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This movie begins by showing over thirty minutes of the original King Kong movie released in 1933.The thirty minutes of viewing film shall be as follows: King Kong will be in almost every scene. Special computer software will be microscopically instructed to infinitely repair all pop holes, hairs lines, cracks and discolor. The same or addition computer software will reprint and refocus (sharpen) the film to perfection. Next, with the same computer software or addition software it will make all movie blue screen/back round scenes, etc, be brought forwards then infinitely cleaned and re-sharpened and perfectly blended to infinity. Next, the film will be colorized. This will be done by finding computer software that will perfectly pull the original color out of the black and white film. Computer software shall be found that will turn mono sound into regular full stereo sound and computer software will be found that will next infinitely three dimensional the stereo sound. Then the sound will be put into software that will perfectly extend the three dimensional stereo sound.

Next, each scene will be reconstructed as follows: every scene that King Kong is in you will notice that the hair on different areas of his body moves up, down and side to side. Again, by using certain computer software the hair on his body will be made not to move. It will only move correctly if the wind is blowing. Next, as you watch the 1933 version whenever you see King Kong move his arms, legs, hands, face and torso most of the times his body does not flow smoothly, (correctly) it moves too fast or too slow, his body parts jerk out of the normal body rhythm. Again, special computer software will be found to perfectly correct all this. Finally, different computer software will be found that will remove the slight clay look to complete the process of making him look as real as possible.

As Robert Armstrong and his men go into the mysterious prehistoric jungle pursuing King Kong, the first dinosaur they encounter is a charging, Triceratops which they shoot to death in self defense. The original animal is cut out and a Jurassic Park substitute is first made then filmed and reframed in this scene of the film.

As the men continue their pursuit of Kong through the jungle they quickly build a raft at the edge of a lagoon. As they travel across the lagoon, suddenly, a huge Apatosaurus tips over the log raft and kills several of them in the water as they then try to swim to shore. The huge dinosaur leaves the water chasing the men into the jungle. The scene climaxes as one of the men tries to escape by climbing a tree. The gigantic Apatosaurus reaches with its long neck into the tree grabbing the man in its mouth; killing this poor soul. This dinosaur shall be cut out and a Jurassic Park one will be filmed and put in its place.

In the scene where King Kong fights the Tyrannosaur Rex, the original Rex is cut out and a Jurassic Park substitute is filmed and reframed in its place. So we now see Kong fighting a Jurassic Park Tyrannosaur Rex when the 1933 version is viewed. When King Kong fights the giant salamander in a cave again a Jurassic Park substitute is made, filmed, then is inserted in replacing the original one. When King Kong is fighting the winged Pterodactyl on the cliff again the original one is cut out and a Jurassic Park substitute is made then perfectly filmed and put into that scene.

As King Kong is standing at the top of the Empire State Building and the airplanes are shooting at him with special computer software, the machine gun bullets will be seen hitting and piercing into his body. He now will also be seen perfectly bleeding as this is happening.

Now at the end of this dramatically improved thirty minutes of the original King Kong, right after the great ape falls off the Empire State Building and is lying dead on the ground, immediately after Robert Armstrong is told, "The airplanes got him" and he replies to everyone, "No, it was beauty that killed the beast!"

Right after he says this famous line we are back in front of the Empire State Building in 1933, just in front of the huge dead ape. The giant gorilla remains on the broken sidewalk for about thirty minutes, and then a large crane and a huge truck arrive with several dozen workers. They order everyone including Robert Armstrong and reporters who were taking pictures of the dead Kong, out of the way as they work to put the giant beast into a huge truck. Robert Armstrong yells, "Hey, where are you fellas taking Kong?" Just before they all drive off with the huge ape, Armstrong climbs up to the driver's window demanding, "I am going with you guys!" The driver looks over at his boss seated next to him who nods his head and says, "Ok Armstrong, you can come with us!" Mr. Armstrong runs around to the passenger side opens the door and squeezes in.

The truck then drives off with police vehicle escorts riding in front and behind. They drive about a mile then suddenly pull in front of two-huge steel closed doors. Because of the doors monstrous size they are opened very slowly. The truck carrying King Kong then drives into the huge warehouse, as the massive doors are then closed behind.

This warehouse building is the largest one in upper Manhattan (twelve stories high and three quarters of a square block long). On the inside Kong is removed from the truck by workers with the help of a crane, while Robert Armstrong takes the elevator to a seventh floor. The office he enters has a large window made for viewing the huge warehouse below. After Armstrong shakes a few hands, one of the men in suits tells him, "After the bullets are removed from his body, King Kong is going to be frozen. He shall remain in this state until sometime in the future when science discovers a way to bring him back to life in order that he could be studied."

Meanwhile, in the warehouse below, the constant temperature is thirty-eight degrees. With the help of a large crane Kong is removed from the giant truck and is laid face up on the warehouse floor. Technicians working from a different crane use it to stick IVs into King Kong's arms. A machine is turned on and all the huge ape's blood is drained from his body through plastic tubes. After all the multi gallons of blood are removed from his body the IVs are pulled out of his arms. The large crane again lifts his body as workers quickly lay a silver material under it. Then a total of over thirty-five completely sterilized doctors and x-ray technicians, approach him. Portable x-ray machines are lined up all around his body. Numerous photographs are taken of every part of Kong's anatomy. This goes on for several hours. The doctors first examine all the x-rays to evaluate damage to his brain then to his spinal column. Looking the x-rays over they see he did not injure his brain or spine because of falling off of The Empire State Building. Next, the doctors examine the remaining x-rays to see exactly where all the bullets are. The doctors then start removing the bullets from his body. As they remove them they put the over five hundred machine gun sized bullets into buckets. Double-checking the x-rays many hours later they believe that all the bullets were removed. His entire body is then stitched and sowed close. A cast like bandage in wrapped around the gorilla's huge head because he did fracture his skull. The doctors then look the x-rays over to see what bones of his were broken or fractured from the fall. Another cast like material is wrapped around Kong's chest because he fractured and broke several ribs. Because the giant ape's right thigh broke in several areas a cast is put around it.

After this is done IVs are injected back into Kong's arms and a different machine is turned on releasing a dry ice like freezing liquid into his body's entire arterial (vein) system, taking the place of his blood. The freezing liquid is at a temperature of many degrees below zero. After this is finished, because his left arm was broken in several places from the fall a hard cast in put on it. A cast is put on his broken left hand and on two of his left hands fingers.

After the casts dry the doctors then back off as a large number of specially dressed workers approach the huge dead animal. With many of them stepping up on high ladders and others are lowered by machines as they are held with super strong transparent suspension wires onto his body. They then sew closed the two-sided silver material covering his entire body. Hours later just as they finish, the warehouse's temperature drops to thirty-four degrees. As quickly as possible a multitude of workers build an air and watertight enclosure to keep King Kong's body in. A few hours later, after the completion of this, King Kong is laid in this coffin-like closure by two large cranes; it is then sealed closed. On the inside we see a cold mist go over the great beast's remains. King Kong is now frozen with the most advanced technology that 1933 science can provide. As the years pass and there are advancements in this preservation procedure the huge gorilla's body is then removed from the old and then put into this modified advanced technological freezing system.

The years continue passing then finally in the year 2009 scientists have discovered the way to bring back certain perfectly preserved animals. Being that gorillas are one of these types of animals that can be brought back, scientists know King Kong can now be brought back to life. Before this is done the part of the warehouse where King Kong is going to be held, the walls are re-enforced with most advanced four-inch thick steel bars. After this is done scientists prepare King Kong's body to be brought back to life. First, before this happens, tons of fresh fruit are brought in and stored in refrigerators. Ready to bring King Kong back, technicians, with the use of several powerful crane-like mechanical arms, take him out from the huge freezing unit. He is then placed lying face up on the floor. In the seven floor office one of the scientists presses a white button, which causes from out of the floor just under the huge gorilla's body, a gigantic steel table to start moving up. It continues slowly moving up and stops at ten feet off the floor.

Then mechanical arms inject huge needles into the giant ape. After this is done a huge machine is turned on. All the freezing liquid is drained out of his veins. Just after this is done these needles are removed. New IVs are injected into each arm then a flushing compound is sent through the plastic tubes flowing into all of his body's veins. Over fifteen minutes later this procedure is finished and these IVs are pulled out of his massive arms. A different needle is injected into each of his arms. Blood donated from over fifty gorillas with his same blood type is pumped into his body's entire arterial (vein) system. Just after Kong has received the exact amount of blood needed these needles are removed and he is ready for the next procedure.

As Kong is lying face up on the floor a huge breathing mask is secured on his face over his noise and a tube is inserted down his throat. A large cardiac belt is pulled around his chest. Then mechanical arms inject huge needles into different areas of King Kong that push out the newly discovered reviving drug. Finally, IVs are inserted into each of the giant ape's arms. Large plastic tubes run up into two big hanging canisters containing adrenalin that are both directly over him. Just after this the cardiac belt (which is a defibrillator) around his chest is activated. It inflates to three quarters. Then red flashing lights indicate it is ready to be used. A veterinarian in the large seventh floor office directly above King Kong presses a blue button once as we then see Kong's upper body lifts. Nothing happens so this is done again and again. Other doctors with computers release a precise amount of adrenalin to run out through the IVs in his arms. Meanwhile, the blue button is pressed again then again.

In the office, suddenly, on all the heart monitor screens doctors watch, and hear on the speaker system a mighty heart beat start then continue to beat with a healthy rhythm. A few of the doctors cheer as others look through the office's huge bulletproof window to see for themselves. Others watch Kong on the large plasma television screens that are in several areas of the large office room. King Kong's mighty chest lifts up and down as he breathes in and out. Thirty-minutes pass and Kong's heart continues beating smoothly. The tube that runs down his throat is pulled out of his mouth. The medical breathing mask King Kong has on is releasing a safe anesthesia to keep him unconscious. Several scientists and doctors begin popping champagne bottles as a small party gets underway.

Early on the following morning the scientists prepare to bring Kong out of the anesthesia. The cardiac belt around his chest releases and is pulled off by mechanical arms. The giant steel table he is lying on slowly lowers until it becomes flush with the floor. Then inside the large breathing mask the great beast is wearing, a revitalizing gas is released. Suddenly, the huge gorilla's eyes start blinking as he also then starts releasing grunt sounds from his mouth. His eyes fully open and after looking around for several seconds he starts aching with pain. He aims to get up but because of all his broken bones he screams out in agony. Seeing him suffering the doctors release anesthesia back into his IVs and breathing mask.
After having a meeting they decide to keep Kong sedated for the six weeks needed for his broken bones to fully heal. The six weeks pass, with power saws workers then cut all the huge casts off of his body. Several minutes after the casts are removed the doctors turn the anesthesia off and release another drug through his IVs and giant breathing mask to revive him. Again like six weeks ago Kong's eyes start blinking as he then releases grunts from his mouth. The doctors watching from the office above orders one of them seated in a chair to press a button that activates the machine, which will pull out the IVs from his two arms. This is done and the IVs are pulled out. Several seconds later with his eyes fully opened and his joints and bones slightly aching he gets up to his feet. He notices the huge mask on his face. He pulls it off and throws it onto the floor. King Kong then roars out hitting his chest. Finished he then slowly walks around exploring his section of the huge warehouse.

Food (mostly just fruit) is neatly laid in different areas of his section of the warehouse floor. Also there are trees planted about that were retrieved from his natural habitat. Kong sees the fruit, walks to it then sits on the floor next to a pile picking through it and eats. As he eats he notices and listens to the jungle sounds that are being played on the highly advanced stereo sound system speakers that are located in unreachable areas of the warehouse. (The speakers are in walls behind the four inch thick bars and are also in the ceiling.)

Meanwhile, up in the seventh floor office window we see looking down observing King Kong is a young attractive blond female veterinarian whose name is Charlotte. She walks away from the huge window and starts talking with another female and three men. She says, "King Kong appears to be in good physical health and seems to be adjusting to the un-natural environment he is in." She continues, "When are we going to return him to the island where he was kidnapped from seventy-six years ago?" She keeps talking, "The mysterious prehistoric island has not changed since way back then." Her boss, the head veterinarian as well as being a gorilla expert tells her and the others, "You all know that through the years it was costing too much for the government to continue paying the expensive cost to keep King Kong frozen. So in nineteen eighty they decided to let a museum hire several taxidermists to embalm the gigantic ape so afterwards he could be displayed for their paying admissions. But just before the government funds ended a wealthy conglomerate business company offered then paid the government a higher price than this museum could. Since then they have maintained Kong in his frozen state and their scientists yesterday brought him back to life. Their plan now is to take King Kong just like a rock star, on a worldwide tour. They believe he will not only make them multi millions of dollars per year but he will represent their company bringing the highest level of worldwide free advertising to them. Don't forget it was this company that hired us to watch King Kong's health."

Meanwhile, the mass media is told about King Kong, they are allowed into the seventh-floor office to see for themselves that he is alive and to take pictures, but only with running DVD / digital camcorders. Years ago in 1933 when Kong was alive, the press had a frenzy taking pictures of him. It was during this time because of the many old fashion camera flash bulbs going off that King Kong lost control of himself and went on a rampage. Because of that happening the reporters may only use camcorders. Then from a still in the digital film they just recorded, the reporters will have photos for their newspapers and magazines.

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