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As this movie begins we watch at the start of the nineteen fifties, after already having the nuclear bomb, United States scientists build a new and much more powerful one, the terrifying hydrogen bomb (H-bomb). The federal government orders the military to test it, so they successfully explode one at the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean. Several years later, after Russian scientists build one, we witness their military successfully also detonate one at the deepest area of the Pacific Ocean. As the years pass, right up to the present time, we see both of these countries stock piling these weapons (dramatically increasing their number) to an insane amount.

We then see, since the year 1999, dozens of small deep ocean diving submarines go down into an area above The North land of Canada. We see these submarines drop deep into the dark ocean below. The scientists on board them study and film this area of the ocean floor. As we see several of the small submarines move about just above the ocean floor, we watch them drive right onto an impact crater area that is hundreds of miles long, just beneath The North land of Canada.

Several years later, we watch a program on a certain educational cable television channel, showing and explaining the true meaning of this incredible finding. As the program is being shown, we then see a fifty two year old Arab man recording it on his DVD recorder and then intensely watching it again and again from time to time. While watching the recorded cable television program, this man, who is a terrorist leader, sees and hears a narrator explain, "Since man now has the technology to reach the ocean floor, from the year 1999 he has been down on the ocean floor at the top area of Canada, researching. While researching at the floor of the ocean just next to, the top end of the North Land area of Canada, scientists have discovered a huge impact area, the entire length size of the United States state of New Jersey."

The narrator then explains that this discovery confirms what many scientists believe. About forty thousand years ago a huge meteorite, the size of the sovereign country of Mexico, entered into earth's atmosphere and after completely passing through it; the gigantic meteorite lost only three percent of its massive size. It came flying out of the sky and crashed into earth's one huge ocean. It continued and hit its bottom then entered the earth. It continued moving and reached the earth's huge burning magma. It entered and then completely passed through it. It kept moving and burst out of the other side, causing the one huge worldwide landmass to break apart, as the meteorite flew to and through earth's atmosphere and then back into outer space.

Meanwhile, the huge hole the meteorite left filled up with ocean water that ran through the earth and burst out of its other end. As the ocean water came out of the other end it moved apart the huge landmasses. The top third area of Russia stopped and plugged up the first hole and then, many hours later, The North Land area of Canada plugged up the second gigantic hole left by the meteorite." The narrator concludes, "Because the ocean water passed through the earth, it put out one third of the center red hot molten magma. A worldwide nine hundred year Ice Age started."
A year passes. We then watch this now fifty-three year old Arab man walk into a doctor's office. He walks up to the receptionist desk and says, "Ms., my name is Abdul Bari. I am here because I have a two o'clock appointment to see Dr. Gonzalez." Looking at the man the female says, "Ok, Mr. Bari, I will tell the doctor that you are here, meanwhile, as you wait for him you may have a seat." The middle-aged man thanks the receptionist and then walks to a seat and sits down.

Five minutes later the receptionist opens a door and says, "Mr. Bari, will you please come in, the doctor is ready to see you." The Arab man gets up and walks inside with the female. He is led to the doctor's examination room and is asked to sit on the examination table. He sits on it waiting for the physician as the female then leaves the room.
Two minutes later the physician enters the small room. He says, "Hello" to the eager man as he lays his folders on a table. He then walks up and stands himself in front of the middle-aged patient. The doctor looks into his eyes and says, "I got back the results of your blood test and prostate biopsy." The doctor then sighs as he continues, "You have prostate cancer and it has spread outside of your prostate. You may go to another specialist to get a second opinion, but I am very sorry to be the one to tell you that with regular hormone injections, at the most you have just two and half years to live. Again, you may go to another specialist to get a second opinion but I am certain that he will tell you the same thing I just did." The distressed Arab man gets up, thanks the doctor for the sad news and leaves the office. One week later he gets a second complete test and is told the same thing by this 2nd physician.

As more days pass we see this man at home with several other Arab men having intense discussions. Listening to these discussions we see and realize that this individual's friends also are all terrorists. As they continue to speak, we then see that the 53-year-old man is their leader and has thousands of terrorist followers under him. Because he secretly knows he is going to die, at night lying in his bed, out of anger and despair, tears begin to flow down his facial cheeks. While this is happening he decides to move forward with a probable terrorist plan, which was figured several years ago by the largest worldwide terrorist origination that he is in charge of. The terrorist leader decides he shall now unfold it (control its outcome) the way he wants it to be.

The plan is: this huge terrorist origination will now move forward with a plan of taking over a Russian, H-bomb silo. Russia has over six thousand, (6,000) nuclear weapons with five hundred (500) of them hydrogen bombs, (H-bombs). A regular nuclear bomb destroys the radius of three quarters of a square mile, while a hydrogen bomb destroys a radius of seventy-five square miles.

The terrorist leader telephone calls his staff to set up an emergency meeting of all leaders to introduce and carry out his plan of stealing and then of probable massive destruction.
A few days later we see him standing in front of them in a large conference room. As we watch him we also hear him explain his insane plan. He tells the other terrorist leaders, "After our small army of two hundred and fifty terrorists arrives at the land silo site area, by using their AK47 assault rifles, M-16 rifles and each of them armed with hand grenades and several of them possessing and using the most advanced, one hundred percent accurate, bazooka guns. We shall then move in and quickly take over this certain Russian, H-bomb land silo. After we have captured it, our soldiers will next remove the advanced, tiny, full strength, ten H-bombs and take them to our nearby waiting helicopters. The four helicopters will then take off and fly at a low altitude at their fastest possible speed.

On each of their loudspeaker systems, a recorded message will play at full volume, over and over again as they fly. The message will explain that if any of our helicopters are shot down, all the H-bombs will explode in them. Therefore, the helicopters will safely continue traveling to the nearest airport. Once there, they will each land. With the police and military's fear of them exploding our soldiers will be allowed to quickly load the ten H-bombs onto two awaiting private leer jets. One Jet will stay at the Russian airport until the first one arrives at The Land area of Canada, North America. Once the first jet lands there the second leer jet will take off and fly to The Land area of Canada. The two jets will fly at the lowest possible altitude at their top speed. Because the jets are flying so low, if they are shot down the bombs will explode and kill as many people as possible. Our pilots will keep explaining this fact on their radio communications. After they both have landed, we shall then start to negotiate for what we want."

As more weeks pass, the dying terrorist leader moves forward with his new secret plan.
The day arrives. The terrorists' scheme of stealing all the nuclear bombs succeeds as the leer jets hours' apart, fly out of Russia. At the jets' top speed the terrorists fly all of the ten hydrogen bombs to Canada, North America.

Bewildered and horrified, the Russian Government contacts the Canadian prime minister and The President of the United States of America. The Russians also contact the United Nations explaining what has just happened. They agree to work and fully cooperate with Canada, the United States and the United Nations in any way possible to solve this terrifying, catastrophic problem that Canada and the whole world now faces.
Watching and listening to the news, the terrorists learn that Canada, the United States and the rest of the world governments know that the H-bombs where stolen. Meanwhile, the entire world is in shock and panic after learning of this incredible and horrible act by the terrorists. The terrorist leaders contact the United Nations in New York City and the Canadian national government. They send a DVD showing a multitude of terrorists posing with the ten H-bombs. The terrorists send a second DVD recording, with one of their main leaders, explaining the situation and their demands, telling Canada and the world, "We now have most of the entire world's terrorist's organizations currently working with us on this ultimate terrorist act.

These are our demands; we want one billion dollars. This would be in pure gold bullion, priceless diamonds and other priceless items (paintings, etc) and we will send Canada and the United Nations a list of hundreds of prisoners we want set free from prisons around the world!"

Governments throughout the world are now wondering what to do; can these stiff demands be met?
The terrorist leader dying of cancer, responding to all the worldwide news, tells Canada and the other world governments; "If you try to take the hydrogen bombs from us, we will blow them all up together, killing millions of people. And if we explode them where we currently have them, hundreds of miles of ground will open up fully exposing the huge crater hole that the meteorite left forty thousand years ago. The ocean water will pour into the gigantic opening. Then, thirty minutes later the ocean water will reach the earth's center molten magma and four months later at least ninety percent of it will be shut off. After this happens, a worldwide ice age will start as next all of life on earth with freeze to death!"

After this warning, the Canadian government has scientists research the threat the terrorist leader gave. They watch the film and then confirm to the Canadian, United Nations and United States federal leaders that if each of the ten H-bombs are exploded together at the same time where they currently are then, like the evil terrorist leader said, the massive explosion would rupture open the land and expose the huge hole left by the meteorite over forty thousand years ago.

The ocean's water shall run into the tens of miles long open hole and then completely through earth's red hot fiery magma causing it to burn out at a ninety percent ratio in about sixteen weeks. One week after this happens the worldwide average temperature shall drop to 20 degrees below zero. In eight months after this happens, the earth's worldwide average temperature shall reach over one hundred of degrees below zero.
Meanwhile, top secret agents from Canada, N.A.T.O. alliance and the United States F.B.I., return. They were sent out to find the true intentions of the terrorists. The terrorist leader does not care about getting his demands met. Horribly, unbelievably his intentions are to blow up every one of the ten hydrogen bombs together, thus killing all life on planet earth.

There is no doubt of his intent. All of the top secret agents from N.A.T.O. and the F.B.I. confirm his unspeakable intentions. They returned with recorded DVD messages filmed by the top terrorists from before they stole the hydrogen bombs from Russia. The terrorist leader, having meetings with hundreds and even thousands of followers worldwide announced, "When we succeed in stealing ten Russian hydrogen bombs, we will do the ultimate act of terror; blowing them all up at the top of the North Land area of Canada, thus killing all of life on earth!" The latest DVDs just made by them confirm, showing this is still their intention.

The world's government heads are completely stunned by this insane information just received by N.A.T.O. Intelligence and the United States F.B.I. The United States, Russia and all other leading countries of the world, knowing, because of the reality of this situation, that there is no way of recovering the bombs; the coming of the end of the world most likely has arrived. Thinking quickly, together, the world leaders come up with a plan and immediately move forward with it.

Because of the very high probability of the H-bombs exploding, the following plan is put into motion.
From countries around the world, including the United States, tens of thousands of commercial airline and air-force jet builders arrive, all working with NASA and Russia's entire space personnel. All this just mentioned mass of people work together secretly and swiftly as possible. The massive amount of workers will work three different shifts totaling 24 hours a day and seven days a week, in order to build one hundred space shuttles as quickly as possible.

Just recently, NASA has built a new system that would double the space shuttle's top speed from three thousand miles an hour to six thousand miles per hour. The new system is quickly, fully tested and works perfectly, thus all these one hundred space shuttles will have this new faster system.

The next generation of the Hubble Telescope was just completed seven months ago, being three times more powerful than its already modified predecessor. So powerful is the new Hubble Telescope, it can see from their great distances, earthlike planets. This fleet of space shuttles shall have several of these new more powerful Hubble Telescopes with them when they depart earth.

At NASA there are over one hundred thousand workers; most of them are highly educated, having doctorate degrees. And there are men and women there who are geniuses. These people conceive and build for us devices to explore space. Thus, one day we on earth will be able to live on other planets.

Government officials go to NASA to speak to one such man. He was working to build a star gate but it was costing too much money and the project was momentarily shut down because of budget cuts. The government officials with certain head men from NASA approach this man, asking the genius, "Can it be done, a star gate be made and then work? And remember, we want the star gate to be large enough that a space shuttle can fly through it, while it is in outer space. Also, you must build it from within several space shuttles." Thinking for a moment, the NASA genius replies, "Yes, but it might take up to twenty years for it to work in all the ways you mentioned. I will need a large crew of select experts to work with me on the space star gate. I will also need very expensive equipment." The heads of government promise him he will get all he needs to complete the space star gate.

Over one thousand men and women are picked for this mission with half being men and the other half being women. Everyone must be technically qualified for this mission. The women must be within their most fertile child bearing years and ranging from twenty to twenty nine years of age. Men selected are from twenty-three to forty-three years of age. About two-dozen scientists are over the age limit because they will be desperately needed. All men and women are medically tested to make certain they are able to produce children.

Four months pass as intense negotiating with the terrorist leaders continues. As we watch specially trained F.B.I. agents on their regular telephones and cell phones, we see that the negotiating with the terrorist leaders is finally failing.
Meanwhile, we move back to the men who are watching the suicidal terrorists with very powerful binoculars. Then suddenly, we see the ten H-bombs explode. As they each see this, they quickly press red buttons and then report on their walkie-talkies that the ten H-bombs have just exploded. While this is happening, we see the largest ever, in earth's history, nuclear mushroom cloud rise up. We then watch the bombs' powerful exploding force rip deep into the ground. As the ground underneath the mighty blast continues to open, it suddenly begins to split apart.

The ground continues to shake and break apart. While this is happening, with shock and disbelief we see the hundreds of miles of ground begin to cave and fall into the now gigantic crater hole. Within another minute the ocean water begins to pour out into the widening massive hole.

As we start to move up and get a view of Canada, we watch the ocean pour into the widening huge opening.

Meanwhile, ninety-two of the space shuttles are ready. They where already fully loaded, with a little more than one thousand men and women also with all the food and equipment they need. Fifteen minutes after this news was received, from airports and farming land in South America and Africa, all ninety-two space shuttles start taking off. In another fifteen minutes, the last one takes off.

There is just one disaster. About a mile into take off, one shuttle suddenly exploded, instantly killing its entire crew. The remaining ninety-one shuttles successfully make it into space. Being now in space, all the other space shuttles are told of this one shuttle disaster.

Meanwhile, just after the space shuttles left earth's orbit and their crews are all told of the one space shuttle disaster, we move to earth. As this is happening we see the ocean water approach and pass through the earth's magma. As we watch this we see the huge amount of water start to partially turn it off. Just minutes after this, the earth's worldwide temperature starts to quickly drop. Fifty minutes later it is below zero. As the temperature continues dropping, we move through the world's different continents. We see all the different nationalities of people fighting the freezing lowering temperature.

As a day turns into days, all the space shuttles have flown over one, two, three, four then five hundred thousand miles away from earth. Meanwhile, by using the high power Hubble like telescopes, the entire crew has been watching the earth on television monitors; they watch the continents start to freeze. Seeing this many of the male and female astronauts cry, but there is nothing to do but to continue to live and go forward.
After this grim scene, we then move back into the traveling fleet of space shuttles and then examine their abilities.

Each space shuttle has a different purpose, each made to help the whole, the total group. Eight space shuttles are gardens to grow needed foods (vegetables and fruits). Seven space shuttles have an array of livestock, including, fish and foul. Dehumidifiers draw from outer space separating water from the space air; because of this, there is an unlimited amount of water. Their energy comes from solar and other high-tech sources. For breathing, each of the space shuttles manufactures their own earth like atmosphere.

The fleet of space shuttles travels on, years go by; weddings, births, deaths and then one major disaster. After about twelve years in outer space, one of the space shuttles suddenly began leaking poison gas. Within minutes its entire crew died. Five years later, two other space shuttles began leaking air and could not be repaired in time. Therefore, all the people and supplies that were inside, had to be relocated to different shuttles. These two shuttles were beyond repairing so they both were left behind. Through the years, all the remaining space shuttles are maintained and repaired by astronauts. Without any other major problems, twenty-three years after lift off, it appears the space star gate might be ready. It is fully tested and works perfectly.

Using the improved powerful Hubble telescopes, an earth like planet is found.
One space shuttle is picked out and then is flown through the space star gate. Seven months goes by, it returns. The earth like planet was there on the other side of the space star gate and it is very livable for human life. The entire fleet of eighty-eight space shuttles flies through the space star gate. About one month later, the entire fleet arrives at the earth like planet.

By using the powerful telescopes large areas of flat plains are located. All the space shuttles start landing. One of the space shuttle's landing wheels was each stuck closed, so it had to land on its belly; no one was killed. Two others did not brake correctly, thus causing them to crash into trees beyond the dirt runway and again, no one was killed. Every remaining space shuttle landed successfully.

This planet is about twenty five per cent larger than earth and has one large ocean. There are no winters, just summers, quick springs and falls; otherwise the weather and air is just like earth was.

Time passes, the land is farmed and their livestock continues to grow, houses are built. Two large monuments are built; one to the memory of mother earth, the other monument has a large photo of the planet the surviving earthlings now live on. (This photo was taken by a space shuttle while deep in orbit around this planet.) Just above the photo is a quote, which all the surviving earthlings agreed on, then the name of their new planet, "This beautiful planet is now and forever our home, we have named it, Earth 2."

Life goes on. With them all working together, they make a law that their new government always shall be a world government, and never will any nuclear bombs be made, or anything like them! They live their lives and we can hope it is happily ever after.


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