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As this story begins we move into ancient India, the year 50 B.C. and focus on a very evil man whose name is Rodger. The sinister type of man owns a few homes and several condos. Every month this greedy landlord goes to each of these properties he owns to collect his ridiculous sized rents. We watch him go from one run down property to collect his monthly rent to another and as he does this we see him pressure his tenants to pay him more than what they're suppose too.

One day while collecting his high rents he knocks on a door of a condo he owns. A young woman, who has three little children about her, opens it. The greedy landlord ignores the children, looks into her eyes and says, "You had better have this month's rent or else I shall move to immediately evict you and your children." Having no rent and hearing this threat the woman starts to cry saying, "Please sir, I don't have this month's rent yet, but if you just give me a few days more I'll have it for you." Hearing her plead the merciless man angrily says, "Madam, you're a fool thinking I will give you more time to pay me my due rent." Being very desperate the woman tells the landlord, "Wait!" "My grandfather just died two months ago and gave me all he had!" The scared woman then says, "Please wait here, I shall go back into my room and get what he left me so I could then show it to you." The angry landlord looks at her and says, "Hurry, I haven't all day!"

The woman then races inside, goes through a draw and finds the important folded heavy paper. Having what she wants the woman runs back to the front door of her home and while slightly breathing hard tells her landlord as she also unfolds the heavy paper and opens it, "Sir, just before my grandfather passed away he gave me this document and told me it was a map that reveals the whereabouts of an ancient massive amount of treasure." She finishes unfolding it and holds it in front of the interested landlord.

As she continues holding it in front of him she points to where the map says the huge priceless treasure is and says, "You see the treasure as the map explains is only about three miles from here in the country area on the other side of two weak walls in a cave. My grandfather swore that the gigantic sized treasure is really there and just needs to be gotten." She continues saying, "Please sir, accept this authentic treasure map as my payment for this month's due rent!" The landlord snatches the treasure map from the desperate woman and says, "Ok, I shall go to this area where the map says this huge treasure is. If I don't find one behind the two different weak walls in this cave I shall then have you and your children immediately evicted!" The serious landlord then folds the treasure map, puts it into his shirt pocket, then turns and walks away.

The very next day he rides in his one horse drawn cart to the area where the treasure map said the huge treasure would be. After riding for just fifteen minutes he arrives about seventy yards from where the old cave is. He gets off of the wooden carriage then ties his horse's leather headpiece rope firmly around a tree. He then goes to the back of the carriage, removes a pick, shovel and a wooden torch. He then walks off the dirt road passed several trees and climbs up a slight rocky area of land and then arrives at the large opened entrance of the old cave. He lays down his tools on the ground in front of it, then lights up his torch. He reaches down and grabs up his two tools in his free hand and then enters the cave. He walks deep into it and then stops in front of what the map said is a weak wall. He sticks his torch into the earth and then starts to hit his large pick into the wall. After several hard swings the dirt wall begins to crumble and fall apart. He continues taking full swings at the wall and soon the hole he has made is large enough for him to comfortably get through. Holding his tools in his left hand he reaches down and grabs his flaming torch into his right hand.

He then steps through the opening he just made. Just after moving through, he looks around the small eight-foot square area he now is in. Having studied the treasure map for several hours the night before he knows what is the next weak wall he must knock down. He walks right up to it, looks it over, and then sticks the torch into the ground. He lays down his shovel and then grabs his pick with his two hands and starts striking the wall with it. This wall starts to break apart and opens as he continues hitting it with full hard swings. Soon the wall has fallen down enough for his entire body to comfortably fit through it. He reaches down and grabs his torch with his right hand and his shovel with his left.

Reaching his torch forward he ducks into the entrance he made and moves himself through it. As he stands himself fully erect on the other side, he sees in every area he moves his torch either large or medium sized chests overflowing with either priceless jewels, bars of gold, diamonds, rubies and rare jeweled crowns. Dozens of twenty-four bullion gold necklaces with diamonds and other rare jewels are hung at many different areas of the ten-foot square area. As the amazed landlord continues turning and looking about him, he then walks to a wall and rests his pick and shovel against it.

He next turns and walks up to the opened treasure chests and then stands himself directly in front of one. He reaches his hand down into the large chest and lifts up separate pieces of diamonds, jewels and golden necklaces.

Forty minutes pass and we see that the landlord found a large facial mirror on a wall of the cave that he is now standing in front of as he holds the priceless either diamonds, rare jewels or golden necklaces up to a different area of his happy face. He continues going through a treasure chest or different areas of the walls retrieving diamonds, rare jewels, or golden necklaces and then re-standing himself in front of the crystal clear mirror he again and again holds one of these priceless treasures up to a different area of his happy face.

Standing in front of the mirror he holds a red ruby up to the center of his forehead as he looks at himself with a happy smile on his face. He walks to and reaches into a chest with his left hand and grabs a real pearl hanging from a diamond clustered golden earring like necklace. He then walks back too and re-stands himself in front of the mirror and looks into it with a big smile on his face holding the hanging pearl up to the center of his forehead. As he continues holding the real pearl up to his forehead and proudly gazes into the mirror, suddenly, from the bottom of one of the large treasure chests, a golden lantern pulls up through all the other treasure right to the top of the chest. It quickly turns and then stops moving around with its spout directed straight at the evil landlord. As this is all happening, the landlord, hearing the noise it made as it pulled up through the chest, is now afraid. He tries but suddenly cannot remove the hanging pearl that has fused to the center of his forehead. As he continues looking in the mirror, now with a desperate look on his face, he tries to take it off. Meanwhile, the golden lamp's spout begins smoking and then it starts pulling hard and harder at him making an increasing twirling pulling sound as this is happening. As the landlord turns in terror at it, he is pulled right to it and then in through it's small spout. After this happens, the golden lamp that is still smoking from it's spout falls and lies on its side. Then as we continue to look at the golden lamp and it's smoking spout we fade off.

About thirty years pass and on an average sunny day three children who are playing together enter the cave. As they play inside of it they venture further right in front of the first opened wall. The three boys each enter it and run around for a minute then one of them points and says, "Look, another opening, let's go inside it!"

After the boy says that to the other two, the three then enter the final opening and looking hard through the low level light they each see the massive priceless treasure. As they play near the treasure and their eyes adjust to the dim light, they approach and touch some of it. One of the boys says, "Wow, I'm going to take some of this stuff home with me so I can show it to my father and mother!" As he starts to pick up diamonds, jewels and pure golden chains he then stuffs his pockets with it. Seeing this the other two children start doing the same. With their pockets full and other priceless things held in their hands, the children then leave the cave and race home.

At home the children show their parents or the individuals taking care of them what they found. Hours later, after having told their elders where the cave is, they head and arrive at it. Soon the entire treasure is moved from the cave to two of the three kids' homes. We then watch these people hug and kiss each other as they look at the priceless treasure they now possess.

Then over two thousand years go by and we are in the year 2006. We move and focus on a certain man who is in his mid thirties. We see that this man also owns four two family houses, two, three story apartment buildings with seven five room apartments in each and eight condos in a total of three different apartment buildings. This evil man obtained all of mentioned properties through the years from cunningly searching for certain ignorant, gullible people (suckers) and lying to them that their owned properties where next to worthless (in a poor rundown condition) and most likely will soon be condemned by the local government.

Because of being persistent in approaching and lying to these former real estate owners he was successful in swindling these individuals into selling their properties to him for a very, very low price. We then watch this suit and tie criminal go each mouth to collect the several rents from those tenants who don't mail the rent to him. Since this man first charges the highest possible monthly rents and because he figured how to override rent control laws he makes top dollar profits each month from his properties.

Because he has a decent flowing monthly income, this man lives on this income and does not work. He spends his hours, days, weeks, months and years always scheming how not only to make much, much more money but to have worldwide power over everyone living on planet earth. Because this evil man has been in this mentioned motion since he was nineteen years old, after we watch him nastily collect two rents, we watch him go to the bank and then walk to his safety deposit box there. He opens it, then removes four five thousand dollar paper sealed money stacks and puts each one into a small brief case he brought with him. Finishing, he leaves the bank, heads for arrives and then gets back into his car.

Before he starts his automobile he reaches into his right pant's pocket takes out and lifts open his cell phone. He dials a number and then waits as there are two rings and then a man's voice is heard on the other end asking, "Hello?" Hearing this the landlord says back, "Dan, I completed my errands and am coming over now to see what shit you got for me." Just after saying that the evil landlord hangs up and puts his cell phone back into his right pant's pocket. He starts his vehicle up, pulls out of the space and drives off. He continues driving his car for ten miles and then finds a parking space and parks.

He gets out of his automobile, looks both ways and walks fast across the street. He walks up a residential block, passing two houses and then turns towards, walks to and up a small flight of stairs and then into a vestibule. He rings the second floor bell several times then waits. Expecting him the man upstairs races down the flight of stairs then unlocks and opens the door. He reaches his hand out and greets the landlord whose name is John. He tells him, "Wait until I show you what I found." The two men then quickly walk up the flight of stairs to the second floor.

They arrive then walk into Dan's home. They then directly walk to the kitchen. Arriving, Dan says to John, "Have a seat and I will be right back." Dan watches John pull out a chair away from the table and then take his seat. Seeing this Dan leaves the room and three minutes later he walks back into it carefully holding a twelve-inch long, ten inch wide, eight-inch high sealed cardboard box and a sharp box cutter in his right hand. He lays the box carefully on the table and then places the box cutter just next to it. He then pulls a seat out from the table and sits down. He looks at John and says, "I got what is in that box through my best connections." He continues saying, "You know that since we know each other every legal or illegal item or information I've given to you so far has been legitimate, now, is what I just said to you, the truth?" John nods his head up and down then says to Dan, "Yes, it's the truth."

Dan then says, "What I got cost me five thousand dollars and this price I received was after I spent several days negotiating to lower the much higher offers I was receiving." He continues saying, "Look at this thing that is in that sealed box and then I will tell you what it is, if you like it and want to buy it from me the unbending price is nine thousand dollars. When you take it home and if it does not work then I can promise you that after you give it back to me in the same shape it is now in, within two weeks from today I will give you a fifty percent refund." After saying this Dan continues staring at the quiet John for several seconds then John suddenly says, "Well, first let's see what is in this sealed box." Hearing this Dan says to John, "Go ahead and open it."

Obeying, John reaches, grabs the box cutter into his right hand and then pulls the box right in front of him. He lifts his arm above it, places and pushes it in the center; he then moves the box cutter's sharp blade straight down. He next lays the box cutter on the table, reaches down and lifts open the top of the cardboard box. He looks inside and sees a golden lantern (something like a large china tea cup) he reaches in and carefully lifts it out of the box. He lays it standing on the table right in front of him.

As he continues gazing at it Dan says to him, "That what you have in front of you is simply a Jinni lantern. Just like you must have heard it said, if you rub one of it's sides hard for at least thirty seconds or longer an authentic Jinni that has been in it for countless ages will come out through it's smoking spout and then shall completely materialize several feet in front of you. Then, just as you heard from legend, the Jinni will grant you three wishes." Just after this is said the two men sit quietly for one minute as John continues staring back and forth from Dan to the golden lamp.

Then John looks directly at Dan, pauses for eight seconds and says, "Ok Dan, so far since I have been doing business with you, you have always been honest and what I purchased from you lived up to the expectations you gave. Therefore, I will pay the nine thousand dollars to you in order to obtain the Jinni lantern, as you so called it. If no Jinni comes out when I intensely rub it, then I immediately shall return it to you to get my fifty percent refund and our business relationship then might end."

Hearing this, after a seconds pause Dan, looking in John's eyes, flexes his facial features and says, "That will be fine, John." Looking at Dan, John then asks him, "Will one hundred dollar bills be ok?" Hearing this Dan immediately answers back saying, "Yes, that will fine." John then says, "Great!" Just after this is said John lifts up his small briefcase, lays it flat on the table, he then reaches into his right pant's pocket, pulls out a set of keys on a ring, goes through them finds, grabs and separates from the other ones a smaller thinner key. He aims his hand, inserts the key and unlocks his briefcase.

He then lifts it open, reaches in, grabs one five thousand dollar stack, lifts it out then lays it on the table. He reaches back into the briefcase grabs and lifts out a second five thousand dollar sealed stack. He rips off the five thousand dollar stack seal. He then quickly goes through the money counting out until he reaches a total of four thousand dollars. As he continues holding the money he folds and shoves the one thousand dollars into his right pant's pocket. He then grabs the five thousand dollar stack with his left hand off the table and then hands it to Dan. Just after Dan grabs it into his hand John hands him the four thousand dollars that is in his right hand.

Just after doing this John reaches and gently grabs the golden Jinni lamp with his left and right hand. He then carefully lifts the Jinni lamp up and tenderly places it back into the box. He next closes the cardboard flaps on top of it and then reaches down his right hand and lifts it up moving and resting it against his right hip. He then reaches his left hand down grabs and lifts up his briefcase. Standing and ready to leave John says to Dan, "Do you want to count the money I gave you in order to make certain it is all there?" Hearing this Dan looks into John's face and says, "No John, you're a good client so I trust you." John then says, "Ok, great, then you can walk me downstairs and let me out." Dan gets off his chair and walks down the flight of stairs with John. He unlocks the front door of the house and says his goodbye as John then leaves.

He heads for his parked car, finds it, opens it's door and puts the box containing the Jinni lantern gently on the front passenger seat and then lays his small briefcase on the floor in front of the seat. He gets into the driver's side, starts and then pulls his car out of its space and drives off. John drives his car straight home. He arrives, parks it and then gets his briefcase and the box containing the Jinni lantern. He walks to and enters his two family house. He unlocks the front door and goes inside. He walks through his hallway, approaches and enters his door leading to his kitchen. There, he grabs and pulls out a kitchen chair and rests his briefcase on it. He sits down in a different kitchen chair and lays the box containing the Jinni lantern on the table in front of him. He opens the box's top flaps, reaches in and carefully lifts out the golden lantern. He rests it on the table in front of him as he then just sits marveling at it for thirty seconds.

He then reaches and grabs it into his hands and next, as he holds it after a few seconds pause, starts to intently rub it. Thirty seconds goes by with him continuing to rub it. As more seconds pass and he continues to intensely rub it, John says out loud, "Was I just ripped off?"

Then as his rubbing reaches sixty seconds, the lamps spout starts to smoke and a few seconds later, a white and slightly fiery cloud of smoke gushes out of the lamp's spout. It continues rushing out to five feet away from John and then a strange ringing sound is heard. A man with medium colored green skin, a large upper skull area and pointed ears appears hovering about five feet off the floor with his arms folded and his legs folded in. The terrifying looking Jinni is in a sitting position as he continues hovering. As we keep looking at the Jinni we see that he is a much different looking version of Robert, the evil man that was drawn into the golden lamp over two thousand years ago.

As John stares at the Jinni (Robert) the Jinni says back to him in an terrifying echoing voice, "I guess you want me to grant you three wishes?" Hearing this John, with a very big grin on his face, answers back saying, "Of course!" The Jinni then says to John, "Ok, then what is your first wish." John says, "I fantasized about something like this happening over and over through the years. I already know what my first wish shall be. I want to be one of the wealthiest men in the whole world for the rest of my life." Clearly hearing the first wish request the Jinni says back to John, "So be it, you are now one of the wealthiest men on the planet earth!" Just after saying this, the Jinni squints both his eyes and then as a loud blinking sound is heard the kitchen is completely filled with smoke as John suddenly vanishes.

Then in the next instant we are in front of John who is now wearing a custom made three piece suit, wearing a one hundred thousand dollars wrist watch. Perfectly arranged (worn on many of his ten fingers) are several very expensive 18-carat gold diamond and ruby rings. We see this surprised man is seated at a large desk in a big beautiful modern office.

We see John gaze in wonder about the large office room, looking at all the high tech modern office electronics and other chairs. Seeing enough he then gets up, walks to the window and looks out of it. All this time we see that the golden Jinni lamp is standing at the direct center of his office desk.

As he continues looking out, we quickly move outside with him still at the window looking out. We keep pulling away like this and continue moving back until we see that he is at the sixtieth floor of a seventy-story skyscraper building. We keep moving backwards seeing the entire skyscraper area we then see the Chrysler Building and then the nearby Empire State Building fully come into view thus confirming that John is in a skyscraper in the heart of the most popular city in the United States, Manhattan, New York City.

We then move back to the modern skyscraper, back through the office window and see John seated again and looking over his large desk. He reaches and gently grabs the Jinni lamp, lifts it up, opens a draw in his big luxurious desk and carefully stands it in as he then slides the draw back closed. He grabs and lifts up his telephone receiver to his right ear then presses a button on its base and says, "Secretary." Instantly after doing this a female voice says, "Yes boss?" Hearing the young woman's voice John asks, "I'm sorry honey, can you believe it, I forget what your name is." The woman immediately answers saying, "My name is Katherine, boss." John answers back saying, "Ok, Katherine, would you please tell me if I own this big skyscraper building?" She answers him saying, "This building is one hundred percent owned by you, sir."

Hearing this John then says, "Great, I would just like you to tell me one more thing if you know this information. How wealthy am I?" Having a good idea how rich John is Katherine says, "I was told by several of your vice presidents during my three years working as your personal secretary that including real estate, businesses, and cash you have, you are worth eighty billion dollars." Just after hearing this said John loses his breath for a few seconds. He thanks his secretary for the important information she gave him then hangs his telephone up.

As months go by we see that John owns many other skyscrapers and million dollar condos. He owns several limousine companies and yearly rents over twenty-five professionally ran parking space sites in Manhattan. (These mentioned parking spaces are usually found at the ground level of New York City skyscrapers.) He also owns many high-class jewelry stores, etc.

Six months pass as we see John in his office seated at a desk in a different skyscraper he owns in Manhattan. We see him wearing his vest, dress shirt and tie as he is seated at his desk in his office. We also see that he is on his telephone arguing with one of his executive vice presidents who is the man who sold him the golden Jinni lamp. "Dan!" John says, "Listen, I do not want to talk anymore about this business situation today, I'll get back to you and talk more about this tomorrow afternoon, goodbye!" John, with some force, then hangs up his office desk's telephone. Seated at his large office desk John pushes out his chair, gets up and walks to the window, stands in front of it and looks out from his sixty first floor office. As he is looking out his window we move from him and get a good view of most of the Manhattan, New York City skyline.

We then pull back towards John's huge skyscraper and as we continue moving closer we move back right up to John's slightly sad facial features. Having seen enough John takes a deep breath turns and walks away from the window and returns to his desk. After retaking his seat John he looks at one of his desk draws, reaches for it with his right hand, grabs and pulls it open. We look into the opened draw with him and see the golden Jinni lamp. He reaches into the opened draw with both his hands and gently grabs the lantern into them. He lifts it out of the draw and lays it on the table in front of him. He just stares at it for twenty seconds and then reaches and grabs it with his hands. He moves it just in front of him on the table and then starts to intensely rub one of its sides.

He continues to rub it for about sixty seconds and then the lamps spout starts to smoke and as seconds pass the smoking increases and blows outwards to a six-foot distance away. A loud blinking electronic bell like sound is heard and as the fiery smoke clears. Hovering about five feet off the floor with his arms and legs folded inward is the evil terrifying looking Jinni (green skin, large scull, pointed ears and weird exotic clothes).

Looking at each other for several seconds the scary Jinni asks with his terrifying voice, "I guess you want to make your second wish?" Hearing this John says to the Jinni, "Yes!" The Jinni then says, "Ok, what will be your second wish?" John then tells the Jinni, "I want to have a worldwide authority where I completely rule over between one to two billion of earth's humans (men and woman)!" Hearing this the Jinni says back in his scary voice, "Are you certain that this will be your second wish?" John relies, "Yes, I am certain!" The Jinni then says, "So be it!"

As he then blinks his both eyes (a loud electronic type of bilking sound is heard as the Jinni does this) John vanishes with the Jinni and a fiery cloud. Then we see several men dressed in black robes and wearing red satin caps on their heads and each wearing long black prayer beads hanging from about their necks. As we keep looking we see one of these men is on one knee as he is holding John's extended left hand and is kissing a ring on it that has a very large red ruby on its center. As the man continues and then finishes kissing the ring on the extended hand he says out loud, "My lord."

As we keep looking at these lovingly smiling men we see some seated, others standing while others are walking about. The man in front of John gets up and walks away as a different man also dressed in a black robe, with long black prayer beads hanging from around his neck and wearing a red satin cap on his head walks forward, gets down on his right knee in front of him and starts kissing the large red ruby ring on John's extended left hand. As we move a bit closer and just look at his facial features we see that John has a slight look of shock on his face as each strangely dressed man approaches him and kisses his extended hand. John suddenly orders out loud, "Somebody get me a mirror!"

Moments after this request a man rushes towards John and hands him a large hand held mirror. John grabs it from this person and holds it up to his face. As he looks into the mirror we hear a weird piano like sound as John who has a look of shock on his face, we see it grow larger as he sees that he is seated in a large throne like chair near a back wall at the center of a large room. He is dressed in a long white gown with a pure silver mixed with gold necklace around his neck that has a large cross at the end of it as it continues extending down and hangs about his waist. He has a white stain cap on his head. As we continue looking at this amazing mirror reflected sight we realize that John has become the worldwide Catholic Church's highest priest, "The Pope!"

We also now know that the two men that just kissed the ring on his extended finger and most of the rest of the men we saw that are present are known to the Catholic Church and most of the world's people as Cardinals. John then lowers his mirror and looks around the large room he is in. As he continues looking about at all the Cardinals who are present, we fade out from this intense scene.

Ten days pass as we then re-enter a different slightly smaller room and see that the Pope (John) is seated in the large throne like chair near a back wall in the center of the room. All of the Cardinals are present and are seated in smaller less decorative throne like chairs against the wall on his left and direct right hand side four feet apart from each other and lined down the room.

As we are in this holy room we see that the Pope (John) has a wireless microphone on a stand near his mouth as he continues to speak. As he keeps talking we move in and listen to what he is saying, "So, Mr. President, you may now ease your mind knowing that God the father has you in his thoughts as you continue ruling as the highest elected official in France. All of my Cardinals who are seated with me in this room feel the same way as I do and have you in their prayers." The Pope (John) then says his goodbyes to the president of France and hangs up.

Just after this a voice is heard saying in the room on a loud speaker, "The president of China with his interrupter is ready to speak with you next, your holiness." A minute after hearing this we see the Pope (John) speaking with the president of China, trying to give a good message from God. As he continues talking we see China's chief executive being told everything the Pope (John) says through an interrupter. As this is happening we fade out from this scene.

Twenty more days pass and we see John (the Pope) in his bedroom laying face up flat on his bed thinking out loud, he says, "I cannot stand being the God damn Pope any longer! I cannot stand being around those Cardinals and other worldwide highest-level priests! Those men live only to serve God and just want good things for all the world's people! While all I feel and have ever felt is hatred for every man, woman, child and animal who live on this shit ass planet earth!"

After pausing for thirty seconds John lifts his upper body off the bed and then moves over the side of it lowering his feet to the floor. As he is sitting on the bed he reaches his right arm out towards the top dresser draw that is just next to the top end of his king sized bed. He grabs the top dresser draw knob and pulls it open. He then reaches inside grabs and slowly removes the golden Jinni lantern. He places it on his lap and next holds it in place. He then starts to intensely rub on one of its sides. He continues rubbing it for slightly more than a minute then suddenly its spout starts to smoke, as several more seconds pass the spout smoking gets more intense and then rushes to six feet away.

As the fiery smoke is nearly gone we then see hovering five feet off the floor with his feet and arms folded inwards, the terrifying looking Jinni. As he is hovering and staring at John he asks saying with his horrifying voice, "So, you wish to make your third and final wish!" Hearing this John says back to the Jinni, "Yes Jinni, I cannot stand being the Pope any longer! The Pope stands for hope, forgiveness and changing bad things for the better for the world and mankind's future. It is no use, I cannot change the way I am, I frankly have no faith for the world and I hate with all my heart every human being and animal living on the plant earth!" Just after this is said for about twenty seconds no one speaks and then as he continues looking at John the Jinni says to him, "What will be your third and final wish?" Hearing this John tells the Jinni, "I want to completely rule the world, having the absolute authority where I could actually turn anyone and everyone into whomever I feel like!" After saying this for ten seconds no one speaks and then the Jinni asks in his echoing voice, "Are you certain that will be your final and third wish?" Hearing this John says, "Yes!"

The Jinni then blinks (as a loud electronic blinking sound is heard) and then as John vanishes out of the Pope's bedroom in a fiery cloud of smoke, he reappears (as an electronic blinking bell sound is heard) in a bathroom of a fast food restaurant. Feeling very sick John starts to throw up and rushes into the small toilet area. There, he lifts up the seat and then continue to vomit into the toilet. As he continues vomiting he notices that the color and texture of his vomit is all wrong. He sees that his vomit is like white and green pus.

As John continues feeling very sick and throwing up he feels his hands changing so he lifts the both of them up before his eyes, view and watches them start to change. He turns them getting a complete view and watches his nails fall off as then very sharp claw like nails start growing on each of his fingers. As this is happening and he is still vomiting now at a fifty percent less ratio he hears his voice under the vocal vomiting sound start to grow deeper.

Terrified, he quickly moves out from the closed off toilet bowl area and moves himself directly in front and looks into the bathroom's mirror. He watches as a little more white and green vomit comes out of his mouth. He then suddenly opens his mouth and he watches as one by one his teeth fall out of his mouth and then a very sharp larger fang like tooth quickly grows out replacing each of his original teeth. Finally his eyes, facial and entire body starts to change. As he continues to transform his breathing gets deeper and his grunting voice also becomes even deeper sounding.

He keeps changing and as he is finished transforming we see that he has become a demon. Being a demon he loses complete control over himself and looks about the bathroom, looking for other people he could either kill or deeply scratch in order to make them also into demons. Seeing no one else in the fast food restaurant bathroom John (now a demon) runs to and pushes the door and races outside of the bathroom.

He runs out into the dining area and races right up to a table where people are eating hamburgers and French Fries. He races towards and scratches two of the three people sitting at this table. Just after doing this he attacks the surprised young twenty three year old man sitting at the next table, pulling him out of his seat, holding him on the floor, scratching his face and then biting through his neck causing him to profusely bleed. He then gets off this man who is now passing out on the floor and races to and grabs a screaming female that he starts to viciously scratch and bite.

As this is happening we see how John sees himself, a horrifying looking transfigured demon. But in reality we and the people who are screaming with terror as they race out of the fast food restaurant see him as he really looks, like an average looking man who is in his mid thirties.

Moving back into the mind of John we see that he believes because he successfully scratched several individuals they either have already turned into demons or soon shall become demons thus his mission to infest and take over the world this way has begun.

Because the entire fast food restaurant has ran into the street John runs out to scratch and bite people to get the planet earth's demon infestation underway. Several police vehicles arrive. The police quickly exit their vehicles, draw their guns and aim their weapons at John as they approach him. Seeing the police advancing towards him he races to them screaming. In self-defense three police officers open fire on him. Being hit by four bullets John falls to the ground and dies.

As the police circle around him we move and look at this entire tragedy as we then hear a narrator explain saying, "Here lies a man whose evil ambitions lead him to this tragic ending. Now we shall see and learn what can happen if you try to take what is not meant to be yours." Just after the narrator says this, the second horror movie begins named, "Forbidden Treasure."


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