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As this movie starts we are back in time during the height of Rome, Greece and Egypt. We watch some of their largest battleships being built and then launched into the ocean. We next see as many of these ships reach the end of their use, they are then driven deep into one of the oceans and next purposely sunk or left abandoned with their long anchors secured to the ocean floor.

We watch one of these beautiful large ocean traveling ships get finished being anchored to the ocean floor, we then see the small crew get off of it and then on board a different waiting vessel. We next watch soldiers have their slaves row away, abandoning the large vessel.

Just as we are watching this scene and looking at the empty ship, we move up into the air and then travel throughout each of the earth's oceans and see more than a thousand different sized and aged ancient ships that were through the centuries anchored and abandoned.

We then quickly move up through the centuries and continue to see unwanted ships get either sunk or anchored and then left abandoned somewhere far out in one of the earth's huge oceans.

Meanwhile, as we continue moving up in time and into the 1600s and beyond, we are seeing that these abandoned ships are getting larger and have also been better built. Because of this, we start to see more and more squatters (unauthorized people) living on them.

We reach the 1700s and 1800s then, as the year 1890 passes, we see that all the different size and types of ships either being sunk or left anchored to the ocean floor are now nearly all constructed of metal and steel. The ships are also becoming even much larger. As we were watching, as the many centuries were passing, as the number of anchored abandoned ships become too numerous, the different governments of the world would either have the excess number of them sunk or returned to shore. As this happens, we see that most of them returned to shore are then taken apart. From this number a very few of them are rebuilt, sold off and then reused.

As we get into the 1890s and continue to move up in time, we see all the different navies of the world leave in separate areas of earth's five oceans all types and sizes of battleships that are completely made out of metal and steel. As we pass the year 1915, we then see the navies from all different countries of the world also start to anchor and abandon, in each of earth's five oceans, aircraft carriers and submarines.

We see all the mentioned different types of abandoned ships as we continue moving passed, nineteen twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety and then the year 2000. We continue until we are finally in the present time of the year 2008.

Meanwhile, because most of the regular ship and military ship squatters on a worldwide level completely believe in freedom of speech and all the other of the free world (the United States and other similar countries) ways of life; we see about every twenty years since 1850 and about every five years since 1950 the squatters head commanders offer their full complete navel military support to the United States and or any NATO country that needs help. In spite of their many offers, the grateful United States and NATO navy as of yet have always declined their assistance with problems in all of earth's five oceans.

We move across the earth's five oceans and pass an array of thousands of different sized and ages of abandoned huge ocean liners, battleships, aircraft carriers, submarines, gigantic commercial cargo/freight ships, oil rig vessels, huge sail ships, boats, yachts and even life boats. As we pass them we see that there are still some here and there that are ancient (from even thousands of years ago) and the remaining majority of them are from over one hundred years old right until they are nearly brand new (from the present day).

We then move across the Atlantic Ocean passing hundreds of these abandoned ships and boats. We next move towards and come onto the shore of the South American country of Brazil. We move through bomb and bullet torn streets and into the capital building. There we see soldiers holding their AK 14 assault and M16 rifles in the air as they cheer a man that we slowly move up in front of.

As thirty minutes pass, we then watch the former ruler (president) being forced by soldiers to sign a multitude of papers all declaring that the new ruler (president) of Brazil is, Don Perez. Finally finished, the former ruler is handcuffed and then led away. The happy soldiers then take all the signed documents to the next room and hand them to the new dictator leader of the country (Don Perez).

As several months go by, we see the overthrow of the Brazilian government story shown on the worldwide news. We then move into the United States then the nation's capital, Washington D.C. and into the capital building and watch a major meeting underway concerning this military overthrow. Several federal congress members and senators with F.B.I., CIA and other military advisors, quickly come to the conclusion that since the United States is already busy fighting the war on terror and Global Warming, there is not much that they can do about this sad situation over in Brazil, South America.

As more months goes by, this new ruling dictator makes a vow to his military and the entire country on regular and cable television and radio that he shall now build Brazil into the overall greatest military force in South America.

As more weeks pass, we see Don Perez with the elite members of his military looking in his computer at an array of advanced military ships for sale. As he looks he is deeply distressed at the unbelievable prices the military ships are going for. Continuing to look, he says, "Even though our country's military spending is going to be at the number one expenditure of Brazilian tax dollars, we can only afford maybe just ten of these ships, every three years. If there only was another way we could buy decent military ships at lower prices."

Hearing this, one of the army's four star generals says, "President Perez, sir, I know of another way we can get all the military ships we need and it will cost us almost nothing." The general explains, "Since the dawn of mankind and then the rise of the world's empires, nations,' country's businesses and militaries have been leaving all sizes and types of ocean liners and military ships anchored and abandoned at different areas of each of the earth's five oceans." The general continues, "We can send out navy ships and soldiers to find all the best abandoned military ships. At least three quarters of these ships have even many squatters living on them and some of these squatters are very organized having fleets of either regular ocean liners, cargo/freight ships and what we mostly want, a full line of military ships and submarines."

The president is struck and asks, "Are these ships in good shape?" The general answers, "The ones that the squatter fleets have are the ships that usually are in the best condition. They are maintained to remain that way by these people. When we get these ships we can then upgrade them. We can also obtain huge abandoned ocean liners and use them to transfer troops and weapons when we need to." Just after the general finishes, the new president of Brazil orders him saying, "Contact several of these squatter fleets of military ships and several of these squatter ocean liner fleets and start to negotiate for a low price to buy the ships we want from them. If they refuse, then we shall remove these vessels from them by using force."

We move along an area deep in the Atlantic Ocean and continue until we see one of the largest ocean liners built in 1992. It was one of the top four overall largest ocean liners in the world in 1992 and was abandoned in the ocean in 1997 because the owners could not continue paying the extremely expensive mortgage on it. The investors who financed its construction legally repossessed it from the owners and did not know what to do with the gigantic ship so they just had it abandoned, anchored deep in the Atlantic Ocean. We move closer to the huge mostly white ship and see that it has a building-like structure that rises eight stories above the deck of the ship.

As we get even closer, we move right onto the front deck and see several people walking on it. We then move about the entire outside deck of the ship and see that a total of about thirty people are on different areas of it. We next move into the ship then move throughout it and see that it has over two hundred and seventy five people permanently living on it. All these people living on this ship are squatters.

We then move to the ship's control room and see ten people in it. A man reaches towards a CB radio, grabs and lifts a hand transmitter to his mouth. He presses in a button on its side and says, "This is ocean liner, Atlantic Queen. We are returning to the Crystal Fleet and shall arrive in fifteen minutes." Just after this is said, we hear a man on the other end say, "Ok Atlantic Queen, we hear you and welcome you back from your working duties." (Because the Atlantic Queen is the best ocean liner in the fleet, its crew takes it to different countries and uses the vessel as a professional (vacation ship) cruise ship to make the money the fleet needs to survive.) After this is said, the captain hangs up then looks at a man seated in front of the ship's driving controls and orders saying, "Forty percent speed to our appointed destination." After this order is given, the man seated at the driving controls says, "We will be at forty percent speed in two minutes, captain."

After this is said, the huge ship starts moving and picks up speed. The ocean liner continues to move in the water and then twenty two minutes after the captain ordered the ship to move, a fleet of twelve ocean liners is seen coming into view.

As the gigantic vessel slows down and moves right into the center of them, in order to look at the ships, we pass each one. As we pass, we see a huge ship about the same size as the famous Titanic built in the year 1917. As we continue moving about, we see a ship one quarter sized smaller, built in 1925. As we keep moving, we see three huge ocean liners built in the 1960s and two ocean liners built in the 1950s. We see one ocean liner built in the 1930s and one built in the 1940s. We keep moving and see one huge fuel ship, built in the 1970s. We also see four larger passenger ocean liners; one built in the 1970s and three that were built in the 1980s. We continue to move and see two large navel sail ships from the mid 1800s. As we are looking at these other ships we see that they are each in the best possible condition.

We move back to and into the newest most advanced ocean liner in the fleet (the one built in the 1992) and see the captain on the CB radio. We move closer and hear him say into the hand transmitter, "We're back from our three month work leave and this time we even have thirty thousand dollars left over. We bought and have with us enough food for five months for the entire fleet and not only was our ship fueled to capacity before we left, we also bought all the extra appliances, gadgets and plasma televisions we wanted." Hearing this, the commander of the entire fleet on the other end says, "That's great news, Stan." After this is said the Atlantic Queen prepares to have half of its fuel siphoned into two other ships in the fleet.

After this is said, we then pull out of the control room and up into the air. We look down and move away from the large fleet of ships and then continue to move with great speed across the huge ocean until we see a fleet of military ships come into view.

As we get closer, we look at each ship in this fleet. We see a huge 1950s Russian battleship, a large 1960s British battleship, two huge 1970s Chinese battleships, a large early 1970s and one late 1980s United States battleship, a huge 1940s United States battleship and a gigantic 1917 German aircraft carrier. We also see one United States 1940s PT boat and one large fully submerged late 1970s United States submarine. This group of vessels is called the Blue Water Fleet.

We move towards then into the huge 1980s United States battleship's main control room. There we see a crew of men who are really just squatters running this vessel.

We move closer and see the captain pick up a CB radio hand transmitter and say, "This is the captain. We shall now head to our fuel and food pickup area." Just after this is said the captain lays the hand transmitter back down then looks at the man seated in front of the driving controls and says, "Forty percent full speed!" After hearing this, the helmsman replies, "Yes sir!" He then lifts up a steering leaver that causes the ship to start moving. As this is happening, we move underwater and see the ship's gigantic propellers start to turn. We then see the other huge ships in the fleet also start to move and then pick up speed. Soon, the entire fleet of ships is moving with the 80s United States battleship at forty percent top speed.

Twenty minutes go by. Then we start to see, coming into view, two huge ships. One is a 1960s cargo vessel and the other one is a 1950s fuel ship. As they get closer, the fleet of abandoned navy vessels starts to slow down, then finally, they each stop.

The captain on the United States battleship picks up his CB radio hand transmitter and says, "This is commander, Albert Smith, it's great to see you guys." After this is said, a man from the large cargo ship carrying food and other provisions says, "Yes commander, it's great to be back with the fleet. We have returned from our three months work leave and have made so much money that we now purchased even too much fuel, food and other provisions." Hearing this the commander says, "Oh well, that's great James, whatever is left over of our fuel, food and provisions, we shall offer to sell to our friends, the Crystal Fleet, or to one of the other nearby squatter ocean fleets." (The huge cargo/freight ship and the gigantic fuel ship were years ago abandoned and are a part of the squatter Blue Water military fleet. These two vessels are commercially used throughout the different countries of the world to make survival money for the Blue Water military fleet.)

After this is said the commander signs off. We then watch the fuel ship move into position and then start to refuel the huge 1917 German aircraft carrier. Meanwhile, we see the huge cargo ship's food and provisions get lifted off with a large crane and put on a battleship. Eight hours later the cargo ship and the fuel ship are finished restocking and fueling the fleet of military ships. After this, the head of the gigantic fuel ship calls the commander of the fleet and lets him know that even though he has finished refueling all their ships, there is more than enough fuel to sell to one of the small or larger other fleet of squatter ships.

Two minutes after the commander ends communication with the fuel ship, the cargo ship captain calls the fleet commander and explains that, like he told him earlier, they have enough food and other supplies left over that they could sell or trade to several of the other squatter ships or squatter fleets.

After the cargo ship captain finishes explaining, the commander of the Blue Water military fleet then switches his CB radio to a different channel and asks, "Commander Jeff Carson, of the Crystal Fleet, are you there? This is the commander, Albert Smith of the squatter Blue Water military fleet." After a five second pause, a voice is heard on the other end saying, "This is Jeff Carson, the commander of the Crystal Fleet. I hear you loud and clear." After saying this, the ocean liner fleet commander asks, "So what can I do for you?" The commander of the military fleet of ships then says, "Jeff, our cargo and fuel ships returned from their work and money making duties at the dry land. Like always, with the profits the crew then bought all the food and fuel we needed and now that our fleet has been fully restocked we have plenty of food, supplies and fuel left over that we would like to resell to you at the usual discounted prices."

After this is said the commander of the fleet of ocean liner ships says, "Ok Albert, we can use some of the fuel and provisions you have, so what is a good day and time that we can meet you?" Just after this is said the commander of the military fleet says, "Jeff, you only need to send one ship to get the supplies." Jeff answers, "Ok, I shall send my best ship, the Atlantic Queen." After this is said, Albert then gives the exact day, time and area where the ships are to meet (later on that day). The Crystal Fleet commander agrees with the time and location and then hangs up.

He then has the cargo ship put the food and supplies, which they are going to sell, onto their gigantic fuel ship. After working hard and fast for four hours, they are finished.

Fifteen minutes later we watch the commander of the military fleet leave his huge battleship and get into a boat that is lowered into the water. It is then driven to the fuel ship. The commander goes on board the fuel ship and walks with several armed guards to the control room. One of his armed guard's steps in first, then stands at the side of the entrance door and yells, "All at attention for the fleet commander!"

Just after this is said, the fleet commander enters the room. Just as he does, everyone except for two men that is seated stands up. Next, everyone in the control room salutes him. Looking around he then says, "At ease." The commander then tells the ship's captain, "Ok Dan, we can now head for the Atlantic Queen that is also on her way to meet us." Just after this is said, the captain says, "Ay, Ay, commander, we are on our way." The captain then orders the ship to head to its assigned destination. As planned we see the fuel ship move away from its fleet and start to pick up speed to meet up with the large modern ocean liner in order to sell and trade with them. We move across the water and then see the large cruise ship, start up and move away from its fleet of ships. We then move back and forth and continue watching the two different ships pick up speed until they are both traveling at two thirds full speed.

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