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As this movie begins we very quickly speed through the following scenes. We watch police departments and then their detective bureaus investigate murders. As a murder becomes difficult to solve, they contact the F.B.I. We then see the F.B.I. in their state offices solving murders and other major crimes. We watch them on computers searching through their national database. We view them working with high technological equipment such as Luma lights, sprays and paint. We see them using DNA technology, matching fiber evidence, matching fingerprint evidence all to find criminals. We watch them working with witnesses using high tech images changing noses, mouths and eyes on a picture until the desired face is found. As a crime is solved, we witness them arresting these criminals; we see this happening in different parts of the country.

We next see the F.B.I. state offices contact their national office in Washington D.C. with the country's most difficult to solve crimes. While this is happening we watch a massive number of federal agents at indoor practice shooting ranges aiming then firing their guns at human bull's-eye targets. As this is happening we suddenly see the second world trade tower being hit by the passenger 767 Boeing Airliner. We then see the western portion of the Pentagon smoking and partially destroyed after being struck by the hijacked 757 Boeing, commercial passenger airliner. We watch the federal part of the F.B.I. architect and they mostly direct the military in locating and then capturing, not only the masterminds behind the World Trade Center bombing but also the heads of the large and dangerous terrorist Islamic group, al-Qaeda.

We view the F.B.I.'s incredible endless vigilance to find high-level criminals in the ways mentioned above and by using other high tech and clever ways.

We then see them put together their ten most wanted list. Right after we witness them arresting several of these individuals, we watch them re-structuring this list. Looking at the list, we see the tenth, seventh, fourth, second and then the number one. As the number one face is being shown, we start to see a different face appear, this would be the innocent man of this story. As this new number one face in the center of the screen becomes crystal clear we next see the black bold words in large professional letters just above his head coming into view stating, "The Nation's Most Wanted."

We then focus in on an evil man who desires to know what it would be like to kill people and become what would be named by the police, mass media and the general public, "A serial killer."

We see him studying from the Internet, library and books he buys, on how to commit criminal acts, such as picking door locks. He learns how to collect crime scene evidence, DNA samples and to draw blood from a person in case he wants to steal DNA this way. He also learns how to obtain certain illegal things. In time he becomes an expert at doing everything mentioned. With the passing of a family member, he inherits a house and a sum of money. He sells the house. It was just a fantasy but now that he has a lot of money he decides to go for it, to kill many people over time and become a serial killer. With the knowledge he gained from studying, he begins his quest by putting an evil plan together. He does not want to be caught; he wants the police and the F.B.I. to look for someone else.

In order to mislead the authorities, he intends to gather DNA samples as well as other items from another man. He will then place this innocent man's DNA samples, clothing fibers, etc., as evidence at all the murder crime scenes. He hopes the authorities will believe that this other person is committing all the murders and wants them to have an extremely difficult time finding this wrongly suspected individual so he could have more time to continue killing.

He figures to look for this certain profile; a man that lives off an inherited wealth of some kind, with no need or intention of holding a job and spends his time traveling as a loner throughout the United States. This single man cannot have any children of his own. He must be an only child with both parents deceased, so that it will be very difficult for the police and F.B.I. to find him. The evil man plans to stop murdering once he learns from the news that the innocent person has been caught and is being charged for all the murders he intends to commit. To locate this individual he contacts dozens of mailing list companies nationwide. He also surfs the Internet and researches all other possible ways to find one such person. With a firm resolve, the future killer looks then finally finds this poor soul, the man to take the blame for all his crimes.

Meanwhile, as the innocent man does his sight seeing and traveling throughout the U.S. by car, he takes his time, enjoying himself. Sometimes he stays just several days in one place, a full week in a different area or even up to two or three weeks in another part of the country.

(The innocent man's wealth came from the following: about three and one half years ago, from his parents who had died, he inherited three clothing stores with the entire two floor buildings. He also inherited two clothing stores with the entire three floor buildings. All these stores were located in busy shopping areas. He sold them all for three million eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars. He also inherited over seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars cash and a house that he sold for six hundred and fifty thousand dollars.)

After locating this individual, the evil man secretly and carefully follows him for several months. While the evil man is in the process of stealing DNA and other evidence from the innocent man, he always wears medical gloves or thin leather gloves in order to leave no fingerprints behind. He then steals what he is looking for in the following ways. Time and again, after the innocent man leaves whatever hotel he is staying in and after being certain no one can see him, while wearing thin leather gloves, quickly as possible the evil man picks the lock and enters the room. Carefully searching through it, he collects all types of physical and DNA evidence he can find. He looks for combs and brushes, once he finds either of these items he removes all the head hair and puts it into a bottle with a taped paper strip on it reading, head hair. He also goes through the innocent man's laundry, finding his underwear briefs; he removes any pubic hairs he can find. He then puts the pubic hair into a bottle with a taped paper strip on it reading, pubic hair. About two thirds of the time he sifts through the other man's garbage from within his hotel room and one third immediately after he throws it out. He does this to collect any items that could carry his DNA or any other articles that might be used as evidence against him.

One evening, with thin gloves and a black ski mask on, after picking the lock, he silently steals into the innocent man's hotel room several hours after he has gone to bed. He quietly moves to the innocent man's bedside observing the man in deep sleep. He removes a small bottle of chloroform from his pocket, saturates a handkerchief and quickly covers the man's nose and mouth, firmly holding him until the solution takes effect. With the precision and skill of a medical professional, he swiftly takes several vials of the man's blood. With blood vials in hand, the future murderer finally believes he has enough evidence and DNA samples to begin his evil mission.

He begins his deadly quest by traveling throughout the United States. His methods of finding a victim are waiting at or passing by a dark secluded location. He also cunningly lures unsuspecting women to these isolated places, to kill them.

Slightly more than one half of the victims are sexually assaulted. To leave no evidence from himself, before doing this, in his rented hotel room, the killer shaves off all of his, chest, stomach, under arms, both arms, pair of feet, both legs, buttock, stomach and pubic hairs and then wears a condom. Before he commits a murder or plants any incriminating evidence, he always wears medical gloves or thin leather gloves. Exploring different homicidal methods, his killings vary from violently beating, strangling, shooting and stabbing his victims to death. He then always plants a large amount of the innocent man's DNA and physical evidence at each of the murder crime scenes. He Travel's from state to state by train, bus, commercial passenger jet, or by a variety of different types of automobiles and hunts for a new victim approximately every five weeks.

Soon, police departments from the first, fourth and seventh crime scenes ask for help from the F.B.I. Giving their assistance, F.B.I. agents investigating the seventh murder find some strange consistencies so they immediately put all the evidence retrieved from the crime scene through their national evidence finding base. Meanwhile, several weeks ago federal detectives from a different part of the country put all the evidence they removed from the fourth murder committed by the same killer into the national database. Because of this, a match is found. DNA tests confirm the killer is a male. With these DNA and evidence matches from different states, the F.B.I. fears that a deadly serial killer is on the loose and he is traveling throughout the country.

Because of this national threat, the F.B.I. takes complete control of the investigation. Police departments nationwide are notified with an all point's physical evidence and DNA bulletin. As requested, all police departments across the United States connect DNA and evidence from each murder crime scene they are investigating. If any matches are found belonging to the possible serial killer, the F.B.I. is immediately notified. As the increasing number of murders connects to this same individual, the authorities name him, "The state-to-state serial killer."

At the crime scenes and on the victims, matching hair, blood, saliva DNA, clothing fibers and partial fingerprints are found. At the 11th crime scene, a full fingerprint is finally discovered. The full fingerprint matches the partial fingerprints found at the other crime scenes. The F.B.I. put the full fingerprint into their nationwide criminal database. They get a match on the fingerprint. It belongs to the innocent man. His only offense was being arrested in his fourth year of college for having a dime bag of marijuana. The F.B.I. learns that he spends his time traveling throughout the U.S.

To warn the public, the F.B.I. and the police broadcast the breaking news, nationwide. Meanwhile, eating at a small dinner, the innocent man suddenly sees on a television a large face photo of himself with his full name underneath it, with the large words, "THE NATION'S MOST WANTED" above his photo. As the reporter delivers the news, stunned, the wrongly accused man pulls out his sunglasses and puts them on in order to hide his face. He gets up, pays his bill and immediately leaves the restaurant.

After purchasing a newspaper, he frantically searches for the story; he sees a large photo of his face and explanation, "This man is wanted by the police and F.B.I. for possibly being involved in 11 murders and is considered very dangerous. If you see him, immediately contact your local police department or the F.B.I." Within moments, an anonymous caller tips the police on his whereabouts (where he is living). Instinctively, the bewildered innocent man knows he cannot return to his hotel room. Just at that same moment, the police and F.B.I. surround his hotel.

Certain that the police and F.B.I. can trace his location as he uses his cell phone; in sheer desperation, he fumbles for change to call a friend from a nearby payphone. Shaken, distressed and completely overwhelmed, a tear runs down his cheek, he tells his friend while breathing hard, "I cannot believe that I am being accused of something I did not do, I am innocent!" His friend replies, "The police and F.B.I. have too much proof on you, you should just give yourself up!" With a confused and horrified look on his face, after a two second pause, the innocent man hangs up.

He remains standing by the pay phone deep in thought. His extreme level of nervousness returns, thus, he begins to shake again. As this is happening, aiming to think deeper he clearly starts to realize that because of technology the police will be able to find his location by putting a trace on his cell phone. He reaches into his right pant's pocket, grabs and pulls it out. Knowing that there is no other way, he draws back his right arm and throws down his cell phone as hard as he can. It smashes onto the sidewalk. He then walks up to it and stamps onto it with both shoes. He next reaches down, grabs all of its parts and lifts them. Using both of his hands, with all of his strength he then pulls them apart. Looking it over he sees that he has accomplished what he wanted. Holding the remaining pieces of the broken cell phone, he then quickly walks away. As the wrongly accused man continues walking, from the right side of his vision he sees, just off the left side of a two family house, a large plastic garbage barrel right behind a four-foot high fence. He throws the broken cell phone into it as he quickly walks passed. Frightened and alone, he slips out of sight to avoid being caught.

After being on the run for about three months, the police, a SWAT team and F.B.I. detectives, move in to arrest him as he leaves a hotel. Surrounding him, with their guns pointing at him, agents shout to the innocent man, "Put your hands up!" He obeys. They then yell, "Lay down flat on your stomach on the ground!" He does exactly what they order. Next, they holler, "Put your hands behind your head!" As he does this, several of them scream, "Do not move!" Lying motionless, SWAT team members and F.B.I. agents slowly approach and circle around him. He is cuffed and searched on the ground. While being lifted to his feet, the Miranda Rights are read to him. He is then hurried into the back seat of an unmarked F.B.I. vehicle. A total of eight of these cars drive off to an airport where a jet awaits to fly him to Washington D.C. While he was in hiding, two more women were found murdered with all the evidence pointing to him.

The breaking news of the innocent man's capture is broadcasted by the entire mass media nationally. The news reports that he will be charged for murdering 13 people. They explain, "The reason for this is because a large amount of DNA and other evidence belonging to him was found at each of the 13 murder crime scenes." After learning this information, the real killer immediately stops his nationwide killing spree. Because he completely accomplished his goal, the evil man decides to settle down and live in a quiet neighborhood.

The innocent man arrives at the F.B.I. National Headquarters with over one dozen agents. Fifteen minutes after arriving, an agent draws two vials of the suspect's blood in order to confirm his DNA. A different agent using tweezers pulls several hairs from his head. The next day the blood and hair taken from him matches and confirms the DNA found at each crime scene.

Thirty minutes after this confirmation, the innocent man is put into a small locked room. About one hour later, several federal detectives enter the conference area. Seating themselves around him, the interrogation begins. A digital camera is hidden from view so that everything the suspect says is recorded. The investigators show the wrongly accused man the overwhelming amount of evidence retrieved from the first murder crime scene right to the thirteenth. As they go along, the agents prove that all the evidence comes from him. They explain, "Now that you have seen all this proof, confess to us that you are the serial killer!" But no matter how hard the federal detectives try to get him to confess, he will not.

For several days the agents keep showing the entire amount of evidence to him in order to get a confession. Bewildered, exhausted, angry and teary eyed, the wrongly accused man suddenly shouts, "I killed no one! Someone must be trying to frame me!" After this outburst, the agents stop for a thirty-minute recess. While drinking coffee and talking to each other, all of the detectives finally agree that he will probably never confess. The interrogation ends.

Several days after being interrogated, he now knows of the evidence and charges that the justice system has against him. Having inherited a large fortune, the innocent man hires a few criminal lawyers to defend him. Meanwhile, the F.B.I. and several federal prosecutors bring all of the evidence before a federal judge. A few weeks later the wrongly accused man waits with his attorneys for the judge's decision at his bail bond court hearing. In spite of his lawyers' efforts for this verdict to be in his favor, the judge rules that, "Since he is going to be tried for 13 murders, there will be no bail set; he must remain in custody until his trial."

While waiting for his trial, he is granted only two hours a week on the telephone and just several hours a week to work in person with his defense lawyers. So when they arrive at the prison, he works frantically to be prepared for his up-coming trial.

Several months after being captured and accused of murdering 13 people, his trial begins. At the trial, the federal prosecutor exhibits a large display board showing photographs of each of the 13 murdered women for the federal judge and jury. One by one, the prosecutor quickly explains how violently each woman died. He also tells them that seven of these victims, in addition, were sexually assaulted.

Then pointing at the accused, he states; "This demented and evil man repeatedly killed without reason or mercy!" On and on, the prosecutor continues slandering and accusing the defendant of all these horrible crimes for about 20 minutes. Having heard enough, the innocent man reacts.

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