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From The Bible's Old-Testament


Before you read please note, "This is just my opinion that this is the true meaning of Daniel's visions. Of course whoever reads this does not have to agree."

Note: areas of this movie outline are exaggerated because it is intended for entertainment.

Daniel, a true man of God; the Lord would speak to him through visions and dreams. A king named Nebuchadnezzar forced him to interpret his dreams. Daniel had dreams and visions of God's plans for mankind's future. The meanings of his greatest dreams and visions are now revealed in this movie outline.

As the movie begins we see the bad things of the modern day world we live in; pollution, hunger, starvation, poverty, drought, homeless people, threats of war, war, the terror of nuclear and biological weapons growing in number throughout the earth. The world's many different religions being practiced. We then look up focusing into the sky and the clouds as we then hear the voice of a man (a professional narrator) asking, "Oh mankind who dwells in the earth, will a day ever come when he shall learn to build the world into a place of peace (a utopia)?" Then after a slight pause he continues, "We shall turn to the Holy Bible for the answer." As he says this first a white table appears then suddenly a Bible is lying on its center. The narrator then says, "We shall open to the pages of the Old-Testament and find The Book Of Daniel." Just after saying this we see two hands open the Bible to Daniel. Then as we pull up closer looking at the name Daniel in the opened Bible we see the heavens around the pages heading. We next hear the voice of many male and female angels singing beautiful music.

We go back in time the early nineteen sixties then enter a hospital located in Hoboken, New Jersey and witness the birth of a baby boy, being born to a poor family. We next watch his parents give him the name Tommy. When Tom is two years old his family moves out of Secaucus N.J. into the second floor of a two family-house that has a huge yard in Union City, New Jersey. He has a brother two years younger than he and a sister three years older than him. As he is growing up during his childhood he plays wildly in the big yard sometimes alone and many-times with the neighbor's three boys who live on the first floor. When his little brother finally can walk he plays with him and the other children in the gigantic yard. His father (an alcoholic) is not a good one. Tom's father misuses his mother by viciously verbally abusing her and he mostly ignores him and his two other children. The father does not hold jobs long so many times his mother has to get money for food and to pay bills from her only brother or her mother.

Because they get many months behind in the rent when Tom is six years old his mother, sister and brother are forced to live with his uncle and grandmother who live together. His father is not allowed to live with his family here because it is his fault they were homeless. Tom's mother gets a legal separation from his uncaring father. Because the mother has to raise her children alone she goes on welfare to survive. (About four years later his mother went off of welfare and got a steady job to support her family). Now having money when Tom is about seven years old he and his direct family move out to a five-room apartment in the town just above Union City named West New York. His mother is a responsible person she keeps the family together. At night she reads the bible to Tom, his younger brother and older sister believing this will help give them guidance. Being good-natured and because of mysterious reasons Tom suddenly begins looking upward then starts speaking with God. No one whoever sees this questions him on why he does this and it happens at anytime and often, (this is when he is outside playing or at school or in a friends house or at home). As he continues growing up in the kitchen his mother always has a radio tuned to different rock stations. Music like rock, soul, and all other types of music seems to be feverishly calling out to him saying his name. Tom just smiles thinking it is God focusing him on what they talked about.

Time moves forward, he becomes a teenager and suddenly instead of wanting to play all he thinks about now is girls. In high school he takes general courses and his grades are just passing. Since he has become a teenager God no longer calls to him, his senses tell him it is because he now has a sex drive. He does a lot of daydreaming and thinks, "Now that I am a young man I wonder what God's plan is for me, what is my purpose and mission in life?" Being his IQ is slightly lower than average and because he was poorly raised he finds high school very difficult. Twice he almost quits.

After five years in high school he graduates at the age of nineteen years old. He goes to a driving school and obtains his driver's license. He then looks for a job. He finds one and starts working. Years go by and at twenty-five a young woman starts constantly coming on to him, thinking she is cute he asks her out, the female accepts. Finally Tom has a girl friend. Almost three years later the relationship ends because the girl tells Tom, "You don't have enough going for you." She leaves him for a man who has a bachelor's degree.

Deep down inside Tom is a good-natured person who has hidden greatnesses; he quietly believes the world could be and should be improved. Amazingly because he spoke to God now and then throughout his childhood and because he sees so many hidden signs (subliminal messages) calling out his name he believes he could be the chosen one of God to make the world in the future a better place for everyone. Because he only has a high school diploma, his job pay rate per is ten dollars hour. He lives in a three-room apartment in West New York, New Jersey.

This entire area is mostly, Hispanic and Tom is American decent. There are several reasons why he does not move to an American neighborhood. One is because not only he was born in this area but his ancestors were also born here. Another reason is because he loves to be living just across from what he believes is the greatest city in the world, Manhattan, New York City. Whenever he wants to walk through the streets of Manhattan, (which he does at least twice a month) all he has to do is go on Bergenline Avenue which is two blocks for his apartment and wait a short time for a bus that only has to drive less than a mile to reach the famous Lincoln Tunnel. Passing through the great tunnel minutes later the bus will pull into the Port Authority on Forty Second Street just two blocks from Times Square. Tommy also loves that he has to walk only about three blocks and he is on Boulevard East. There he can stand in front of a steel fence or a blue-stonewall and gaze at the New York skyline with the Empire State Building in its center view. He also enjoys looking at the grand Hudson River.

At the age of thirty-one after he throws out his nineteen inch television and buys a twenty-seven inch set he decides its time to get cable installed. After a few months of switching cable channels he notices a channel named C-Span. Tom now knows it exists but doesn't pay much mind to it because he finds it boring.

A friend of his calls Tom on the telephone after the November elections in 1994 and tells him, "Today was election day for the entire United States Congress and one third of the senate." His friend continues, "The conservatives took the majority in the congress. The liberals had held the majority there for forty years." His friend then says, "I voted for the conservatives, they are very anti big government and are now going to first end welfare and then they are going to cut deep into all the remaining entitlements." His friend concludes, "They are for the rich and I believe and think the way they do, this is why I voted for them." His friend then hangs up. Tommy never paid much mind to politics, he thinks to himself, "What the hell is a liberal or a conservative?" Up till now Tom has always thought that the federal government was all the same, (one party) he thought that when something was passed into law all the elected officials always agreed together. This is why he has never voted before. He then decides he must learn about politics, so he starts watching C-Span for a few hours a day. He learns he must wait until the swearing in of the new congress in January to see what the new conservative congress and senate is going to do.

January comes and the new congress and senate are sworn into power. Not long after this the conservative majority in the congress passes a bill stating that you can only stay on welfare for two years in a lifetime. After the liberal president vetoes the bill the conservatives send a bill stating you can only stay on welfare five years in a lifetime. The president signs this bill into law. As Tommy continues watching C-Span he sees how fragile the entitlement system is.

Switching channels on his cable box he stops at the channel named Headline News. The female news reporter states, "Russia and The United States each have six thousand nuclear bombs." Further researching Tom learns that in the nineteen sixties China exploded their first nuclear bomb and now they have about four hundred stored. Continuing his researching he learns England, France, Israeli and India have many nuclear bombs stored.

He thinks with the horror of nuclear weapons the United States has many enemies such as the worldwide terrorist networks, if any of them get a nuclear bomb it most likely will not be just one bomb, it shall be two or more. If terrorists obtain the mentioned bombs they probably will explode one in the heart of Tommy's favorite city in the world, Manhattan, New York City, and since they probably shall have more than one bomb they most likely will detonate the next one in Washington D.C. when The United States Congress and Senate are in session! When they are in session (running the federal government) they all live in several buildings that are near each other. Because of this, one atomic bomb placed as close as possible to this area would destroy our federal lawmakers. The help prevent any such disasters all the different types federal and state police agencies sizes will never be even slightly reduced, their yearly budgets shall all be maintained.

Tommy cannot understand why the government allows factories to make dangerous chemicals. As these dirty chemicals are being created the factories that make them not only pump these filthy chemicals into the air we breathe and into running streams, they put this waste into hundreds of thousands of barrels (each year) and then dump them into the ocean or they open up a piece of dry land and bury them in the ground. The incredible reason why these factories make these chemicals is so then they could put the cancer-causing chemicals into almost all the food we eat.

Knowing many more problems exist Tommy thinks we might run out of gasoline for future generations and then there is the problem of this type of pollution.

He knows how in life one man has a decent life and his brother could have a much harder one. It is then when he sees the truth. He sees that the opportunity exits, and through the huge positive improvements in technology since the year 1900 it would be easy for the right man to do what is now in his thoughts. Struck, he thinks, "I know that religions say God or Jesus Christ will come back to the world soon and when He does He shall then fix the world's problems before they explode." This is great, but there is one problem. Tom feels this greatest leader burning in the essence of his heart, he thinks, "Isn't God really supposed to live in us his sons and daughters on planet earth? Why should I wait for Jesus to fix the world, maybe in time He never will. If God is out there won't He be proud of me if I make the world, a better, safer, fairer place for all the earth's inhabitants?" It is then Tommy decides to be the greatest leader the world has ever known.

He sees in order to get to the top where he could improve the world he must become very wealthy. He tries different money making schemes as the years start passing. All of them fail but as he goes along he learns important things about running a business. He believes he must become a billionaire to insure performing his mission. He sees two stages, the first one is he must start a business that will bring in millions of dollars then from this smaller successful business he shall invest the money from it into a different business that will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars a year thus in time making him a billionaire.

After seven years of constantly thinking and scheming and losing money in failures, he calls the New York State Division of Licensing Services and gets a list of real estate schools in Manhattan, New York City. He calls and learns that to get a salesperson certificate you only have to go to school for forty-five hours then you may take a test of one hundred questions. If you get seventy answers correct you pass and become a real estate salesperson. The school then provides job placement. After working as a sales person for a year you may go back to school, do the forty five hours in less than two weeks and if you pass the one hundred question test, getting at least seventy questions correct you now get your New York States broker's license. He goes and does the required forty-five hours real estate sales person schooling. He takes and passes the required test. Two weeks later a real estate broker then hires him. After working one year he re-enrolls in school and does the required forty-five hours of schooling, takes the broker's license test and passes it. In the past Tom had called a tax lawyer and asked him many questions about what are tax write offs for a business and what aren't. He learned that to receive legal business tax write offs he first must open a business checking account at a bank. Once this is done and he does any type of advertising for his business he just has to get the receipt from the T.V. station, radio, newspaper, telephone book company or from whatever other company he advertised with and take this to his bank where they will make certified copies of the receipts for the tax department for proof when it comes time for Tom to do his business taxes. These receipts will be kept in Tom's business checking account until that time. (Any type of advertising for your business is a tax write off besides all the other business tax write offs.)

To get his business started he first goes to a New York City bank and asks one of the bank's officers what is required to open a business checking account. The officer tells him what he needs. At home he then calls and learns where the building to apply for the New York State, Certificate Of Authority is. He goes there and fills out the application. Thirty minutes later he is called to the front desk to retrieve it. He applies for the state Business Name Certificate and receives it. He goes back to the bank in Manhattan, New York City with the two certificates and his state driver's license that has a photo of himself on it. He gives the bank assistant manager the required IDs along with his Social Security card, birth certificate, two bills, a passport and the one hundred dollars that must be entered into the new business checking/savings account. After filling out several forms and picking out his desired style of business checks, after having made copies of them the bank officer hands him back his original IDs with a business checking account book. He shakes Tom's hand and says, "You now officially have a business checking/savings account with our bank." Tom thanks the man and leaves.

He goes home, calls his telephone company then asks for and receives a one eight hundred business number (1-800). Tom then calls a top rated internet website provider and has his New York broker's license, New York Certificate Of Authority tax ID card, New York Business Name Certificate and a letter from his commercial bank stating that he has a official business checking/savings account with them put onto his professional business internet website. On his website he explains his real estate business. He also lists his toll free 1-800 number and then his regular cell phone number.

He puts dress clothes on then puts his New York broker's license, New York Certificate Of Authority tax ID card, New York Business Name Certificate and a notebook in a small briefcase. He then leaves his apartment in West New York and heads for Bergenline Avenue. He waits for fifteen minutes then gets on a bus that heads for Manhattan. Arriving he gets off the bus and walks through and out of the Port Authority on Forty Second Street. He walks to all the areas where the most luxurious high-rise condo apartments are in Manhattan.

Tommy walks into high-rise buildings and shows the concierge his New York broker's license and asks, "Where are the condo apartments for sale in this building listed?" The front desk clerk tells Tom who then goes and looks at the lists. He writes down all the information on the condos for sale and the telephone number of the owner who wants to sell it. He walks all day long through Manhattan doing this. Back at home the next day at nine A.M. sharp he starts calling each phone number. Answering machines pick up two thirds of the time. Tom gives his name and explains that he is a certified broker who would like to sell their condo. Tom then leaves his 1-800 number and internet website address then hangs up. The remaining one third owners are home. Tom tells them he is a licensed New York City broker and would like to sell their hundreds of thousands of dollars and million dollar condos for the six percent commission fee. (The six percent commission fee is, when he sells the condo, he receives six percent of whatever price he sold the condo for from the original owner as a payment. An example: if Tom sold a condo for one million dollars his six percent payment from the original owner would be sixty thousand dollars.)

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