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As this movie begins we see a teenager, named Fred, who is an only child living with his mother. As we watch the boy we see he has a fixation with the mob. He continues to study them in his spare time. As Fred gets older, he learns how the mob is set up and then how it operates. After high school, he goes to an Ivy League level college. During his college days he begins selling drugs and stolen merchandise, which he would obtain from good connections. Because he closely studied how the mob does these illegal things by copying them, while doing his selling at college Fred is never arrested by the police (Fred pays money to certain police). After graduating college, obtaining his bachelors degree, so he can learn further how to sell illegal things Fred continues studying the mob's entire operation (by reading books and watching hard to find videos and DVDs).

He now is at the second level where he is the one that sells drugs to individuals who then sell it in the streets. A few years later he gets one level higher, having three men working for him.

Fred knows that drugs do move in the country but to be safe, just like the mob does, he first gets permission from certain members of law enforcement. Fred knows if you do not and are at his level, there is no doubt you eventually are going to get caught then sent for possibly a long stay in prison. Therefore, with the money he makes selling drugs, Fred pays off certain narks, detectives and police officers. He also gives payoffs to two F.B.I. agents.

Fred has a good shady criminal lawyer who knows all the corrupted members of law enforcement, because of this working behind the scenes, this man can get him out of jail at anytime.

In time, Fred moves into a luxury condo apartment in Manhattan, New York City. Throughout Fred's apartment is beautiful expensive furniture. He leases a fully loaded BMW 700 series car and rents not only two parking spaces at his high rise condo apartment, but also at different areas of Manhattan. He also usually dresses in expensive custom made clothing. Several days a week he eats out in exclusive restaurants. Fred has a maid who cleans his beautiful apartment. After all these mentioned expenses and pay offs, most of the time he is nearly broke.

Fred has learned how drugs flow into the country; he knows the complete set up. This is how several corrupt federal senators and congress members, powerful federal executives, high levels of law enforcement (this is certain members of the F.B.I., C.I.A., U.S. Marshals A.T.F., state and federal prosecutors, state and federal judges and certain members of the local police departments) allow mostly the mob to run drugs into the U.S. from other countries, namely Columbia, South America. Being that Fred knows many of these individuals, if he had a lot of money he could set himself up as one of the country's main suppliers of drugs. Because of this, Fred is always fantasizing that if he was wealthy he could set up a huge drug empire. In his home safe he keeps a perfectly detailed plan that through the years he put together because he knows if he ever finds the funds he needs, he then will immediately move forward to make it all happen.

Meanwhile, Fred has been trying to get a good job working for the mob. He knows they can help him to be a big drug distributor, but alas, he will not join them because they seem to only want him to do hits (kill people). Fred continues fantasizing and thinking, "If only I had about ten million dollars, then I could get myself to the top of the drug world without help from the mob!" He keeps fantasizing and doing his illegal activities as another year passes.

Then suddenly one day Fred gets a letter asking him to come on a certain day and time to a lawyer's office. Someone hired from his distant Uncle Joey's estate will read his uncles last will and testament to him. The letter states he must bring with him an official photo driver's license ID card or an official photo state ID card, his Social Security card, his official birth certificate, a passport and or a Medicare/Medicaid card and a recent electric or telephone bill.

After reading this letter Fred remembers his wealthy Uncle Joey. His Uncle Joey was his mother's brother and had no other brothers or sisters. Fred is an only child. Fred's mother (who died of cancer eight years ago) and Uncle Joey never got along with each other, so Fred grew up not knowing him. Uncle Joey never had children and his wife died three years ago. Fred's both grandparents (Uncle Joey's mother and father) died many years ago.

Fred goes to the lawyer's office at the time and date requested. After arriving, he sits in the lawyer's waiting area until called.

The lawyer comes out of his office greeting the seated Fred with a handshake as he says, "Hello, I am Sam Robertson, the lawyer who sent you the letter requesting you to come here today." He continues, "Mr. Walker, who is an attorney, has been hired by your uncle's estate to speak to you on behalf of your deceased uncle. This man is here to read to you your uncle's last will and testimony. Please come into my office to see him." Fred gets up and walks to the office with the lawyer.

Entering the office, they see Mr. Walker seated behind the desk. The visiting attorney gets up, walks over to Fred and extends his hand. As he shakes Fred's hand he says, "Hello Mr. Smith, I'm Mr. Walker, how are you?" The three men then take their seats. Mr. Walker continues, "Since your uncle had no children of his own and you are the only close living relative, he named you as his primary beneficiary in his last will and testament." Looking at Fred, the lawyer hired to read the will explains, "Your uncle was the president of a national commercial / savings bank franchise that had four hundred and fifty-nine branches." Lifting several documents, he then starts to read.

"This is the absolute last will and testament of Joseph Neumann. After the much lesser amount of moneys and other possessions have been willed away; since my wife is already deceased and I have no children of my own and both of my parents are dead, because I only had a sister who recently died and she only had a son, since he is my only true close living relative left, being of sound mind, I will the entire remaining fortune I possess to my nephew, Fred Smith. Here say I, Joseph Neumann." After reading this, the lawyer looks up into Fred's eyes and asks him, "Do you know what this means?" Fred asks, "I inherited some money?" The attorney replies, "Some money? You right now are going to receive the sum of fifteen and one half million tax-free dollars! You are also inheriting a mansion worth one million dollars and a luxury condo worth over five hundred thousand dollars!"

Fred's mouth drops open as he says, "Wow!" He then asks, "My Uncle Joey was that rich?" The attorney reading the will replies, "Yes, he was." Fred has a look of grandeur on his face as no one speaks for several seconds, then Mr. Walker says, "You must fill out some important documents and we have to make copies of the ID documents you were told to bring to the office today." Fred hands the attorney a large envelope containing his birth certificate, social security card, passport, electric and telephone bill. He then reaches into his right back paints pocket, pulls out then goes into his wallet. He removes then hands the lawyer his photo driver's license. Fred is handed a pen and many forms to fill out. He sits quietly signing the forms on the front of the lawyer's desk.
Mr. Walker gets up and explains he is going to copy the IDs and will be right back as he then leaves the room. He proceeds and enters the secretary's, office. There, he walks to the copy machine and then makes copies of the IDs Fred gave him. In less than four minutes he is finished and heads back to the lawyer's office. Reseating himself, he puts these copies into a neat large envelope as he then waits for Fred to complete filling the documents out.

Finished, Fred hands them to the Mr. Walker who then hands him the large envelope containing Fred's IDs; the attorney then gives him his photo driver's license. The reader of the will then looks the forms over. Seeing that they were all filled out correctly he tells Fred, "Mr. Smith" as he then hands him a check. Fred looks at the check, which reads, "Payable to Mr. Fred Smith the sum of Fifteen million and five hundred thousand dollars." The lawyer then says, "You may go to the bank listed on the top of the check to cash it, or you can take it to your bank and deposit it there." After first showing him the two real estate deeds, he then places them into a large envelope and hands it to Fred. Fred then gets up and shakes both attorneys' right hands. Smiling he puts the check in his wallet and leaves.

He goes to his bank. Arriving, he hands the check to the teller and says, "I want to have this money wired from the bank listed on the check's letterhead and put into my business checking account." The teller, looking at the check, drops her mouth open as she reads it. She tells Fred, "Please wait," then goes over to the head teller. While looking over the check, the head teller leaves the teller's area. She returns in a few minutes with the manager at her side. Already slightly knowing Fred, he states, "Hello Mr. Smith. Before I can put this into your business account I must telephone call this bank to see if this check is authentic." Fred replies, "Go ahead." The manager contacts the bank confirming the check is real. Fred's bank mails it certified mail over night delivery to the paying bank. A few days later, the money is secured into Fred's business checking account.
At home, Fred goes to his safe and removes the outline he wrote over time explaining how to build a huge drug empire. Sitting at his desk, he reviews all the details of his fantasy plan of building the largest drug distributing empire in the United States and Canada. Fred opens his telephone book and calls his drug dealing bodyguards and his lawyer. They all arrive with the final bodyguard showing up at his condo apartment an hour later. He tells these men of his inheritance and then shows and tells them of his plan to now become one of the biggest drug distributors in the United States and Canada. On their cell phones Fred, his lawyer and his drug dealing bodyguards, start to call up key corrupt law enforcement officials, prosecutors and politicians telling them Fred's plan, then asking if they would give him permission to start his drug empire.

Most of these men of high authority want to have a meeting with Fred. So for the next several weeks he has many meetings with these people. Fred gets the permission he needs from all of them, as long as he pays a total of fifty percent of his gross take evenly distributed to all these corrupt officials; he agrees to do this.

He buys a huge mansion with several acres of land. Next, he buys a three-floor office building with a large shipping warehouse below. Fred then makes the huge drug buying connections, sending a dozen men to the largest illegal drug manufacturer for distributing plants in Columbia, South America. Just a few weeks after this, Fred's workers start shipping the drugs throughout the United States and Canada with a street value of millions of dollars.

In the first year Fred's drug distributing business has made fifty million gross dollars. The second year he has made one hundred and forty million gross dollars.

As Fred's drug empire grows he contacts and has meetings with all the top mob bosses in the country. He asks them if he could start quickly climbing up towards being known as a big mob boss too.

Meanwhile, a year ago the F.B.I. and several corrupt federal politicians and prosecutors approached the secretly known as untouchable mob bosses. These bosses are the heads of these organizations, they are the men who really run the mob and are unknown to the mass media and the general public. At that time the federal law enforcement men and politicians at a meeting had one of their leading federal detectives remind these hidden six mob bosses, "You men know that every twenty years we must take down someone who looks like a big crime boss in front of the mass media and the general public; just like back in the late nineteen eighties when you picked out your high level gopher, Louis Zambino. Working with you, just as we did then, we shall build up his reputation as one of the highest-level mob bosses in the country. During this time only you who are at the highest level of bosses and us will know that he is being set up as a patsy just like Louis Zambino was. As he gets well known just like Louis Zambino did, by being constantly exposed as a highest-level mob boss in front of the mass media and the public, we will first press some charges against him. Then, just like we did to Louis Zambino, when he goes to trial we will put several hired people in the jury in order for him to be found innocent. Then with all the publicity he will become even more famous. Not too long after his first trial we shall press the real heavy charges against him revealing him as being the biggest drug distributor mob boss in the country. Since at this second trial not only will we have unbending proof that the charges against him are a fact, we again shall have two people, loyal to us, in the jury who this time without let up will try to convince the other jurors that this mob boss is guilty of all the charges against him!"
After having several meetings and reviewing many candidates, the mob bosses pick Fred as the patsy. In time they will let the corrupt federal law enforcement authorities and prosecutors release information to the mass media which will state that Fred Smith is one of the top three or maybe even the biggest crime mobster boss in the country and then several years later he will be the one the corrupt members of law enforcement will take down.

The mob bosses contact Fred and request that he meets with them at their secret headquarters. Fred arrives, after being patted down for weapons (he has none on him) he enters a large office meeting room. Seated at a large table are six of the biggest mob bosses in the country, who are unknown to the public. Looking at their faces, Fred greets them then takes his seat. With all of them looking at Fred, one of the bosses says to him, "After having had several meetings, we have decided that in just five years you will be one if not the biggest mob boss in the country." Another boss then asks Fred, "Is this ok with you?" He immediately replies, "Yes, of course that will be all right!" He continues, "I have always dreamed of being a big mob boss and now in just five years I might be the biggest! Wow!" Fred talks a little bit more, then after shaking all the mob bosses' hands at the door, with two of his bodyguards at his side, he leaves.

As the months goes by and he continues to distribute more and more drugs across the U.S. and Canada, the mob bosses call him to sit in at many set up meetings. At these meetings Fred shows documents revealing the sales of his growing North American drug-empire. The mob bosses require Fred to continue bringing the entire drug distributing documents as they then make many copies of them for their files (this is all his drug buying and selling paper work). The bosses tell him they know about him paying the federal law enforcement agents, the prosecutors and politicians fifty percent of his gross. Because of this they want just fifteen percent of his remaining gross earnings from his drug distribution empire. They insist that this is a must, if he really wants in several years to be, the biggest mob boss. Fred agrees to this.

Meanwhile, the mob bosses contact the certain corrupt F.B.I. members and federal prosecutors. They speak to these individuals informing them, "We have all decided on whom the patsy shall be, the man we selected that will take your one in twenty years take down of a mobster boss, his name is Fred Smith." The law enforcement men tell the mob bosses, "We know him."

After having a quick meeting, one of the main corrupt federal law enforcement officers calls back the head mob boss and states, "Ok, if you all are convinced he is the one, the other agents as well as myself shall accept your choice." The authorities then contact the mass media and tell them that, "Fred Smith, who currently is a mobster, in less than five years will be the largest drug and crime mobster boss in the country!"

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