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Somewhere in the United States, in a depressed part of a large city, a blue-eyed blond hair baby boy is born. As he grows up, his father is an alcoholic and does not work. The father, when he is drinking, shouts for him in the kitchen where he usually gets drunk. He orders the young boy to sit down then asks him what he thinks about life. When the child tells him, the father replies, "You're a phony person who is no good and I am not like you." Whenever he runs to his mother for guidance being a religious fanatic she always tells him, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!" Instead of getting along with one another his brothers and sisters fight most of the time. He is picked by his siblings to be the scapegoat of the family. With no supervision or direction he plays wildly wide and far in the city streets. As time moves forward, in high school, girls ignore him and he also has no friends and is a loner. Being a recluse he never leaves his house to do social or recreational activities anymore. After several disappointing years at college, at the age of twenty five he has had enough. He makes a decision to try hard as possible to be very rich.

After scheming and researching for many months, he decides to try to be wealthy by using this method. He reads for endless hours through a dictionary until he finds two important names. Finally finding what he wants and then after checking to make certain no one else has registered these names he federally trademarks them, one for real estate, the other an insurance name. He learns about mailing list companies. To save money, he fax broadcasts to all the real estate and insurance companies nationwide. He has two different professional business internet websites set up; both with all his tax ID information. One website is his real estate that also has this federal trademark on it and the other is his insurance with this federal trademark displayed on it. He recommends these businesses to change their company's name to his registered trademark names for one percent of their gross earnings. His idea works, in just one year he gets fifteen real estate companies now using his name and sixteen insurance businesses switching their name to his registered name. Investing all his money towards his growing business, in five years he has 350 real estate and 375 insurance companies now with his trademarked names. Because his business has become so successful, he raises the fee for using his registered names to two percent. He is becoming wealthy, making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

He enters into politics and runs as a liberal for the United States Congress, but secretly and unknown to the party, he is not liberal but is very conservative. He wins the election. In his congressional party he becomes very influential, so four years later he is chosen as a candidate for speaker of the liberal political party and wins.

The United States Supreme Court has nine lifetime appointed members, five currently are conservative and four are liberal. In a period of two years two liberal justices will be retiring. The newly elected speaker convinces two very conservative federal judges to lie explaining to all the federal politicians that they are really liberal so he can try to put them into power. Both of them agree to do this. Standing before the entire liberal political parties in the congress and the federal senate, each one earnestly proclaims that he is now very liberal.
The current president is very conservative. The liberal speaker tells him of his complete secret plan. The chief executive is all for it and agrees to put these two judges into The Supreme Court replacing the two retiring liberal justices. Since it was the powerful liberal speaker who really selected these judges, his party does not protest as they are then sworn into power.

He brings a bill before the congress without anyone fully knowing what the bill contains. He tells all the liberals that this bill is bipartisan and would be good for the country if it passed into law. Since he is the liberal political congressional speaker, he is fully trusted. Without any liberals in the congress or senate fully caring to see what the bill completely is, it is brought before the congress to be voted on. The current conservative president secretly knows what the bill is and has already told all the conservatives to vote for it. The bill is voted on, over two thirds of the congress and senate vote yes, therefore it does not need the president's signature; it passes into law.

Now that it is law, the conservatives show the liberals what the bill really is. From the moment this bill is law only very strongly starched conservatives can be elected to the United States Congress, Senate and the Presidency. The conservatives tell the entire liberal party, "This is the law; you all must obey it!" The liberals appeal this new law before the United States Supreme Court; the seven conservative judges uphold the law. All the liberals in the congress and senate are removed from power. New elections are immediately held. Afterwards, the entire congress and federal senate now are all strongly starched conservatives.

Since he was the person who made and then got this bill passed into law the speaker of the liberal political party for the congress is again confirmed as the powerful but now conservative speaker. A new evil era is born. Since all the politicians in power are now conservatives the entitlements begin to end. He tries then gets the same evil bill passed into law in all the N.A.T.O. counties. He tries, and gets many other governments of the world to pass such laws. As time passes the entitlements end, job unions and rent control do not exist any more. People work six and seven days a week, twelve to fourteen hours a day. Education is strictly limited and is only for the chosen few.

As time goes forward the congress is ended, the senate goes from one hundred members to about fifty. The president is now called the emperor, following (copying) the ancient Roman Empire's political system. The blond hair blue eyed man, is voted by this new senate to be the first emperor of the recreated system.

Continuing their evil agenda white slavery, meaning any one can be a slave and gladiator fighting is brought back from over a thousand years ago. Even the filth of cannibalism, is now allowed to be practiced by the chosen few, who are the entire police forces, military personnel, all government judges and politicians etc. No one any longer is safe, at any given moment; the government can force you into slavery or gladiator fighting or even something worse.
Time continues to move forward, the evil blond hair blue eyed man now and then feels sad as he walks through the city and town streets. He sometimes sees people he feels sorry for, people that he slightly knows who are trapped in this hellish system he created.

He gets an idea and orders it to be done. A thirty-story dam like wall is to be built from just above the George Washington Bridge, continuing down and around passed the entire western outside of Fort Lee then along the entire western outside of Hackensack continuing passed the entire western outside right to the bottom end of Hudson County, New Jersey. It will then continue straight across the Hudson River and from the beginning of the lowest part of Manhattan then circling completely around it. Up passed and around the entire eastern end of the Bronx, right up to the George Washington Bridge from the New York City side and then back across the Hudson River, thus completely making one monstrously huge and high sealed circle wall. (Note: the ships and boats traveling up and down the Hudson River shall now pass through this area just like passing through the Panama Canal.) He orders this thirty-story dam like fortress to be immediately built.

Before building the more than thirty-five mile circling wall, over ninety five percent of unneeded people are removed from this area.

Inside the thirty-story dam like walls will soon be one huge sized city, about as big as a small state. Within, being quickly built is the most beautiful skyscraper paradise. All remaining older buildings are with the latest technology sand blasted clean and re-bricked. Every sidewalk is reconstructed with laser light measurements to be perfectly leveled and the concrete shall be the strongest possible and extremely white. There are no telephone or cable lines; high satellite technology and advanced cell phone type of antennas replacing regular telephone lines takes care of this. All other lines are now radio antennas and advanced laser lighted technology power lines that are buried in the ground. Ten year and older trees are planted throughout every block. Cable television is completely commercial free with only greatest hit type of programming and there are four, now only F.M. radio frequency modulations, all completely commercial free. The mostly music and then other programming is completely at the greatest hit level too. All food is entirely natural. People will work five days a week and no more than four hours a day.

Individuals of authority and or high privilege may now allow certain people they know and care for to live their lives out here, protected from the horrors of the evil system that is on the outside of the City Of The Dammed. Time moves on; the blond hair blue eyed man gets old then dies as the City Of The Dammed with three more identical ones in North America continues. About at this time, all the evil governments just finished putting together a now huge world government. Because of this from different parts of the earth, "Cities Of The Dammed" have already been built and or are currently getting constructed and others in time shall be built.

The evil people running the world's system get the following idea and then move forward with it. Knowing there are still things allowed such as weight lifting, boxing gyms and marshal arts schools. Men are sent out worldwide to each one of these places.

When they arrive they ask the managers, trainers and owners, "Who would be the overall strongest or greatest fighter here?" They are also told, "If you ever saw anyone come into the weightlifting gym, boxing or marshal arts school to just show off (they have no membership here) and they were stronger or a better fighter than your overall greatest athlete then tell us who this individual is. "After being shown who he is, this man is then put aside.

After this is done worldwide, there are about three hundred and fifty thousand of these strongest and greatest fighting men. The government secretly puts them up one against another. Soon half of them are eliminated. This is done time and again. In a while there are one hundred thousand, then fifty thousand, then when there are about twenty five thousand remaining. With basic television and radio still allowed, the evil government broadcasts to all the people around the earth telling everyone what they have been doing, "By using this smart technological explained method, they have located all of these strongest and greatest fighting men from throughout the world."

The government then continues to match up one of these men to battle another, but now with the people of the whole world watching them on the television and listening on radio.

Several years go by. Now there are less than one hundred of these amazingly strong fighters remaining. With the matching up then fighting having been on television and radio for all this time and since it was so difficult and time consuming in finding them, taking many years to get into the top one hundred. All of the people worldwide demand that, "Whoever the final winner is, this person must be crowned as the all-powerful emperor!" Because the entire senate and even the current emperor are so afraid of an upraising by all the people around the world, both parties agree to this. The matching up and fighting continues until there are only twelve champions remaining.

The government sets them up to fight in a huge, specially built, circling sealed stadium where over one hundred and ten thousand seated spectators will watch them. All basic television and radio stations are ordered to air this event worldwide, live.

The day arrives and the stadium quickly fills to its capacity. Then an over five hundred piece brass band with drummers enter into the arena, all of them are dressed in high fashionable Roman bandsman attire. They perform a spectacular and intense march as they come in. The band finishes playing, then half goes and lines themselves in perfect order taking the first fifteen rows of seats on one side of the stadium. As the remaining two hundred and fifty march to the direct opposite side of the stadium taking the first fifteen rows of seats that are there. This is done to give the music they perform throughout the event a stereo effect. Other incredible marches are played whenever their conductors order them to perform throughout this event.
Then standing in full view of the spectators and television viewers, an announcer yells. "For years the people from all around the world have waited for this moment! The final twelve, greatest remaining warriors the world has ever known are all here today to battle one against another until this single champion remains! This man will then be crowned as the all-powerful emperor of the world!" He continues explaining to everyone that, "So powerful are these ten remaining men that each one can lift ten tons or even more over his head and can also run at a speed of over fifty miles per hour or faster for more than twenty-five minutes. Because of this there is more than eight thousand fully armed soldiers within and all around the outside of this stadium, guarding it. To reinforce the solders, speedy jets right now are flying overhead that are fully armed with one hundred percent accurate bomb hitting their target control panels and are reinforced with the most accurate laser guided, armor piercing, smart bombs!" As the announcer is saying this, several jets fly very low directly over the stadiums arena; making a thundering sound as they go by.

At the main entrance of the arena's inner grounds, two gigantic iron steel doors open. The huge brass band begins to play a breathtaking march. The arena's announcer yells the name and what country this man comes from as each warrior enters the arena. Giant television monitors are located in precise areas throughout the stadium in order that everyone present can see them. The huge televisions show incredible feats of strength each champion has performed, such as lifting cars over head, bending thick iron bars, with just one punch putting their fists completely through double bricked walls, defeating other foes that were just as great as them. Also, high endurance feats are seen such as running with blazing speed for hours.

The announcer concludes, "Each warrior will be matched up one against another. The rules are each fight must continue until one of these two men is dead. If a fighter shows mercy by refusing to kill the man he has defeated, they both then shall be put to death!"

All of them, having entered the arena, these ten champions are standing about eleven feet apart from each other. They are all looking up and turning their heads as they continue to stare into the massive amount of standing and cheering spectators that are present at the huge stadium.

Finally each warrior is put up one against another. Never has a display of such strength and fighting abilities ever been seen before. Spectators in their seats, "Ooh and ah" as the gladiators in the arena below hurl heavy objects at each other (cars, giant steel beams, huge chunks of rock, etc). Some areas of the arena become badly damaged while this is happening. All types of hand to hand fighting weapons are lying on the arena's ground for the warriors to find as they continue battling each other. The weapons (shields, swords, spears, knifes, steel clubs, so on) are built from the most advanced technology because regular such weapons will not penetrate the super dense skin of these fighters. After a fight to the death is finished another one begins, soon six fighters are left. The battling continues until there are only two champions remaining.

This final battle that shall determine who the next emperor will be, begins. As the fighting has been going on for several minutes everyone is witnessing these last remaining two gladiators who truly are the strongest, fastest and greatest skilled warriors ever seen. As this last battle goes on, several jets zoom just over the center arena. They have been continually doing this since the first gladiators fought many hours ago.

The intense fighting goes on for slightly less than fifteen minutes. Then one fighter begins to over power the other and soon the weaker gladiator is at the greater warrior's mercy. All the spectators present yell at him to make the kill. Standing before his defeated opponent he prepares to do this. The spectators from all around the stadium continue yelling and hollering at him, "Kill, kill, kill!" Looking into this other man's face, he decides not to. The spectators first are stunned then warmed by this show of mercy; many of them give the winner a standing ovation. Because there was only one fighter remaining, the government does not punish the winner for showing compassion to the loser.

The entire senate and reining emperor approach the winner who is still in the arena grounds; they all circle around him. The current emperor hands the new emperor the scepter of power then removes a small crown from his head and puts it on the warrior's head. Grabbing hold of the gladiator's left hand he then turns with them facing the spectators. He lifts his right hand holding up the warrior's left as he yells to everyone, "Our new emperor!" The entire senate begins to applaud as all the people in the stands give their new leader a standing ovation.

The new ruler is led up to a large podium. Microphones and television cameras are lined up in front of him. All the fifty senators take a stand around and behind him as he begins to speak. He says to the whole world, "I do not believe in this current system. Long ago a much greater one existed; it was called the voting system. Working as quickly as possible together with the entire senate we shall bring this back." A bit stunned everyone present remains silent. And then very slowly we begin to hear sound growing until there is only thunderous applause.

Secretly, as a child the new emperor was taught how to read; meanwhile, an under ground secret alliance which always existed in spite of a law stating, any person will be instantly put to death if they have or had anything to do with this alliance.

In hiding they would teach whoever wanted to learn of the old government from North America, which was called The United States. They taught how this country had a huge national voting system in place for everyone that was at the age of eighteen or older. This greatest system, perhaps the world has ever known, freely decided by the people, which individuals would rule. Thus this assured a much better way of life for all the people.

As he promised, the former gladiator emperor, working with the senate sets up the old U.S. voting system and in fact he is then elected as the first president in over sixty years. Similar voting systems are next set up throughout the earth. The world in time is then restored into a better place for everyone, as The Cities Of The Dammed are all abandoned and destroyed.


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