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As the movie begins we see an American family watching news on cable television. The news reporter states, "The following are the top five animals in Africa that kill the most humans." The reporter says the fifth; fourth, third, second then when she is ready to reveal which is number one she says, "Believe it or not, the animal that kills more people than any other animal in Africa is the hippopotamus."

We then pull out of the home and move across the globe. Then from way up in the sky we move down coming closer and closer to the huge country, Africa. We continue coming closer until we see the great Zambezi River. As we are moving along the river we see three American tourists each with an expensive camera hanging around his neck. They are in a large blue canoe slowly paddling up the beautiful mysterious river. As they continue their journey they are excited with anticipation while they talk to each other. One man says, "I can't wait till we see some wild animals, I bought this expensive camera just so I could take pictures of them in their natural surroundings." Just then four huge heads with rounded ears pointing above them and large long snouts partially submerge twenty feet in front of the canoe. The four animals then slowly swim towards the small boat. When they are less than fifteen feet from the canoe one of the men see the four pairs of large expressionless staring eyes coming towards the boat. As he points in the correct direction he recognizes exactly what the animals are, he then happily says in a loud voice to the other two, "Look guys it looks like four hippopotamus heading our way just to get their pictures taken!" The three men then lift their cameras off their chests and with big smiles on their face they each begin to snap picture after picture.

As this is happening the four hippos swim right up in front of the boat. Suddenly, they each open their huge mouths and lift their massive several ton bodies causing the canoe to turn over. The three men who are now in the water at first think that this is happened because they were in these animals path. The one with the brand new expensive camera says to the others, "Shit, my new camera isn't water proof!" Just after he says this his two friends suddenly start to let out high pitched screams as the hippos are all over them opening their giant sized jaws revealing their huge long sharp hooking fang teeth as they repeatedly pierce them through the men's bodies. Seeing this the man with the new camera pulls it off into the water and starts feverishly swimming for shore. Miraculously he makes it, gets to his feet and runs off screaming. With their snouts the four animals push the two bodies to the shore as two of them then start guarding the human bodies for several hours.

The next morning we see a man walk into a small grocery store. He walks over to where the newspapers are and as he picks one up and pays the cashier, we see the cover page, stating in large print, "Two tourists killed by hippos!" Then just next to the headline is a large photo of a tipped over canoe in the river. In the same store we then pull up right in front of a television that is on a wall stand and watch and hear a news reporter say, "Two more tourists' bodies were found along the banks of the Zambezi River. It appears three men were canoeing up the river when suddenly four hippopotamus came up out of the water and just after tipping the boat over they mauled two of the men to death, one escaped by quickly swimming to shore." The reporter then states that, "There are several special police departments in different parts of Africa that exclusively handle homicides committed by these animals."

We then move away from the store and pull up in front of the largest animal police precinct in Africa. As we enter the huge building we watch two men wearing suits as they walk down a long corridor and pass an open office door with professional lettering on it stating, "Lion and Tiger detectives." We then see them pass a door which states, "Cheetah detectives." Next they pass a door that says, "Crocodile, Alligators and Piranha detectives." We then view them pass an open door with lettered words saying, "Rhino detectives." As they continue walking, the men pass another door with letters on it stating, "Hyena detectives." Just after they pass this door we watch the two detectives named Greg and Luke walk right in front of a door with lettered words on it stating, "Hippopotamus detectives."

One of the detectives opens the door revealing the largest office in the building. As they walk passed desks the men say hello to the people seated at them. The two men walk to a door that says on it Conference Room. Sergeant detective Greg opens it as they both then enter closing the door behind. Greeting the others seated at the huge table the two take their seats. Just after this a meeting gets underway. One of the detectives at the table stands up and walks to a diagram board stand that has a huge map of Africa on it, he then says, "We have assigned four detectives to locate the two hippos that went after four sunbathers last week killing one of them." The man continues, "Right now we also have six detectives investigating the incident with the four hippos tipping over the canoe in the Zambezi River killing two American tourists." The detective concludes saying, "In a few weeks we are finally going to tag all the wild hippos in this area of Africa." As the detective says this he lifts up a wooden pointer and points to the correct location (this would be along the Zambezi River as it passes through the Mana Pools National Park). The short meeting then ends.

As the dozen detectives leave the conference room sergeant Greg and his partner Luke walk to a large locker room. The two plain clothes officers don't talk much as they open their separate lockers, take off their clothes and put on army like camouflage attire. Just after they finish dressing the men stand in front of bathroom mirrors and apply black, brown and green skin makeup to camouflage their faces. They put on their green, brown, and black colored caps. The men then remove powerful camouflaged binoculars from their lockers and put them around their necks then walk out of the locker and out of the large building. Greg gets into the driver's side of a jeep and his partner, Luke, gets into the front seat next to him. The vehicle then drives off for about ten miles then pulls up and parks where several other automobiles are.

The men get out open the back of their jeep and remove high output military rifles. They next quickly and quietly rush about two hundred feet and meet up with two other detectives who also are wearing camouflaged clothes and make up on their faces. They're lying on their stomachs in front of several bushes observing the Zambezi River with their powerful binoculars. Both turn around for a second to confirm that it is their colleagues that just rushed up next to them. After looking through his binoculars and seeing a pair of hippopotamus in the river one of the two men that just arrived in a low voice asks the other original two at this scene, "Are these the hippos wanted for killing the sunbathing American tourist last week?" One of the two men turns facing Greg and officer Luke and says in a low voice, "Yes, while investigating the crime scene we found footprints only from two different hippos. Continuing our investigating we concluded that these two killer hippos are always together and usually come here. My partner and myself waited here for several days. Finally, they both came passed here about an hour ago and went into the river. As they both walked passed this area into the river they left footprints behind right over there," the detective then points about fifteen feet over to the side were hippo tracks can be seen. He then grabs and pulls out of the small bush in front of him a medium sized camouflaged suitcase. He opens it revealing several perfectly made casts of hippo's feet. He then tells the two new officers on the scene, "As they were swimming in the river we quickly put these casts against the prints they made about an hour ago and they're all perfect matches."

Just then, the two hippos move towards the shore and walk out of the water over one hundred feet passed the small bushes. The four detectives then get up on their feet. As they start shooting at the huge animals one of them immediately races back into the river and the other one runs off at top speed. As Greg and Luke go in pursuit, Greg screams out to the original two at the scene, "You two stay and get the hippo that re-entered the river while me and my partner go after the one running towards the small mall down the road!" Greg and his partner race up to their jeep get in and take off after the killer hippopotamus.

The mini mall is just five blocks away. The menacing hippo nearly running at eighteen miles an hour runs right onto the block of lined up stores. Timing it, the detective driving the jeep swiftly pulls up on top of a curb before the running beast arrives. The two detectives quickly get out of the automobile, lift and aim their high-powered rifles at the approaching creature. Sensing danger instinctively the huge hippo immediately stops. Three females that were walking passed a store are now frozen standing along side the great beast. As they gesture to move out of the way the hippo opens it's mouth to them showing its huge deadly sharp, fang like teeth as it then keeps the now motionless screaming and shaking woman against a stores window. By aggressively moving about them the hippo is now continually holding them just like a specially trained dog that herds sheep (a sheep dog). As they stand aiming their rifles at the hippo, detective Luke yells out to his boss, "Greg, are we going to blow this hippo away?" Having quickly evaluated the situation Greg yells, "No! We can't shoot at the hippo, it is too dangerous, we might miss and hit one of the females!"

Greg quickly pulls his walkie-talkie out of his utility belt, holds it to his mouth and says, "This is detective sergeant Greg we have a hostage situation here!" He continues, "I'm here with my partner, we are at the mini mall," the detective then gives the location. He continues, "Our weapons are pointing at one of the hippopotamus that is wanted for a murder it committed last week. My partner and I cannot shoot it because it is holding three women against the front of a store. Please send sharp shooters with tranquilizer dart rifles and regular sharp shooters right away!" A detective on the other end answers, "Hold on guys their on their way." Greg then quickly puts his walkie-talkie away and re-aims his rifle with his partner at the desperate animal. He yells to the females, "Ladies don't move, be calm, sharp shooters are on their way!"

Meanwhile, as the two hippo detectives wait for their back up we go back to the Zambezi River where we see the two other hippo detectives standing just at the water's edge, following the killer hippopotamus as it swims underwater. The men are waiting for it to come up and move back towards the shore. Getting frustrated the one in charge gets on his walkie-talkie and says, "This is sergeant Douglas, we are," he then gives his exact location and continues, "My partner officer Johns and myself have one of the two hippopotamus responsible for killing an American sunbather last week in front of us in over thirty feet of river water, please sent detective divers with high powered underwater harpoon guns right away." The officer on the other end says, "They're on their way." Just after the sergeant detective finishes talking on his walkie-talkie we enter the Zambezi River waters and see the huge fat hippo under the water paddling its four stubby legs. As we pull up closer we see it has a look on it face like it knows it's finished.

Back at the mini mall we see the killer Hippo still holding the three terrified women who remain almost motionless against a store window. The two detectives Greg and Luke continue keeping the beast where it is in spite of the huge creature showing its gigantic deadly fang like teeth to them. Exactly thirteen minutes after they called in for the sharp shooters a multitude of them arrive dispersing from their vehicles and racing to different areas of the malls parking lot. The fully trained shooters quietly run to areas were they would have a good clean shot at the dangerous killer animal. Three more police with high-powered rifles move along side the original two detectives at this hostage scene to help keep the desperate hippo cornered.

In less than sixty seconds after they arrived the six-tranquilizer dart sharp shooters and the three regular sharp shooters are all ready. The lieutenant, who is in control, believes it is too dangerous for the regular sharp shooters to fire because one of these powerful bullets could possible pass threw the fat hippos body and hit one of the women. He asks the tranquilizer dart sharpshooters if they're ready, five of them reply, "Yes." The lieutenant then says to all of them at once, "Take the shot!" The five shooters all at once shoot a clean perfect shot at the beast. Seconds after we see the fifth dart go into the animal; it hits the ground. Just after this happens the three females run from the front of the store to five waiting police officers. The women are then quickly taken to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. As this is happening the police and animal detectives slowly approach the hippopotamus with their weapons pointing at the beast as it lies motionless on the ground. Standing in front of the huge body the hippo detectives' present see that it has died from the lethal tranquilizing dosage it was given.

One of the officers then call for a truck to take the beast back to the autopsy warehouse that is just next to the huge animal precinct. The hippopotamus is going there so detectives can confirm it was one of the two hippos that killed the American tourist one week ago. Meanwhile, back in front of the Zambezi River a large van with several cars drive up as close to the riverbank as possible. All the men get out of their vehicle go to the rear of the van and open the rear door. Five of them put on diving tops and pants while the other three detectives remove their masks, fins, breathing tanks and spear rifles from the van. They all head to the area where the killer hippo is submerged in the river. The detective divers meet the two men who have been watching the deadly hippo for hours. They both point to the area in the river where the hippopotamus is. With help from the several other detectives the five divers put on their air tanks, fins and masks. They then are all handed a harpoon rifle. As they each put the breathing tube mouthpiece into their mouths they walk into the river together.

About four and a half feet in they nod their heads at each other and dive into the water. After swimming close together for about forty-five feet they see the fat Hippo walking on the river's bottom. After making some hand signals to each other, the five men start swimming towards the animal as fast as possible. As the five detectives get closer the hippo sees them and quickly tries to swim away. The five trained divers keep after the beast and as their leader hand signals for them to shoot they all aim and fire their spear rifles at the huge moving target. As the terrified wild animal is trying to escape paddling its short stubby legs under its enormous body the five spears hit the deadly hippo killing it. Its body lifts up to the surface where it floats. The divers triumphantly swim back to shore. One of the original detectives on the scene calls back to headquarters requesting a boat to come to drag the gigantic hippo body to the shore and then a truck so it can be returned to the warehouse just next to the animal detective headquarters. Forty-five minutes later the boat comes and drags the dead killer hippo to shore. The detectives must bring it to the warehouse so it can be foot printed and examined in other ways to confirm it is one of the two hippos responsible for killing the American sunbather last week.

Meanwhile, a week passes and investigators confirm that the eight prints found at the crime scene matches the two killed hippos footprints.

Another week passes and the scheduled day arrives for detectives to tag as many as three hundred hippopotamuses. (Tagging is stapling a large durable waterproof tag with a visible unique number on the animal's inner part of its earlobe.) There is going to be three places where the tagging shall take place. One is a twenty-mile area along the Zambezi River where the most people have been killed over the last five years. The other two locations will be at the most popular grassy fields where many suspected killer hippopotamuses go to graze. Wearing camouflaged clothing, facial skin makeup and tranquilizer dart rifles strapped on their shoulders twenty-one detectives including Greg and Luke get into three separate vans. Each vehicle then drives off and heads to the different locations. After driving for ten miles the first van arrives near the Zambezi River, it parks in a dirt lot and then seven men get out and head for an area where there are always hippos on the muddy beach front.

In less than twenty minutes the other vans arrive at their different destinations. The three groups of specially trained detectives at the different locations looking through powerful scopes start to aim their rifles at several of the dangerous animals. They then shoot at the beasts. As a hippo falls the men cautiously move to it, seeing it is completely knocked out they take several vials of blood. Teeth impressions are made and taken from the creature. Next, footprint casts are quickly made of each hippo's foot, also some of the thick whiskers are cut off. They then clip a number tag onto one of it's ears. The reason for number tagging, taking teeth impressions, making a cast of the beast's foot then taking it's blood is for in the future when the detectives are investigating a murder committed by a hippopotamus they can use all this information on the animals they are now gathering to help find that certain killer hippo or hippos. In just four weeks the three groups of seven officers number tag a total of three hundred and ten hippopotamuses all in the areas where the most humans are killed by these animals.

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