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As this movie begins from above we see that the planet earth is one-third dry land and two-thirds ocean water. We approach the Atlantic Ocean then continue coming down and see a huge luxurious yacht. We enter the boat and keep moving about it until we see a man running on a motorized tread mill. We shall call him Eric. He is wearing no shirt, just shorts. His body is completely wet with sweat because he has been running for nearly an hour. Eric does this for an hour about every other day to stay in great physical shape. After finishing he takes a fast shower. Meanwhile, we view other people walking on the huge luxurious yacht that is moving seven knots in the Atlantic Ocean about thirty miles from the Florida shore. We now see Eric quickly finishing dressing and then leave the bedroom. He walks upstairs and has a smile on his face as he then walks to the back of the multi-million dollar yacht. There, he reaches down and rubs the shoulder of a young woman who is lying face down on a towel; trying to get a suntan (this is his daughter). She looks up at him as he kisses her on the left cheek. Next to the young woman is an older woman (this is his wife) seated in a folding chair with a cool drink in her hand, he reaches over and lovely embraces her.

Eric owns this beautiful yacht and goes out regularly on it to fish, or to just cruise in the ocean. He also loves to throw parties on it. Eric has many friends that own their own huge yachts. He and these people belong to wealthy yacht clubs. He enjoys going to huge luxurious boat expos. Through the years, several times he has heard from other wealthy yacht owners to be on guard for modern day pirates. While you are out cruising in the ocean they can appear at any time and force themselves onto your boat. Then order you and your crew off the boat into lifeboats leaving you stranded somewhere at sea. They might even kill you and your crew, throwing your bodies overboard, because they want to take your multi million-dollar yacht or sailboat to another country where they will then sell it for much less than what it is worth. Through the years Eric has spoken twice to huge yacht owners who not only lost their boats but had crew and family members killed when their boats were stolen. Eric believes the chances of this happening to him, his crew and family is almost impossible, so he does not give this much thought.

Eric regularly receives mail asking him to join and donate money to organizations operated by these unfortunate people who had their yachts stolen by pirates on the high seas. In the letters he gets from them they state, "From the money you send to our organization, we shall use it to try and get more Coast Guard to protect our ocean waters. To force the federal government to pass more laws so the F.B.I., the Coast Guard and other United States federal law enforcement agencies will have much more authority to arrest these types of criminals, not only at sea but also in their countries." Eric thinks this mail is ridiculous as he always winds up throwing it out. Through the years as he has freely driven his huge boat out in the ocean, he has never even noticed anything close to modern day pirates. All the boats he has seen near his own have always been friendly.

Thinking nothing except having a great time on his yacht, Eric plans to go out with his wife and daughter on the ocean and spend the entire up coming weekend there. They hope to have fun fishing and also enjoy great breakfasts, lunches and dinners. They plan to spend many hours just relaxing and appreciating the surrounding beautiful ocean waters too. The weekend arrives. With just three hired crew members the three family members depart on the huge luxurious yacht. They leave Friday about seven P.M. and then cruise throughout the night into the Atlantic Ocean. At five o'clock in the morning the large boat slows down then stops. After running his hour on the treadmill, eight-twenty seven A.M., Eric wakes up his wife and then his daughter. Nine o'clock A.M. with the beautiful ocean view all around at the back of the boat the three of them sit down and enjoy their breakfast.

Because the boat is equipped with an electronic-sonar, which can read where there are entire schools of these fish. Thirty minutes after breakfast they all enjoy many exciting hours of blue fishing. After almost five hours of fruitful fishing at four o'clock in the afternoon the three decide that they have done enough fishing for the day. They count out the total number of blue fish caught (sixty). They also caught two sand sharks and one blowfish that they threw back into the ocean. The fish are brought below. With a few crew members helping, Eric and his family gut, clean and put them into a few large freezers to be preserved. After washing up, the three relax at the rear of the yacht having their dinner and enjoy the setting sun and then the twilight sky with a stereo next to them playing relaxing soft music.

Holding cool drinks the two female family members enjoy standing by Eric as he steers the large boat. The sky turns dark. Moments later Eric has one of his crew members take over the steering as his wife, daughter, a crew member and himself leave the control room. The four of them, walk to the rear of the boat. With the beautiful night time ocean view all around they then enjoy looking up into the clear star filled sky. They become breathless as they gaze at the endless amount of visible stars. Authentically being a good seaman Eric enjoys pointing at them as he explains, by reading these night stars how he could, journey back from any part of the ocean finding his way home. Having a long day Eric's wife and daughter go to bed at ten-thirty P.M. Eric goes to bed a little more than one hour later.

At seven-thirty A.M. the next morning Eric wakes up, dresses and then works with one of his hired crew members to prepare breakfast for, his wife, daughter, one of the hired crew member and himself. Eight-thirty A.M. Eric wakes up his family then at nine-fifteen they all sit down to have breakfast. Since this is Sunday, after the sun goes down they plan to head back to Florida. At ten o'clock breakfast is finished. The crew member eating with them starts cleaning up as Eric's daughter and wife go to their cabins to change into their swimsuits. They plan to catch a few hours of sun on the boat's deck. Returning from their cabins they head for the rear of the yacht, arriving they then lie themselves on towels next to a radio playing cool jazz. Meanwhile, Eric is at the front of his large yacht sitting on a folding chair talking to one of his crew members.

Suddenly, the sound of another boat motor coming closer can be heard. With two of his hired crew members at his side Eric stands up to see. A smaller boat with four men in it, drive up along side Eric's yacht. Without permission they all climb on to his boat. One of Eric's hired men approaches them asking, "What are you men doing here?" The strangers immediately draw their guns then grab the crew member putting a gun to his head and use him as a shield. They yell out in broken English, "Everyone on deck!" The gunmen order the hired crew member to tell them how many are on board. Terrified, he replies, "Six!" Two of them ask, "Do you have weapons?" He tells them, "No!" Two of the gunmen then rush to the back of the boat and grab the two standing terrified women, putting guns to their heads. Eric runs towards the back of the boat to protect his family. He rushes towards the gunman holding his wife who yells, "Stop where you are, or else I will kill her!" He obeys the order. The other gunman finds the remaining two-hired crew members. A gun is held on them as their hands are tied behind their backs. They then are lead to the rear of the yacht. Eric, his wife and daughter now have their hands also tied behind their backs.

The head gunman sends two of his men to quickly search the entire vessel, five minutes later they return. The head pirate asks them, "Are there any others on board?" They tell him "No." Looking into the eyes of the other three pirates the head gunman then slowly moves his head up and down as he says, "Use your knives; I don't want any bullet holes in this boat!" One of the gunmen remains holding the two women, as the other two then pull knives out and viciously stab the three hired crew members to death; Eric's wife and daughter start screaming as Eric yells, "No, no!" As these three men drop to the floor, dead, looking into the eyes of the killers, the head gunman nods his head again and the two men then move towards Eric's wife and daughter who are still screaming. One of these men grabs Eric's daughter and stands behind the terrified screaming young woman. He holds a sharp hunting knife up to her neck and quickly slits her throat. Bleeding profusely from her neck, she falls to the floor, dead.

Having watched the brutal killing her mother begins screaming at a shrilling level. Now with tears flowing down his face Eric pulls his right arm out from the knotted rope then fights off the guard that is holding him and breaks free. He races towards his wife to save her. The gunmen raise their weapons towards Eric and start to shoot. To save himself he dives off the boat. With his head now above the water quickly looking around he sees hope. After taking a deep breath he swims under water towards the killer pirate's boat. The pirates continue shooting. He makes it to the smaller vessel. He quickly climbs aboard and sees the key the gunmen left in the ignition. He turns it as the boats engine roars to life. All this time the gunmen are still shooting and just missing Eric.

He drives the boat as fast as it can move away from the gunmen, yelling to his wife, "I'll come back for you!" As he is driving the boat he sees binoculars on the boat's dashboard. He stops the boat about four hundred feet away, he lifts the binoculars, searches and sees his wife. About forty seconds later he watches one of the pirates stand behind her and slit her throat. He yells saying his wife's name, as he watches her body drop onto the deck. With tears flowing and the boat moving again he talks out loud to him-self promising, "Even if it takes forever, I will search around the world to bring these killers to justice for murdering my wife and daughter!" As the boat races onward over and over he swears, "These men will not get away with what they have done, if it takes forever I will hunt them down!"
Because of reading the stars the night before, he knows where he is and because of seeing several barrels of gas in the vessel he also knows there is plenty of gas for the journey, he takes many hours driving the boat straight to Florida. Right after docking the pirate's boat he finds a payphone and calls the local police. Three cop cars arrive. He is then taken to the police station, where he is questioned for several hours. The Coast Guard sends a large ship and a helicopter out to the area where Eric last saw his yacht. The Coast Guard searches for several days and finds nothing. F.B.I. agents arrive at the police headquarters and ask Eric all the details of his horrifying ordeal. The federal detectives check the pirate's boat for fingerprints and other types of evidence the suspect gunmen might have left behind. The F.B.I. finds incriminating evidence belonging to the criminals on the boat. Learning that Eric is very wealthy the investigators determined that he had no need to either destroy his boat or make it look stolen in order to collect insurance on it. They also learn his marriage was a happy one, and he got along well with his daughter. The F.B.I. investigators also know that this happens more often then the public knows.

The F.B.I. checks all the fingerprints taken from the boat and put them in their worldwide data base. After many hours of exhaustive researching they find the names and match the photos of three of the four pirate gunmen. The federal detectives show Eric the photos they retrieved out of their worldwide database. With tears flowing down his face he immediately recognizes the three of them. The F.B.I. releases Eric completely believing his part of the story.

Knowing that the F.B.I. has this information, a few day's later, Eric's lawyers contact them. The lawyers on behalf of Eric demand the names of these men and copies of the photos of these killers. The federal detectives mail this to them. As the weeks go by Eric and his attorneys continually call the F.B.I. and the Coast Guard asking how they are progressing in their investigation of the brutal murder of Eric's wife, daughter and the three hired crew members. They claim that many agents are investigating this matter. Weeks turn into months with Eric becoming more and more anxious.

Finally after more than four months pass, Eric returns to the F.B.I. headquarters; there he demands to see the investigating agents. They come out into the waiting area and approach Eric asking him to calm down. They ask him to come into their office; he agrees entering and taking a seat. He then tells the federal investigators, "Since you already know who these killers are, why are they still out in the general public? They brutally murdered five people and who knows how many more people they've killed!"

One of the F.B.I. agents tells Eric, "Since these men live in a different country it is much more difficult for us to look for and then arrest these individuals." Full of anger, Eric exclaims, "You are the F.B.I.! The United States Congress has given you the authority to arrest criminals in any country worldwide that has extradition agreements with the U.S.!" A different federal detective tells him, "That is not completely true. Eric, we are going to do the best we can, meanwhile, you are going to have to get on with your own life and stop constantly bothering us here!" Staring into the agent's eyes for several endless seconds Eric gets up and with a look of disgust on his face he leaves the detective's office.
Driving his car home he realizes that the F.B.I. might not find these killers, so Eric then makes the decision he must do this himself. Later that day at home seated at his desk he opens the F.B.I. file envelope and looks for hours at the three large photos of the killers. (Each photo has the full name of that man his age and what country he probably lives in. The three pictures state, they live in Columbia, South America.) Before being able to do anything Eric must first do research on how modern day pirates operate. Knowing his wife and daughter are dead, he first calls a local funeral home and arranges a closed casket funeral in just a few days. He then contacts his friends and asks them if they would like to pay their respects. At the funeral many people show up. Two large photos are in front of the closed caskets, one of his daughter and one of his wife. The next day their empty caskets are buried together in the family cemetery plot. This scene ends as Eric lovingly lays flowers on the grave.

Wanting to solve this crime the next morning thinking, he remembers putting the telephone number of a wealthy boat owner he met at a huge yacht expo named Sam into his wallet's telephone and address book. Eric recalls the grizzly story this man told him. How he watched his family and several hired crew members get murdered by killer pirates. He remembers him explaining after quickly grabbing a deflated life preserver he jumped from his yacht overboard to save himself. With these killers shooting at him, how while holding on to the ties of his life preserver in his teeth he desperately swam as far away from the boat as possible. Then after inflating the life preserver and putting it on, he continued explaining how he floated in the ocean waters for two days and nights until the captain of a large privately owned sailing boat found him.

Finding Sam's number, Eric calls him. After several rings the answering machine turns on, he recognizes the voice of Sam saying, "I am not home right now, but please leave your name and telephone number, I shall call you back as soon as I can." Eric quickly says his name and telephone number.

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