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As this movie begins we focus back and forth on two men at their different jobs as they work throughout the day. We see that one is a grammar school fifth grade teacher and the other is a post office mail deliver. We see these two individuals finish their days work then get into their automobiles, start their vehicles and drive off. The post office worker drives and arrives home. The schoolteacher also drives directly home, arrives and parks his automobile, and then enters his home. Two hours later we see the post office worker leave his home, get into his automobile, drive for fifteen minutes then park and exit his vehicle. He next walks to the teacher's home and rings the front door bell. Twenty minutes pass and it is then ten minutes to eight P.M. We next see the post office worker and the schoolteacher in the kitchen, sitting at the table, discussing something.

As we move in closer, we hear the conversation. "So Dan, I am certain that if we put our savings together we could open some sort of business and make a lot of money from it." Dan agrees, "Yes, I think your right Lance, but what type of business do you think, if we start, would make us rich?" After hearing this Lance looks at the notebook he has just below his chest on his table and says, "Over the past month I wrote down a list of all the different businesses we could open." He then reads the list, "A restaurant or a men's clothing store, a women's clothing store, a shoe store, a used car dealership, a bar and this is the one I like the most, a very large disco tech."

Lance explains, "I like the large disco tech the most not only because I love the night life, the music and being well dressed, I also like mingling with the women. Another reason is because I have a friend who is the greatest lady's man I ever saw; this guy whose name is Sam, has been going to a hot disco an average about once a week for the past twelve years. He has the most courage as well as knowledge I have ever seen when it comes to picking up women in the nightclubs. I spoke to him a few days ago and he told me that if we both agreed to open a disco, that he would be willing to contribute an equal amount of money and be a partner with us.

Sam told me that he knows many people who go regularly to core discos. He knows two men that have been going to the discos at least once to twice per week for the past twenty years. These men and Sam firmly believe that the secret in having a successful disco is to know how to get mostly women to come and they are sure that when females come then men are certain to follow. Because a large number of women are in the disco we can then charge two to three times more per drink for men than women and if a large amount of women come to the disco then we can perhaps even charge a ten dollar or more cover charge (daily entrance fee) for any man who wishes to be in our nightclub."

After saying this Lance tells his friend, "Dan, Sam told me anytime you and myself wishes, he would take us both to the hottest disco he knows. Since it is Saturday, I think today would be the perfect day for us to take him up on his offer." Dan answers, "Ok Lance, call Sam on the telephone and let him know that we both would like him to take us to a disco tonight."
After hearing this Lance nods his head up and down then reaches his right hand into his right pant's pocket, grabs, pulls out and opens up his cell phone. He quickly dials a number and after two rings a man answers asking, "Hello?" Recognizing his voice Lance says, "Sam, it's your friend Lance, I am right now with Dan in my kitchen. He and I have just talked about opening up a disco. I also told Dan about your offer to take us both out to the hottest disco you know." He continues, "Would it be ok if you took us both out there tonight?" Sam answers, "Yes, it is fine with me if we go to a nightclub. Is nine P.M. sharp tonight, ok?" Lance answers, "Yes that would be fine. The both of us will be at my house, pick us up here at that time, Sam." Sam then says, "Ok, Lance, I shall be in front of your house at nine o'clock sharp and don't forget the both of you must be well dressed."

After saying this Sam hangs up. Lance then folds and puts his cell phone on his kitchen table and says to his friend, "Ok Dan, Sam is going to pick us up tonight at nine P.M. right here at my house." He next tells him, "Dan, since you already have a good pair of dress slacks and a fine dress shirt on I shall let you wear one of my good-looking, silk, dress ties. You may also wear one of my suit jackets for tonight. Dan says, "Great!" Lance and Dan get up as Lance then leads his friend into his bedroom to pick out a silk tie and a suit jacket.

One-hour passes and at exactly three minutes to nine P.M. that same night we see Sam arrive in front of Lance's house in his new leased, four-door, thirty five thousand dollar car. He then reaches his right hand into his right pant's pocket, grabs then pulls out his cell phone. He quickly dials a number and after two rings, Lance answers on the other end asking, "Hello?" Sam answers, "Lance, I am in my car downstairs waiting for you and Dan." Lance tells him, "Ok Sam, we will both be down stairs in a minute." We then watch Lance and Dan leave the house, walk to and then get into the back seat of Sam's car. Three seconds later Sam drives off and heads to what he believes is the best disco.

After driving for twenty minutes, Sam parks his car in the parking lot of a large disco tech. He then gets out of his car as so does Lance and Dan. Sam then happily leads the two other men to the nightclub's main entrance door. Sam opens the disco's entrance door and enters; his two friends follow behind. Sam leads his friends to the bar and the three then each take a seat on a stool. Sam orders a glass of Sangria red wine with ice for himself and asks his two friends, "Are you guys going to order a drink?" For advice, the best drink I like is Sangria, red wine." Hearing this the both men order what Sam is drinking. Just after the two drinks are served, the three men then turn and look onto the disco dance floor.

As they look out we see ten couples intensely dancing, (holding hands as the male turns and spins his female partner) fourteen women and nine men bopping dancing and five couples slow dancing. They see fifteen women and eleven men with many of them holding drinks standing in different areas watching the people on the dance floor. We then see Lance turn and look at all the different people seating at and near the huge bar area. He sees eight women and five men seated at the bar and eight women and five men standing against the bar. He also sees seven women and four men standing near the bar with most of them holding drinks.

As Lance continues to look around, Sam says to the two men, "As I told Lance, if you men are interested, I will definitely go into business with you both if you decide to open a disco." Just after saying this, three women and one man, each holding drinks, step up to Sam. The three women greet him with a friendly hug and kiss as the man with them then shakes his right hand. As Sam introduces the four friendly people to his friends we fade from this scene.

Three hours later we then watch the four men get into Sam's car. Just after they start to drive off, Dan looks at Sam in the front seat and then at Lance who is seated just next to him and says, "Opening a large disco is my choice of what business to start." Lance looks at Sam and agrees, "As my plan of opening a business I also pick opening up a disco." After hearing the two men in the back seat say this, Sam then says, "Great! I also would rather start a disco nightclub more than any other business."

The following Tuesday night at seven thirty P.M. we see Sam and Dan at Lance's house sitting at his kitchen table having a meeting. Sam tells his two future partners, "I am certain the way our disco should be set up, is men will pay slightly more for all types of drinks. This should bring a larger number of females into our quality disco nightclub. After buying the best possible sound system we next shall hire just the absolute top of the line DJs who each know and only play the best complete line of 70s mega dance classic disco. All the best 80s and sexy disco, all of the best of the mid 80s right to the mid nineties dance mix disco and all the absolute greatest disco club music from the mid nineties right up until, the present time. The DJs will be American born and must completely speak Spanish and will have a crystal clear American and Spanish accent.

We shall also hire two young females who have the absolute best professional voices. Many times through the night, as one of our DJs is playing the best disco music, one or the other female shall stand in front of a professional level microphone and will say in her best voice the name of that nights DJ and then some other disco savvy words such as, "In the mix, or mixing the classics or disco's greatest hits", etc. We shall have the best large well lit up dance floor. We also will have the best special effects lighting, turning glass balls, strobe lights, laser lights, multi colored turning and flashing lights. We shall also have a light dimmer controls on all the lights in the nightclub. The controls to the dimming of all the lights and all other special effect lights shall be behind the huge bar and at the DJ station. We shall also have hand held remote controls that we can use to dim and control all the mentioned lights and special effects.

We shall also have a grade A+ level, completely safe to breath fogger (a fogger used for special effects to fog the entire disco floor) that shall be used once in a while. Behind the bar will be the highest picture quality custom made over 150-inch, full screen, plasma television. This television shall have full cable and an MP3-DVD recorder/VCR recorder also behind the bar.
The entire number of bartenders shall be able to speak fluent English and Spanish and shall speak either language with crystal clear accents. Every one of our friendly bartenders shall be the absolute best at preparing every single type of hard liquor as well as being the best at mixing all other kinds of known drinks.

I contacted an individual I know who is the best man I can think of at getting women at disco's and I told him that with two other partners I want to open the best possible disco/nightclub in the state of New Jersey. I told him that I want this huge disco to be the absolute best in the state at picking up and scoring with women. I am certain that because of this happening we shall have a guarantee of many men coming and paying a high price for their drinks and because of their high successful rate at getting women at our disco, they shall still come in spite of a ten or twenty dollars or even a higher cover charge (entrance fee).

My friend told me that he knew somebody that was even much better than him in picking up females at discos. This friend of his has been going out to core discos for the last twenty years. He has studied through the years how women flow to discos. By studying their flow and all of their rules on allowing a man to pick them up, he is quite certain he knows what area would be the absolute best one possible to open up the most successful large disco." After hearing this information Lance and Dan agree that they should open up their disco where Sam's friend's friend tells them it should be opened.

Sam calls his friend's, friend on his cell phone and asks him to pick out the best area he could think of to open the disco, where not only many girls would regularly come, but they will also be at their easiest when it comes to men picking them up. Sam tells his friend's, friend that his plan is to make certain that his partners and his disco is the best in New Jersey at this, better than all the other thousands of disco's and nightclubs in the state.

Sam's friend's friend, whose name is Eric, tells him, "Through the years I went over again and again with the help of all the other men who I know are the greatest at picking up females at a disco tech and after we mapped out the best disco's and nightclubs in the state, we then finally agreed to a certain warehouse store front location. I've figured out that all you have to do is offer the current business, which is at this location, money to move. Once they agree to the amount of money you offer they must then put this in writing, you shall next approach the building's owners and first prove to them the current business renting at their business property is willing to move once you pay them their agreed on amount of money.

Next, you shall work on getting the building's owners to agree to let you, move in, build and run the nightclub there at just a slightly higher monthly rental fee. Once the building's owners agree, then pay the business owners there, the agreed on departing fee, next move in and set up your huge disco tech." Eric continues, "Sam, since you told me your plan about how you're going to run the disco and because of the information I have on where it should be located, I've decided that I would like to be a partner with you, Dan and Lance. If you do not agree with my terms I will not give you the information on where to open the disco tech." Sam tells his new friend, "Eric, I cannot make any promises to you but I shall ask my partners, Lance and Dan, if it would be ok if you were also a partner. Once I get their answers I shall call you on your cell phone to let you know."

Sam hangs up and calls Lance. He tells him that he is certain that his friend Eric knows the absolute best location to open up a disco, but he will not tell them where it is unless he is allowed to be a partner. Knowing that they are twenty five thousand dollars shy in the amount of money they need to open their disco, Lance tells Sam that if his friend comes up with twenty five thousand dollars he could be a minor partner receiving about twelve percent of the total profits.

Just after this is said Sam hangs up with Lance and calls Eric back on his cell phone. After two rings Eric answers. Sam then tells him, "Eric, I spoke to Lance and he told me that you may be a partial partner and receive twelve percent of our complete profits if you contribute twenty-five thousand dollars." Eric immediately agrees to the verbal terms.
Now that the men have the correct amount of money needed to open the large disco, they go to the exact address location where Eric said it would be. As planned they offer the owners that are running a struggling business there, a large amount of money, (twenty thousand dollars) if the building owner agrees to allow them to replace their business with the disco tech at a slightly higher monthly rental fee.

Next, Lance and Sam approach the owner and are approved to set up their disco tech at a slightly higher monthly rent than the current renters. So they then immediately pay the current business that is there twenty thousand dollars. Ten days afterwards they move out. The four nightclub partners then sign the new monthly rental lease.

We enter the new hot disco on opening night and see a ratio of sixty five percent women enter and thirty five percent men come in. By ten P.M. the new disco is filled with people and most of them are buying the expensive drinks. As the night goes on we see the four partners with big smiles on their faces because it looks like their disco is going to be a huge success. The disco is opened five days a week. The days are, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

As a few months pass, the four owners are amazed and elated at what they are seeing. As hoped, the disco is usually filled with sixty five percent women and thirty five percent men. When a man even slightly hits on a woman asking her to dance or wants to talk with her, the females are over ninety five percent agreeable.

As a few more months pass, the four men see that when any female is hit on to kiss or even for a short sexual relationship (one night stands or several nights stands) they are easiest. Because of this and the word of mouth the disco is completely packed on every of the five days a week it is opened. The profit money is poring in.

Since this is happening, we watch Dan, Lance, Sam and Eric go to a highest quality professional safe store. There we see a salesman show the four mentioned disco owners the store's entire line of their elite level safes. They select the store's top of the line five foot high, two and a half feet wide steel, combination/key, locked safe. The men have the safe delivered, then professionally drilled and secured on a certain floor area of their main office.

As more months pass and because the huge disco is always filled, the owners put thousands of net dollars each week into the large safe. As a few more months pass, they see that the disco is continuing to make huge amounts in profit money; just as hoped for and predicted they also keep seeing that the women are easiest.

The nightclub is so successful that each night up to one hundred and fifty men are turned away. Because of this the owners (Lance, Dan, Sam and Eric) decide to start a cover charge on every man who wishes to enter it. The cover charge starts at ten dollars. Thirty days after it went into effect over one hundred and fifty men each night are still turned away so it is increased to thirty dollars for men. In spite, in the next forty days an average of one hundred and fifty men are turned away because of over crowding. Because of this, the owners raise the cover charge to sixty dollars for all men.

Meanwhile, as these few months pass we have been also entering the disco and seeing as nearly one hundred percent of the men that are in the nightclub hit on a woman for a drink, to dance, talk, or leave to be alone. All the men are scoring.

We then focus in on each of the four owners (Lance, Dan, Sam and Eric) and watch girls hitting on them for a date. As this is happening we see that each owner already has two attractive girls constantly at their sides. As more months pass, each night even up to two hundred men are turned away as the cover charge for them to get in for the evening continues to rise. It goes to one hundred, then two, three and then four hundred dollars.

Finally, as this entrance fee price for each man maximizes at 400 dollars per night, an average of about seventy-ninety males are turned away every night the disco is opened.

Six months after the disco opened we see Lance extremely well dressed and driving in a brand new BMW 76IS with three beautiful females. We then see Dan very well dressed driving in a brand new Mercedes Benz 500 class with three very good-looking females. We next see Sam and Eric both extremely well dressed and each driving with three very attractive women in separate brand new Rolls Royce's.

As more months pass we enter the packed with people nightclub and see Lance, Dan, Sam and Eric walking around. As they walk we see beautiful women that were standing about approach them then receive and give hugs and kisses as the owners continue moving about.

The disco, with its scientifically picked out location and most sophisticated, high tech and advanced lights systems, music equipment, dance floor, plasma television, best level bartenders and its only greatest hit disco music playing, is the number one nightclub for successfully picking up women and having any type of desired relationship with them for any man who enters it in the state.

In spite of them willing to pay the 400-dollar daily entrance fee, we see standing outside the nightclub seventy men that have been turned away because the disco is too crowded. We also see many men trying to get in by negotiating to lower their entrance fee to an even much lower price. Because the nightclub is so successful there is never any form of listening to this negotiating to lower the entrance fee price for any eager, pleading man.

Each night as attractive women approach the hot club to enter it, even though they were willing to pay the four hundred dollar entrance fee, because the disco already made it to its capacity of men; we see many dozens of men who were turned away hanging around. We also see the men that can't afford the entrance fee, desperately hit on many of the beautiful and average looking females that are waiting to get into the nightclub. As these men outside the disco try to get a date every time they are all completely, viciously, verbally rejected and even threatened that the one or several females being hit on will call the police on her cell phone.

Eleven months after the disco opened, the four owners receive in the mail a court summons to appear in town court. At the disco office just after opening and reading this court order to appear, Lance (the leader and the man who first reads all the business mail) quickly faxes there lawyer the local court summons to appear then calls him on his cell phone leaving a message on his answer machine. The lawyer completely reads it and then listens to the message on his answering machine. Thirty minutes after he had the court summons faxed to him, he calls Lance back on his cell phone. He explains to the concerned man that he has no idea what this is about. He assures him that he is going to call the town court administration office and learn who pressed charges against the four nightclub owners.

His lawyer hangs up with Lance and then calls information. He gets the town court administration number and calls them. He speaks with one of the court administrative workers for twelve minutes then hangs up.

He immediately calls Lance who answers his cell phone after one ring. He tells the slightly nervous man, "A group of about ten men pressed charges against you and your three partners. The reason why is because of their wives. Since several months ago, about twice a month they have been going to your nightclub with their wives. Since then they all have been talking on the telephone with other men they met at your disco. Their wives are dating other men and are having sexual affairs with them. These very angry husbands got a lawyer and are going to try to close your disco tech down." The lawyer continues, "Lance, I am certain that there is nothing these men can do, they cannot close down your nightclub. Even though, this is an official court order to appear, so you, Dan, Sam and Eric must be there at the correct time and date. Of course, I shall be there too, so don't worry about anything."

Two weeks later the four disco owners and their lawyer at nine A.M. sharp are all in court. As the four men take a seat on one of the long wooden benches, their lawyer walks to the judge's large deck area and stands himself at the right side of it. The attorney speaks to a female there and says, "Excuse me Miss, I would like to see the prosecutor that is here today, I am the lawyer of the defendants whose case number is." The attorney then holds up the court summons and reads the case number. After hearing this the female court worker says, "I'll be right back." She then walks to the left side of the judge's high desk and speaks to a seated female who then gets up and walks towards the disco owners' lawyer.

She stands in front of him and asks, "I am the prosecutor and how can I help you?" The lawyer shows her the court summons and says, "I am a lawyer. My four clients all here today own the best local disco tech. They are here because ten men went to the nightclub with their wives several months ago. Since they went several times to the disco they claim that their wives have been having affairs with other men that they met at my clients' nightclub. Ms, this summons is unlawful, will you please dismiss it?" After a two second pause the female prosecutor looks the lawyer in the eye and says, "I'm sorry, I cannot. The ten men who pressed the charges also hired a good lawyer to make certain that this stands before the judge. Now, don't worry, I spoke to the judge about this case and he said after everyone concerning this case is standing before him, he shall then immediately dismiss it." Relieved, the lawyer thanks the prosecutor then walks to his clients and takes his seat.

Meanwhile, the ten men (the accusers) and their lawyer were already seated on a long wooden bench off to the right and seven rows further back. As the nightclub owners' lawyer was talking to the prosecutor, Sam turned and looked around the courtroom. As he was looking, seven rows back he saw seven men gazing in the direction of him and the other nightclub owners with a look of pure hatred on each of their faces. Seeing this, Sam gets the attention of his three friends and gestures for them to look in the mentioned men's direction. The four disco tech owners turn and look back in the correct section of the court seating area and each one sees ten men gazing at them with the deepest look of hatred on their faces.

Meanwhile, as the nightclub owners are looking at the frightening faces of their accusers, their lawyer retook his seat next to one of them. Seated next to the attorney, Dan taps his shoulder and quickly points in the accusers direction. The lawyer turns, looks and sees the ten men gazing with pure hate at him and his four clients. The attorney then turns and looks at the front area of the courtroom and sees three armed police officers standing guard. He then looks at Dan and the three other men then says, "Don't worry about those men behind us; there are three police officers in the court room so you all are safe."

Being that the court is just a town courthouse over ninety percent of the filled seats are parking tickets and moving violations.

At nine seventeen A.M. all are asked to rise by a police officer as the judge then enters the room and takes his seat. After the judge is seated the same officer says, "You all may be seated." At nine twenty A.M. that morning a court worker calls out the case number of the first person to see the judge. Then after several more case numbers are completed at 9:55 A.M. the four defendants' case number is called out. Just after this Lance, Dan, Sam, Eric and their lawyer get up then walk to and stand themselves in front of a microphone that is in front of the judge's high desk. We also watch the ten accusers and their lawyer rise out of their seats, walk to and arrive in front of the judge's huge high desk.

Meanwhile, as all the defendants stand on the left side in front and the accusers of the right side in front of the judge, the three police officers in the courtroom walk and stand themselves behind the men. As this is happening, we watch two more police officers enter the room and also stand themselves behind the sixteen men.

Just after the final man stands himself at the right side in front of the large desk, the judge looks at the accusers and says, "Although you ten men hired a lawyer who legally pressed charges asking for this court to close down the defendants' nightclub because you each proclaim that your wives have all broken their marriage vows to you, I must remind you, your wives have their free will and marriage is just a ceremony, that does not legally force a woman to be loyal to any of you men. If any of your wives do not want to keep their marriage vows there is nothing any of you can do about it. The four defendants' nightclub is legally opened and they did not break laws referring to any of you ten men. Because of this I dismiss this case!" The judge concludes, "Please, do not bother this court with anymore such trial requests!" The judge then states, "You all may now leave."

Just after the judge finishes, with big smiles on their faces, Lance, Dan, Sam, Eric and their lawyer, make their way passed the now very angry husbands. Just as Sam is walking through the small crowd of accusers, one of them yells, "You scum!" He then swings and hits Sam in the face with a hard punch. Sam's nose starts to bleed. A second after this assault, all of the other nine accusers start to verbally curse, grab onto and swing at each of the four defendants. Lance falls to the floor and so does Eric. One of the police officers present quickly radios for back up. We see the judge press an emergency button that is behind his huge desk.

One of the officers gets assaulted as he tries to stop the beating. Because of this, each of the five officers present draws their guns. As the police draw their weapons, they each yell, "Everybody down onto the floor!" Seeing the officers mean what they are saying, the ten accusers, with their lawyer and Dan, Sam, Eric and their lawyer, also get down onto the floor. Lance, who was on the floor getting kicked and punched by the accusers, remains on the floor.

At the courtroom entrance we see ten police officers race in, three of them are carrying and aiming shotguns and seven are holding and aiming their handguns with the other five police officers at the sixteen men that are all on the floor. The police handcuff each of them on the floor, then lift and lead fifteen of them out of the courtroom.

Meanwhile, seeing that Lance is perhaps seriously wounded, an officer gets on his walkie-talkie and calls for the paramedics. Minutes later they arrive. Lance is carefully put onto a plastic stretcher and carried out of the courtroom and next put into the back of an ambulance. The ambulance, whose flashing lights are already on, turns on its siren then speeds away towards the nearest hospital.

A few days pass and we enter the disco. After passing dozens of men who scored on women and are getting hugged and or kissed by one or even many females, we move to and enter the disco's main office. As we move along the room we see Sam seated in front of the main desk with a right black eye. We see Dan seated next to him with a large bandage across his fore head and with a slightly bruised and healing cut face. We see Eric seating next to Dan with his left hand in a splint and a large band-aid at the side of his left eye coming down his left facial cheek. We also see that his face is slightly bruised, cut and is healing. We then see Lance seated at the main office desk in front of the other three with his right arm in a sling and one half an inch above his right wrist is a cast that extends up above his biceps and middle triceps, he has a thin cast around his ribs and his lips and face are bruised, cut and is healing. We then fade from this scene

One year after it's opening the four owners throw an anniversary party at Sam's new huge luxury home. At the anniversary party we see that each of the happy four owners has five very beautiful well-dressed girlfriends from their disco with them (a total of twenty women). We see Eric cut a one-year anniversary ribbon that is on a gigantic cake located at the center of Sam's living room, we watch a very attractive woman wearing a bikini bust out of it. We then fade from this happy scene.

The next day we see the four men with their several girl friends each, sitting at a round table in their large office speaking about their disco nightclub.

After talking for twenty minutes, since the men are going to talk about secret matters, Lance turns towards their twelve girlfriends that are in the room with them and asks them to leave and wait for them in the disco's main area. The twelve females walk very sexually as they then leave the room. Meanwhile, the four smiling men turn their heads and continue to watch them as they are leaving.

Several seconds after the door is closed behind the last girl, Lance looks back at the other three men and says, "You guys know that we now have nearly one million dollars in our office vault right there." Just after saying this Lance points at the highest quality bank vault that is in their office. He then says, "I don't want to put that money into several banks with our other one million fifty thousand dollars; I want to keep it here. I have come up with a plan to protect it. I am certain that criminal minded individuals have noticed our huge cover charge for men as well as our huge liquor and other no alcohol drink prices for men. They most likely have put the word out on all our factual financial nettings. Because of this, I am certain prevention is the cure. We know that because of the one million dollars we have in our office vault maybe even very soon into the future we are going to be robbed.

To prevent this from happening, we can hire several more police officers. They can be hidden guarding in the disco after we have closed it for the night. If anyone tries to rob our money the police will be quietly waiting here, to stop, catch and arrest these criminals. Hearing this proposal, Dan, Sam and Eric immediately agree with Lance's smart plan to protect their close to one million dollars in the office safe.

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