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This movie begins we see a desperate man (his name is Eric) who is being looked for not only by the police, but also the F.B.I., U.S. Marshals and the A.T.F. for committing a serious crime. After being on the run for a few months he runs out of money. He is afraid to get a job because someone might recognize him. If he is captured he will either spend most or the rest of his life in prison because the crime he committed will give him a third strike. He knows that he will never be able to adjust to life in prison. Within a few years after being locked up he most likely will kill himself. Knowing this he will do almost anything to prevent himself from being caught by the authorities.

Thinking and thinking how can he keep his freedom, he remembers hearing a story from a man he met while serving six months in jail. While speaking with this other man, Eric tells him he already has two full strikes on his criminal record. If he gets just one more strike there is almost no doubt that he will spend the rest of his life in prison. Having served several months with Eric and because he has become his friend during this time, this man tells him the following important secret he knows, saying, "Eric, there is an island deep in the Pacific Ocean that is unknown not only to the worldwide public but it is also unknown to the mass media and to all worldwide police and military forces. If you have committed a crime and because of this you are going to spend most or the rest of your life in prison, if you know where this island is and you go there proving that you are a wanted fugitive, the people in charge will let you live out the remaining portion of your life at their island in peace." This man continues telling Eric, "If you ever get into really big trouble and you are running from the police then here is my mother's address, contact her then ask her for me, Rick. Tell her that I told you to contact me at her address. My mother will then immediately get in touch with me. I shall come to help you. If you wish I then shall introduce you to the man who will take you to live out the rest of your life out in peace on this island."

Eric thinks to himself, "Living on an island for life is so dramatic, maybe the police will slow down their hunting after me and then I could just change my name and appearance a little and live my life in peace in some small U.S. town community." Living in a small room at a hotel, Eric sees himself on all the local news programs. He also sees his face on many newspapers stating, "On the run!" Because of this he cannot stay long in any one area.

Eric has a medium sized car. One day while driving it he suddenly sees a police car behind him with it's lights flashing and sires on. Eric does not pull over and starts driving away at a high speed. The police vehicle goes in pursuit. Eric refuses to let himself get caught because of already having two strikes. He races through stop signs and red lights and as this is happening he almost hits other cars and even comes close to running over several people. By sheer luck he loses the police. Knowing it was a miracle that he escaped the authorities and if they ever chased after him while he was driving a car again it is almost certain he would be caught. Eric knows that he cannot drive the car he has any longer so he ditches it. With nowhere to run or hide and being so desperate he finally decides that living his life out on an island deep over The Pacific Ocean would be better than spending life in prison or committing suicide.

He remembers the address the friendly man (Rick) in jail gave him about a year ago. He travels to this apartment address. Arriving, he presses the correct button in the large vestibule. On the intercom a female voice asks, "Who is it?" Eric replies, "My name is Eric. I met your son, Rick, in jail a year ago; he told me to come here if I needed to contact him." After hearing this, the woman presses the button to open the downstairs door. As we hear it buzz, Eric pushes it and walks up to the third floor apartment C.

Arriving, he knocks on the apartment door of the woman who buzzed the vestibule door. The woman who is in her mid sixties lets Eric into her apartment. They both walk into the living room. Rick's mother tells Eric to have a seat on the couch. Just after he sits the woman walks to a bedroom door knocks on it and says, "Rick, a man named Eric is here to speak to you." A Few seconds after this is said the bedroom door swings open and Rick walks into the living room. Just as he is entering the room Eric gets up to his feet and shakes Rick's extended hand. Seeing the two men together Rick's mother looks at her son and says, "I am going to go out to do some things, I shall be back in a few hours." Rick and Eric watch as the woman then walks to the front door opens it and leaves.

Just after this Rick turns his head back and looking into Eric's eyes says, "Are you here to learn how to get onto the island I told you about while we were doing time together in state prison?" As Eric stares back into Rick's eyes he says, "Yes." Rick then asks are you certain you want to do this because once you are on the island you can never leave. If you try to leave or escape from that island the men in charge will have you put to death. The reason why they are so strict is because they must do everything possible to keep the island from being discovered by any of the world law enforcement agencies." He continues saying, "There are over three thousand two hundred men and about two hundred and seventy women on the island and every single one of them would be quickly returned to the country he or she came from if the law authorities of the country they came from learned the secret purpose for this island's existence and that they were on it. Then after this happens these individuals would either be sent back to face his or her probable life sentence or shall wait while in prison to be executed. So again are you certain, knowing that once you are there you must live the rest of your life out on this Pacific island?"

Still looking into Rick's eyes Eric explains, "Remember when we shared the cell about a year ago I told you back then that I just received my second strike?" Hearing this Rick remembering says, "Yes." Eric continues saying, "Well I just committed a crime that will give me my third strike. The police know that I committed the crime and are looking for me! I narrowly escaped being caught by them in a dramatic car chase yesterday! I am certain that if I am sent to serve a life sentence out in prison, not too long after I start doing my time I will find a way to kill myself! So therefore, yes, I am ready to spend the rest of my life on that island located deep in the Pacific Ocean!"

Hearing Eric explain his reasons, Rick tells him, "Ok Eric, I have to admit three days ago I saw a local television news program report that you are wanted by the police. They also explained what crime you committed, where you committed it and that since you already have two strikes this crime you committed will give you your third and final strike, thus if convicted sending you to life in prison." He continues saying, "Don't worry, I have a telephone number that I am going to dial right now. The man on the other end will take you to the boat that will leave for the island after he learns that you're really in danger of serving a life sentence in prison." Eric replies, "Great! I would deeply appreciate it if you would do that for me." Just after Eric says this Rick tells him, "I'll be right back."

He then leaves the room and walks to the kitchen. In the kitchen Rick finds his personal telephone book, picks it up and opens it at letter D. He looks for and finds the name, Greg Daniels. Looking at the telephone number just next to this name he presses out the numbers. After three rings a man answers saying, "Hello." Rick then tells the man his name. Greg instantly remembers Rick and asks him, "Hi Rick, what can I do for you?" Rick then tells him about his friend Eric, he explains that Eric is on the run from the police and if they catch him he will be sent to prison for life. He continues telling Greg, "Eric swore to me that not long after he starts serving his life sentence he will commit suicide." Hearing this, Greg asks Rick for Eric's last name. Rick immediately gives it to him. He then asks him what crime or crimes he committed and where they were committed so he can research to learn if everything he was just told him is true. Rick gives Greg this requested information. Greg then tells Rick, "I am going to research immediately after we hang up to see if what Eric told you is true. As soon as I learn from my connections the truth on this matter then I shall immediately call you back." Greg then hangs up.

He waits a minute then starts calling a few people he knows. Forty minuets later Greg telephone calls Rick and tells him, "I learned that your friend Eric is not lying he is wanted by the police and if he is caught he probably will receive his third strike and because of this he most likely shall be sent to prison for life." He continues saying, "I called all the people who are in charge of the island, they told me because of Eric's desperate situation he may come and live the rest of his natural life out on the island.

They also want him to understand that once he is on the island he can never leave it until he dies of natural causes sometime long into the future. If he tries to escape he might be executed." Greg quickly tells Rick all the important details about the rules and living conditions that are on the island. Greg then tells Rick, "Quickly tell Eric all the information I gave concerning him living the remainder of his life out on the island and then if he still wants to live there after you finish telling him everything, call me back immediately telling me his important decision." Rick tells Greg, "Ok, I'll tell him everything you just told me right now." The two then hang up.

Rick walks back into his living room and tells Eric, "I just finished speaking with a man named Greg Hanson. He told me to first tell you everything he just told me about the island. Then after I finish you must give me your decision. Then I shall immediately call him back and tell it to him." Rick then explains to Eric who is seated on the sofa and looks extremely anxious. "At the island you will be given an eight hour a day five day a week job. The other cons living on the island work in fields growing different varieties of food. They also breed livestock and catch fish in many large fishing boats. The islanders wind up with so much food that they sell what they don't eat to other countries. You can retire from your job at the island and receive all your full benefits, living costs, rent and utilities on your 60th birthday. If you are or have become disabled you don't have to work. There are eight days considered holidays so there is no work on these days. After working on the island for seven years you receive a maximum five weeks complete paid vacation. If you ever become injured we have a dozen doctors and a dozen nurses to help heal you. We also have five dentists if you want or need any work done on your teeth. At the island you will live as the others do in a well built clean one or two family home that was constructed just like the nice ones you see around town. On the island the main language spoken is English. Since wanted men and women from around the world go there as a sanctuary, many of them don't know English. They must then work hard each day until they learn it.

At the island you also must learn a second language and this would be Spanish. This is because of the following reason; all the cons must wear a distinct marking or logo on a certain area of their cloths. The reason for this is so a person seeing the logo can feel safe and then speak the main language English. If a logo is not seen on one of these certain designated areas and you don't know this person then the rule is you must speak Spanish in order to fool this unknown individual to thinking that the native tongue of the island is Spanish." Rick continues saying, "On the island there is a jail system and it is maintained, copying a combination of other world country's systems."

Now that Rick has finished explaining the many conditions and laws of the island he asks, "So Eric now that you know the most important things about the island do you still want to live the rest of your natural life on it?" Eric looks deep into Rick's eyes and says, "Rick, as I told you before I have no choice. If I stay in The United States the police are going to eventually find me! After this happens I am going to be sent to serve out a life sentence in a federal prison! As I said to you earlier, if I am sent to prison for a very long time or am sentenced to serve a life sentence there is no doubt that I will commit suicide! Because of this I have no choice. I must accept spending the rest of my life on that dammed island!" Just after Eric explains, Rick replies, "Ok Eric, my friend Greg will get you onto the island. He told me just before he hung up to make certain that you wanted to live the rest of your life on this secluded island that is located deep over the Pacific Ocean."

Rick walks back to his kitchen picks up his telephone receiver, dials and after two rings Greg answers the phone on the other end. After Rick tells him who he is he immediately informs Greg that even after he told Eric all the unbending rules he still insists that he wants to live out his life on the Pacific island. Hearing this Greg answers saying, "Ok Rick, I have to make all the arrangements and this will take about two hours. As soon as I finish I will first call you back to let you know that I am coming to your home to get Eric." Right after saying this Greg hangs up.

As Eric nervously watches the television with Rick, two hours and ten minutes after Rick hung up with Greg, the telephone rings. First looking into Eric's concerned eyes, Rick gets up off the sofa, walks to the kitchen and picks up the phone's receiver. On the other end of the telephone is Greg who tells Rick he is leaving his home to come and get Eric. He tells Rick that he will be at his home in thirty minutes then hangs up. After this Rick walks back to the living room and tells Eric the good news.

Thirty-five minutes pass. We then watch the man named Greg walk into Rick's large apartment complex vestibule. He walks up the small flight of stairs and stands in front of the set of doorbell buttons and presses one. Rick's voice is heard asking, "Who is it?" After Greg answers we hear the door buzz as Greg then pushes it open. Moments later he is knocking on Rick's door. Rick opens it and Greg walks in. Rick leads Greg into the living room, seeing him Eric stands up to greet Greg. After talking for ten minutes Greg thanks Rick and immediately after this Eric also thanks Rick as the two men then leave.

The two men quickly head for then get into Greg's car. As they pull out of the parking space Greg says, "Many of the wanted individuals living on the island regularly fish in large fishing boats and what the more than four thousand five hundred men and women don't eat is sold to fish purchasing companies in different areas of the world. These fishing boats are also used to take the men and women running from the law to the Pacific Island. The ride to the ocean where the fishing boat is docked and waiting for us is going to take more than two days." The men drive for many hours. Nighttime comes and hours later Greg gets too tired to drive. He finds a hotel pays for a room with separate beds as Eric waits in the car. Going back to the car Greg shows Eric the room's key, the men then both head for and enter their room. Just several minutes later they both are in bed sleeping. Early the next morning they are both back on the road driving to where the boat is waiting. Nighttime comes again and they sleep in a different hotel, then again early the next day they are back on the road again.

Finally, after driving for two days the men drive right up to the pier where the fishing boat is waiting for them. After parking the vehicle Greg tells Eric to wait in the car. He then gets out of it and walks to the large boat. Arriving in front of it he walks up a stairway into the fishing vessel. On it Greg walks to and arrives in front of the boat's control room. After knocking on the door a man opens it and instantly recognizes him.

Ten minutes later Greg goes back to his car. Leaning and looking into the opened window of the passenger side of the front seat he tells a nervous Eric, "Everything is set up Eric the boat is going to leave as soon as one more man who just like you is on the run from the authorities, arrives. The captain of the ship told me that he is scheduled to arrive in just two and a half hours." He continues explaining, "About fifteen minutes after he arrives with his sponsor the large fishing vessel will head for the Pacific island." Looking into Eric's eyes Greg then tells him, "I want you to stay on board the ship until it leaves. Meanwhile, you can meet the captain and the crew, you may also have a hot lunch on the ship." After this is said Eric gets out of the car and walks with Greg to and onto the large boat.

Greg takes Eric to the control room and introduces him to the captain of the boat. After he is finished talking to the captain Greg takes him to his small cabin room. Two hours and thirty-five minutes pass and as Eric is with Greg in the fishing boat's small dining room talking and having a coffee the captain walks in saying, "The other man on the run from police arrived ten minutes ago so we are going to leave for the island in less than ten minutes." Hearing this Greg gets up from his seat and says to Eric, "Well, Eric, now you're going to that island deep in the Pacific Ocean. I will keep in touch. I'll write you and about twice a year I will go to the island to visit you and all the other men I helped get to the Pacific island." Greg reaches out and shakes Eric's hand as he concludes saying, "Eric, here is your second chance at life, please take advantage of it and stay out of trouble. Don't forget most everyone living on the island is there because, just like you, they have to be there in order to prevent spending the rest of their lives in prisons from the country they are wanted in. So because of this they are on your side and this means they all really just want to live out the remainder of their lives in peace on the island." Just after Greg says this he finishes shaking Eric's hand and leaves him, walking out the door then off the ship.

Standing as he waits in the small dinning room several minutes later the boat's engine starts up, moments later the boat's loud horn blows. Just after it blows several times the large fishing boat then moves out of it's dock. Ten minutes later the ship increases it's motion to three quarters full speed. Traveling for nine days the fishing boat arrives at the island.

A man from the island comes onto the boat approaches Eric and says, "Eric, I am one of the men running the island, my name is Peter Clay." As he extends his hand to Eric, he continues speaking saying, "I will take you now to the place where you are going to live." Eric walks off the ship with Peter. As he is walking off the ship he sees several other large fishing boats docked just next to the vessel he came off of. As he walks out of the docking area he proceeds onto a beautiful grassy open field of the island. Walking across the field area as Eric looks around he sees in the distance large farming equipment being used on several huge fields. As he looks Peter tells him, "We grow all our own food here: corn, potatoes, yams, wheat, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, celery, broccoli even beans. We also have apple and orange trees. We live stock turkeys, chickens and cattle. We have twelve large fishing boats so we catch all the fish we need. There is always plenty of food left over so we ship all the multi tons of food we don't use to many different countries throughout the world. Whatever food we want and don't produce ourselves is imported to us from other countries."

As they continue walking, Eric starts to see a huge community of modern well built one, two, three and four family houses. Seeing the community of houses coming into view Peter turns towards Eric and says, "These homes you are now seeing are the houses where most of the island's men and women live." He continues telling Eric as they start walking towards one of the two family houses, "Everyone here lives a good clean life." They walk right up in front of a door as Peter then pulls two keys, both on a key ring, out of his right pant's pocket, he aims one of them at a door's lock, sticks it in and turns it. He then pulls the front door wide open. Peter looks at Eric and says as they enter the clean well furnished home, "Here it is." They then both enter the cozy living room, Peter then says, "We picked this wonderful home out for you yesterday. Myself and the other leaders of the island hope that you will have many good years living here." Peter then leads Eric through all the other normal sized clean-cut rooms explaining any details Eric needs to know about the apartment.

Looking at Eric he then explains, "At certain areas of the island there are huge satellite dishes. Because of this we have full worldwide cable television hooked up to all our televisions. Several of the huge disks are here to give this island the telephone communications it needs." Peter then explains, "Telephones are strictly only in the offices and homes of the island leaders. If anyone not certified uses a telephone they can even be shot. The leaders and bosses communicate to each other here by using high tech walkie-talkies."

Peter then shows Eric the pantry and takes him down into the basement and as they walk there he says, "You will share the furnished basement with the man who lives on the second floor." Arriving downstairs Peter first shows him closets and says, "You may keep all your storage things in half of these closets down here." As Eric looks around the basement he sees a thirty-two inch television with a DVD-VCR combo connected to a powerful mini stereo system. As he continues to look around he sees a large bookshelf with hundreds of either DVDs or videos. He also notices shelves with more than one hundred CDs on them and another one with dozens of exciting books. Eric also notices a Pentium 4 computer with a seventeen-inch plasma screen. He also sees a modern space saver running treadmill and bench press with a set of weights.

As Eric looks around Peter tells him, "This basement is for you and the tenet that lives on the second floor." He continues saying, "All this you see is yours and his to use when you wish to." Peter then says, "You may select the job you want, this could either be working farming the land or keeping the island clean or going out with one of the fishing boats. Since the islanders are allowed to mail letters to one another if there is an opening you could work sorting or delivering mail. If you qualify you can work as an island police officer or jail guard." Thinking for a moment Eric says, "I would like to work on the fishing boats." Hearing this Peter tells him, "Ok I'll tell the other leaders that you want to be a fisherman. I am certain that will be ok with them. I shall come back on Sunday and if they give their approval you can start working on Monday since today is Friday. Also, Eric, when I come back on Sunday early morning since the man who lives upstairs won't be working I shall introduce you to him." Peter finishes saying, "Now that you know where you are going to live here are the keys to your front door and mailbox." Just after saying this Peter hands Eric the two keys to open the front door and the one for his mailbox located in the house's vestibule. He then tells Eric, "You may walk about the island or stay here in your house. I will be back tomorrow to introduce you to your upstairs neighbor." Immediately after saying this Peter turns and walks towards the front door, opens it then leaves.

Fifteen minutes after Peter left, Eric walks out his front door and locks it behind him. He walks about the large island located somewhere deep in the Pacific Ocean. After walking around the island for more than two hours he greets the men who live there for the same reasons he does. Feeling tired Eric walks back to his house. Back home he walks into his bedroom opens several of the dresser drawers and finding a pair of pajamas he puts them on. He then walks over to his bed, pulls down the sheet and blanket and then moves under them. Within a few minutes he falls asleep.

At ten AM the next morning there is a knock on Eric's front door. After the knocking has been going on for a minute a groggy Eric opens his door. Standing on the other side of the opened door in the hallway is a man with a big smile on his face. The man reaches his hand out to Eric as he says with a Spanish accent, "Hello, my name is Luis. I am the man who lives upstairs." Eric reaches out his right hand and says, "Hi, my name is Eric" as he shakes Luis's hand. Eric tells Luis, "Please come in." The two men immediately head to the living room where they talk for about thirty minutes.

The both men then walk into the hallway then down a flight of stairs into their basement. Down there they turn on the television and start to have a workout together with their exercising equipment. This scene concludes as we watch these men continue talking and training.

Early in the morning the following day Peter enters Eric and Luis's vestibule then rings Eric's bell. Moments after this we see Eric open his door, walk to the vestibule door and looking through one of the glass windows on the door he sees Peter, he smiles at him then lets him into the hall. Just after Eric locks the door they both head for and enter his home. Peter tells Eric, " I spoke to several of the other island's leaders and they all agree that you may work as a fisherman."

Peter continues saying, "The language of the island is English and anyone who does not know it must learn to speak it so everyone living here can fully communicate with each other. There is a second language everyone on the island also must know and this is Spanish. The reason why everyone here must learn the second language is if one of the identification symbols is not visibly on a person's clothes since they could be an outsider or a spy you immediately must switch to the Spanish language. The reason for this is because we want everyone visiting the island (anyone not living at the island) to believe that Spanish is our native tongue."

Peter continues saying, "Eric, you already speak English so you only have to learn Spanish. You must attend a school here two and a half days a week until you completely learn that language. The two and a half days a week learning Spanish shall be like this, two days one week the second week you shall attend class three days a week. The other two and a half days a week you shall work your eight-hour shift on a fishing boat. Tomorrow you will start your week working on one of the fishing boats so I am also here to take you to the correct docked boat you will be working on. I would have brought my car but since it is such a beautiful day I felt it would be better if we walked the equivalent of about eight city blocks to where the fishing boat you're going to be working on is." Hearing this Eric tells Peter, "Ok, sir, I just need five minutes to get ready." Eric then does what he has to, about five minutes later the two men leave the house together.

As they walk, Peter asks, "Eric, did you walk about the island yesterday?" Eric replies, "Yes, I did and I will say it is very well organized and operated." Peter then asks as they continue walking, "Did you meet your upstairs neighbor Luis yet?" Eric tells him, "Yes he knocked on my door and after talking about thirty minutes in my home we went down into the basement to watch a movie and have a workout." Hearing this Peter says, "Great now I don't have to introduce you to Luis since you have already met each other." As they walk and talk we pull way up high above them and get a complete look at the large beautiful island.

After walking for a while the two men walk right up to the dock area. Peter points to a large boat and says as they then walk up to it, "This is the boat that you will be working on Eric." Now standing right in front of the vessel Peter continues saying, "If it is raining hard and there is a bad storm or the men who do the fishing learn the day before from listening to the weather reports on their radios that the weather in their scheduled fishing area is going to be bad then there will be no fishing on that day. Because of this rule you will not have to work an average of about five regular working days a month along with the weekends off. You also have eight holidays off a year and your birthday. If you do not like this job in three months you may change it to another one. If you ever become disabled you will no longer have to work." Peter then says, "Now Eric let me take you aboard the ship so you cannot only meet the crew but also learn what your job is going to be." After saying this Peter takes Eric aboard the large fishing boat.

Walking about the ship Peter introduces him to most of the boat's crewmembers. Peter sees the fishing boat's captain, walks towards him and introduces Eric to him. As this is happening the captain, who was expecting Eric, looks him in the eye as he says, "So you're Eric." He then extends his hand and shakes Eric's. Just after doing this, the boat's commander looks at Peter and says, "Peter, I believe it is better if Eric was taught his job by the crew while we are out in the ocean fishing." Looking back into his eyes Peter says, "Ok captain, that is fine with me." Turning back towards Eric, Peter asks, "Eric, do you mind going out on the boat right now?" Eric replies saying, "No." Reaching out his hand to Eric, Peter shakes it and says, "Eric, I am going now, the boat will return in a few hours, you are going out on it now just to get a feel of your job. I shall be here when it returns to take you home. Tomorrow at nine A.M. sharp you will return here to start your regular eight hour fishing shift." Just after saying this Peter leaves the fishing boat and stands waving to Eric with a smile on his face as it then pulls out of dock and into the ocean.

As the boat drives away from the island into the Pacific Ocean the captain walks with Eric to where three men are working, preparing huge nets. Standing just in front of them the captain says, "Guys, this is Eric. He just arrived a short time ago on the island. He wants to be a fisherman so I want you men to show him how everything is done." Just after saying this, the captain leaves. Eric reaches out his hand and shakes each one of the three friendly men's hands. Immediately after doing this one of the three men says, "Bill, as we work, explain and teach Eric what he needs to know." Right after this is said Bill stands next to Eric and says, "Fishing is not too hard to learn, Eric, before you know it, you won't need anyone to show you anything, you'll be able to flow along with us as we all work together."

Eric continues to work with the crew. Then, after being a few hours on the boat and working hard, it heads back to the island. After working for a month and knowing all the other jobs available to him, Eric is certain that fishing will be his career job as he lives his life out on the Pacific island.

About twenty-three miles away from the island Eric is living on is a different, large, secluded island. About a year after having started working as a fisherman, one day while fishing about one mile away from this other island, a large boat speeds past his fishing boat. As it moves past them (seventy yards away) one of the Arab men on board who sees Eric's boat asks another Arab man next to him, "Whose boat is that?" The other Arab man standing next to this man looks at him and another man standing next to both of them and with a slight smile he says, "Don't worry, that is just a harmless fishing boat from another island that is located twenty-three miles from our own." Hearing this the Arab man who asked the question then doesn't pay much mind to the fishing vessel as they completely pass it and continue moving towards the island they are occupying.

Since the area one mile from Island Two currently has a decent flow of a good eatable type of fish, Eric's boat goes to that area again to fish. As they are fishing in that area as the day before, another ship drives past the con's boat. As the ship continues moving about one hundred yards past the fishing boat each man on board is struck because this large boat is clearly an advanced military ship. Also as this other boat is passing, in the fishing boat's windowed control room we see the captain looking through his powerful binoculars. Looking, the captain clearly sees Arab men dressed in military uniforms not only wearing side arms (handguns on their waists) most of them are either carrying high output rifles or sophisticated high output machine guns. Several of them even have hand grenades about their waists and at least two of them are carrying advanced armed bazooka guns. The captain of the fishing boat continues watching the military ship and the armed Arab crew as it disappears out of view.

Just after it disappeared, Eric and two men from the fishing vessel's crew quickly race into the control area and stand themselves about the captain. Looking at their leader one of them says, "Captain, did you see the large military ship that was about one hundred yards away from our boat as it drove past?" Another man with a Russian accent then speaks out, "It appears that the crew was Arab, armed and dressed in military cloths and it was heading towards the island one mile away!" Still holding his binoculars in his left hand the captain tells his men, "Yes, I know, I watched them the entire time as they drove past our boat and then out of view on my binoculars." Quickly remembering what happened in The United States in Manhattan, New York City (each of the two World Trade Towers being hit by a different huge commercial jet airliner) and to the U.S. Pentagon and the failed all out attempt to crash a huge hijacked commercial airliner jet either into The U.S. House Of Representatives building or into The United States White House both located in Washington D.C. all this happening on September eleventh 2001 (911). Eric says to the commander, "Sir, what if that ship's heavily armed crew are terrorists?" Hearing this as two more men enter the room another man standing next to his captain agrees saying with an Oriental accent, "Yes, what if this is exactly what they really are?" Hearing this intense discussion the two who just entered the room agree with what was just said.

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