first paramedic aims then stabs the second needle down into Tony's chest. He next pushes all the adrenalin out into his heart. Finished, he then pulls the long needle out of Tony's chest. Again, seeing no pulse, the paramedic who administered the adrenalin says to the other two, "I want to try one more time!" Hearing this the other two focused paramedics nod their heads and say, "Ok."

Just after this is said we move about Tony's lifeless body and refocus on the third paramedic. We watch him continue to squeeze air through a black plastic balloon, which is connected to the sealed plastic mask that is secured over his nose and mouth area.

We then move back towards the second paramedic who is quickly preparing the final needle.

Meanwhile, we move back towards the second paramedic and watch him as he moves again over Tony's chest and firmly holds one paddle against his right and the other against his left side. As Tony's chest area lifts, still seeing no heartbeat on the monitor, he firmly holds each paddle on both sides of his chest and gives him a second hit. As he continues watching the monitor again, he sees no sign of a heartbeat on it. Moments after the two hits with the electronic defibrillator the first paramedic voices that he is ready to administer the final dose of adrenalin.

The second paramedic moves out of his way. He then stabs the third needle into the center of the X area and next pushes all of the adrenalin out into Tony's heart. Just after this final try, the cardiograph monitor shows the start of a faint heartbeat that continues steadily beating. Also seeing the steady heartbeat on the monitor the third paramedic quickly removes the mouth-to-mouth type of breathing mask and then secures an oxygen mask over Tony's nose and mouth.

The paramedics immediately put Tony on a stretcher; lifts it and then rushes him out to the ambulance with the stand and synthetic blood plasma. One of the paramedics gets into the back of the ambulance with him. The synthetic blood plasma stand is stood next to Tony's left side. The paramedic sitting next to him radios to the hospital stating, "We have a critically wounded male about thirty-five to forty-years old with many gun shot wounds, on route!" He continues, "He has lost most of his blood!" As the paramedic is concerned about maintaining the pulse, to determine his blood type he removes Tony's driver's license from his left shirt pocket. He quickly radios the hospital emergency room again stating, "I have found this man's, Tony Montana's, blood type on his driver's license. It is A-positive! Have this ready so he can receive immediate blood transfusions when we arrive or else he will die!" He also explains that Tony has a shotgun wound to his back. The paramedic says all this as the ambulance races through red lights to get to the hospital. Meanwhile, the emergence room is franticly getting ready for his arrival. From different parts of the hospital certain doctors are called to the emergency room. Quickly arriving (there are three of them) they instantly go to wash up for surgery.

Tony Montana arrives at the hospital. Emergency room doctors are prepared, having the right blood type waiting for him. Knowing there is no time to lose they immediately wipe alcohol where the I-Vs are to go and then inject one into each of his arms, giving him the transfusion. They then swiftly prepare him for surgery. Before the surgery begins he is x-rayed in order that the doctors can know exactly where all the bullets are and to know if his spinal column was damaged from the shotgun blast to his back. The surgeons quickly examine the x-rays. Seeing that bullets did not hit his heart or any major arteries and his spine was amazingly not injured, the doctors know he has a fighting chance at life as they begin the surgery.

As the bullets are removed from his body hours go by. When a doctor gets too tired to continue operating he is replaced with another one. As the operation continues, two tired replaced doctors speak to each other, one says, "It's amazing, this man has lost all of his own blood and is still alive because of the blood transfusions." Just then as seen on the electro cardiograph monitor his heart stops beating again. Right by the operating table is the electronic defibrillator. Lifting then anxiously holding it's paddles the doctor waits a few seconds until it is ready. As a red light indicates this, he holds it to Tony's chest. His body lifts as this is done. This is done a second, third and after the fourth time seen on the electro cardiograph monitor his heart begins beating again.

With nine pints of blood transfusions, all of the bullets removed, and his body completely sowed and bandaged, hours later the surgery is finished. After staying a few hours in the hospital surgery observation room Tony's bed is then slowly wheeled into the intensive care unit.

Knowing an attempt was just made on Tony's life the police tell the mass media that he had died from his wounds. The news then reports the following: "A Spanish assassination hit squad invaded Tony Montana's home and in-spite of a fierce fight from him they succeeded in killing the drug lord." The police, orders the hospital to tell, if any of the following inquire that, (this would be the mass media, all strangers, and even those claiming to be family) "Tony Montana was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital." A few of Sosa's men call on the telephone and others arrive in person at the hospital. They state that they are members of Tony's family and want to know if he is still alive. As the police ordered, the hospital tells everyone, "He is dead." Tony is assigned twenty-four hour police protection. One detective stays at his bedside and another outside of his door. Also for his protection Tony has a fake name given to him. Because of this, except for a few people, almost everyone working at the hospital, believe he has died.

After being closely observed for a few days, the doctors determine that Tony Montana has slipped into a coma. A few days later the police and his doctors allow him to have certain visitors. Three of his bodyguards, who were not working the day of the assassination attempt, are allowed to pay their respects a few times a week. His mother is contacted and told of his situation. She then visits him regularly.

Meanwhile, we watch a closed casket get buried next to the plot of his sister and her husband Manny. The grave is then quickly completely cemented closed. We then see Tony's mother and three of his bodyguards not working the night of the assignation attempt, lay flowers on his, Gina's and Manny's grave site. Twenty minutes after the sad family and friends left we watch five male spies sent by drug lord Sosa wearing dark sunglasses lay flowers on his grave; then after paying their phony respects, minutes later they leave. A minute after they have left we move onto the plot and look at the grave stone reading, "Tony Montana" and then fade from this scene.

Just one of Tony's bodyguards working that night survives (this would be Ernie). As a member of the hit squad was in the process of strangling Ernie, suddenly, he stuck a knife in his side. Seeing Ernie fall to the ground and believing he was dead, the killer then ran off to kill more of Tony's bodyguards, while at the same time looking for the hit squads main killing objective, Tony Montana. Ernie did a ten-day stay at this same hospital. After being released he immediately began regularly visiting Tony. His close friends and Tony's mother are told by the police, "No one must know he is alive. This is why he has a fake name. You must not trust anyone telling them he is still alive, not even those claiming to be family!"

Tony's bandages start coming off as the weeks go by. His body continues healing well so in just a few more weeks they are all removed. He is taken from intensive care and is put in a regular room. The doctors at the hospital ask his mother, Ernie and his other trusted bodyguards to come in for a special meeting. They all arrive and are then lead to a conference room. Taking their seats a doctor turns on a large television then puts a DVD into a DVD player. Before he turns the DVD on the doctor explains, "This tape we are going to watch will give you all a greater knowledge on what comas are. It will explain what kind of coma Tony is in." The doctor takes his seat then presses the play button on the remote control of the DVD player.

In a thirty-minute period they watch a complete explanation on all the different types of comas. The DVD ends, the doctor then explains to Tony's mother and friends, "We called in a specialist, all the doctors here and the specialist agree that Tony is in a long-term coma. This type of coma can last, five, ten, twenty, thirty years, it may even last the rest of his life. During this time he cannot stay here, he must stay at a coma hospital." Only wanting the best for him, his mother and friends tell the doctors, "This will be fine." A week after this meeting Tony is moved to a long-term coma hospital that has good security. To be safe from his enemies at the hospital he is given the following fake name, Eric Gonzalez. His family and friends are told that for his protection this is the name he will be under while he is at the coma hospital.

Meanwhile, corrupted federal congressmen, senators with several Florida state assembly people and state senators knowing that Tony Montana is still alive all have a meeting about him. At the meeting they discuss what to do about his money and his mansion. They agree his money is too hot, if the IRS investigates his fortune they might see that they all are connected to it. They conclude that since he is still alive the money and mansion shall remain his. After the officials research they send men out who approach Ernie and ask him if he would like to live at Tony's huge mansion with the condition that he will manage and maintain it. Ernie agrees to this, then moves in with Tony's three other surviving bodyguards.

Tony's mother is then approached by these same people, they ask her, "Ms. Montana did you know your son owns a large mansion?" She replies, "Yes." They continue, "The house will be maintained by his friend Ernie who shall also live there. Since the mansion is so huge we would like to make the offer to you about living there." She accepts the offer and moves in, getting her own private room and bathroom. Tony's mother is also given a large allowance each month.

If you have family members living in Cuba, you may go to visit them. Because Tony's mother now has a nice place to live and a good income, to visit family and old friends she flies by a commercial jet to her native country, Cuba, several times a year. As she started doing this, she learned that, between serving-time in jail, her son Tony had a girl friend for about a year. His girl friend got pregnant and kept it a secret from him; she then gave birth to a boy. (The mother named him Juan.) About eight months after his son was born and being that he did not know about it, Tony left for the United States. Giving the mother a lot of money, the child's grandmother (Tony's mother) gains custody and then brings the young boy to the United States to live in the huge mansion with her. In a short time after arriving the grandmother and Ernie take the child to be sworn in as a U.S. citizen. Very proud of this, they throw the boy a big party at the mansion.

As time goes on the boy learns that he has a father, he then visits him in the hospital with his grandmother and Ernie. During this entire time he never learns the truth, why his father is in a coma and he is never told where all their wealth came from.

Eighteen months after Tony entered the coma hospital, his wife starts visiting him. One day while she is sitting in Tony's hospital room, his mother and Ernie walks in. She introduces herself to his mother saying, "Hello, I am Tony's wife." As the weeks go by, seeing her seated in Tony's room many times, the mother finally asks her if she would like to move back into her room at the mansion. A few days later she calls Tony's mother saying, "Yes, I would love to be at home with my family." She then moves back into her and Tony's bedroom. As many years go by she gets very close to Tony's son Juan therefore he now calls her mom. Meanwhile, they all visit Tony regularly in the coma hospital.

The years continue going by, then twenty-four years after going into the coma, Tony starts to slightly move in bed; moments later he opens his eyes. About a half hour later, a nurse enters the room to check on him. Again he opens his eyes then looks at her and with a low shaken voice asks, "Ms. were am I?" Struck, she tells him, "You are in a coma hospital." She then walks to the wall, presses the intercom button and reports, "ATTN; doctor" (she then says the doctor's name) and continues, "Eric Gonzalez in room 211 has just come out of his long-term coma!" Four minutes later a few doctors enter his room and stand by his bedside. He asks them in his faint and shaken voice, "Did that woman say that I was in a coma hospital?" One of the doctors tells him, "Yes Mr. Gonzalez, you are in (he then says the name of the hospital) a long-term, coma hospital. And you have just awakened from a twenty-four year coma!"

Later that day his regular doctor comes to his room. Knowing Tony's real name and seeing no one else in the room he explains to Tony, "The police wanted you to have the fake name (Eric Gonzalez) so your enemies would not be able to find you." A day later Tony's mother and son (Juan) who's now twenty-eight years old, with Ernie visits Tony. There are a lot of kisses and tears at this happy reunion. In front of everyone present Tony's son asks him, "Father, do you remember where you were for the last twenty-four years? Were you in heaven?" Tony answers, "The only thing I remember son, is that I was very peaceful and happy where I was."

Being very determined as the months go by Tony religiously does his rehabilitation exercises with his trainers in the hospital's rehab gym. Because of this he fully regains all of his physical abilities. Two months after waking up from his coma Tony Montana returns home.
Two days after coming home Tony asks Ernie, "Where is my sister and once best friend Manny buried?" Ernie tells Tony, "I know where they are I'll take you to them." Both men leave to visit their gravesite but first Tony stops and buys two-dozen red roses and two-dozen white carnations. Right after this Ernie takes him to the cemetery and towards the gravesite.

Arriving, Ernie first walks Tony in front of his own gravesite and points to it explaining, "Tony this gravesite was created to fool all of your enemies in order to help convince them that after your gunfight with Columbian drug lord Sosa's hit squad you were killed. After your closed casket was put into it the grave was quickly completely cemented closed." In anger Tony looks about the gravesite and then at his name that is on the gravestone.

Again, since Tony's sister Gina and friend Manny had been married they were buried in the same grave. Ernie points to the gravesite next to him and explains, "Here is your sister's and Manny's grave." Tony walks over to it with Ernie and stares at the grave's headstone and after reading their married names he then gently lays the two-dozen carnations against the headstone and the two-dozen roses directly on the grave. Tony then falls to his knees and puts his hands over his face as he begins to weep. While this is happening he begins saying their names again and again, he then begs them for forgiveness and tries to express his love for each one. As this is happening, we see Ernie his head bodyguard standing at the side of the grave with a tear falling from his eye as he quietly watches Tony weeping. This scene then ends.

Five days after returning home Tony asks Ernie who now is his head bodyguard and second in charge, "How is my drug business going?" Ernie tells him, "We are operating at about eight percent the level we were before Sosa's hit squad had the war with us." With Ernie at his side and from a personal telephone book he gave him Tony starts calling drug connection sales and buyers in order to build the business back up.

Being at home for a week he notices his son driving a Volvo. He approaches Ernie and asks him, "Why is my son driving such a cheep car when I am so rich? And why the hell is his bedroom so small when my house is a mansion?" Ernie replies, "Your mother insisted. In order to keep him out of trouble, it would be better if he lived modestly." Tony then approaches his mother and asks her, "Mom, what is going on with my son, why are you holding him back from living out a wealthy young man's life style?" An argument begins. The mother shouts to Tony, "I do not want my grandson to be like you, I want him to be a responsible person. All your money is illegal, and I do not want him to have any part of it! He is a college graduate and can make it without having or knowing about your dirty money!" Tony angrily walks away from his mother. He calls up one of his workers on his cell phone and orders him to contact a good construction company. This is done. A huge luxurious eight-car garage is then quickly built on the giant mansion's grounds.

As Tony takes his son, Juan, out to buy and lease new expensive cars, just like in Scar Face one the push it to the limit scene, returns. Tony first takes his son Juan, with Ernie and several bodyguards present to the best local Mercedes Bends dealership and purchases fully loaded the most expensive latest version car (a five hundred series Mercedes Bends). Tony, his son and guards then leave the showroom, head for and arrive at the best local BMW car dealership. Tony, Juan, Ernie and the guards only look at the most expensive latest seven hundred (700) series version cars.

As the salesman is proudly showing the most expensive 700 series, the 760IS luxury vehicle, he opens the front door of the passenger side. He sits inside and starts to explain and show how the high tech dashboard features operate. As he continues doing this the salesman points to the stereo receiver, grabs it and easily pulls it out of the dashboard. Holding the stereo receiver in his hand he looks at the men watching him and says, "After parking this car you can pull out the stereo receiver just like I did and then take it home with you. Because it was removed from the automobile, as a car stereo receiver thief is looking into the window and sees the radio-music system gone, he, she or they then shall decide not to break into the car. As a regular car thief looks into the vehicle and sees it was already removed from the dashboard even up to half of the times this person shall think the car is worth less and then will decide not to steal the automobile." After saying that the salesman inserts the stereo receiver back into the correct area of the dashboard. He then gets out of the car and closes the door.

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