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Within minutes, on television and radio stations all around the world the regular programs are interrupted stating, "This is a special report." The fast growing number of reporters worldwide, explain this shocking and horrifying news to their watching or listening audience. As this news is reported experts working for the mass media calculate that a total of one million three-hundred thousand people are dead in North Korea and Iran with many more thousands who will die in the hours, days, weeks and months from now because of being exposed to nuclear radiation.

In just a few hours the two countries where the four atomic bombs exploded, with most of the other counties of the world, start accusing the United States of being responsible for the nuclear massacre. The United States denies to the world that they had anything to do with this horrible tragedy. As days goes by North Korea reports that they are certain the U.S. is responsible for dropping two nuclear bombs on their country. They state that two large U.S. business cargo jets flew over North Korea and dropped the two atomic bombs. The Iranian government also states the same thing. The United States government tells them even if this is true we the government had nothing to do with this tragic situation.

As more days pass North Korea discusses with Iran about joining forces and then going to war with the United States. North Korea demands, telling the U.S., "To be fair and just and in order to prevent an all out war you (the U.S.) must drop one nuclear bomb on two of your major cities!" The United States tells the North Korean government, "We will never drop nuclear bombs on any part of our country!" The Korean leaders then give the U.S. a deadline date to do this or else they shall sneak two atomic bombs into the country and do it themselves. As this is being told to the U.S. the entire North Korean and Iranian military are preparing for battle with the United States. Each U.S. embassy that is in these countries is taken over. A U.S. battleship near North Korea is overcome by many North Korean battleships and is sunk. The United States President is told by all his advisors that they believe that if we don't invade North Korea they shall in less than a month explode two atomic bombs somewhere in densely populated areas of the U.S. A few days after hearing this the United States military invades North Korea and Iran with British and Canadian troops reinforcing our own.

Meanwhile, the U.S. F.B.I. has been investigating this situation and discovers that it is true, four large commercial jets flew out of the United States, two flew into North Korea and two flew over Iran. These four commercial cargo jets are owned by one of the largest business conglomerates in the United States. The Federal detectives conclude that it possibly could have been this huge company that dropped the A-bombs. They get search warrants of all their warehouses and offices across the United States. As they are executing their search warrants they learn about the secret warehouse in Nevada. Over one hundred agents raid the place. Shortly after they learn from interrogating workers and investigating the equipment that they were in the process of building nuclear bombs and have already built a total of twenty-three.

Because of the four dropped on the two foreign countries there are now nineteen remaining. The F.B.I. agents learn that hidden in this Nevada warehouse are eight nuclear bombs. The agents find them and instantly remove them.

Further researching, the investigators learn that the chairman of the board, Mr. William Dawson, on his own accord lied to his board of directors as well as the scientists and technicians that the United States military gave his company a contract to build fifty atomic bombs. An all points warrant is issued for Mr. Dawson and three members of the board of directors and another twenty-five men.

The F.B.I. arrests Mr. Dawson as he is out dinning at a fancy restaurant. He is put on a jet that quickly flies to the F.B.I. headquarters in Washington, D.C.

As the jet travels, F.B.I. agents can't wait so they start interrogating Mr. Dawson. The federal detectives tell the powerful chairman of the board that he must tell them where all the rest of the nuclear weapons are so they could prove to the world it was not the United States. It was you, the chairman of one of the largest business companies in the world, who after hiring hundreds of scientists and technicians, you lied to them stating that the United States military gave your company a Top Secret contract to build these atomic bombs! An agent states, "Remember Mr. Dawson, after terrorists learn that these bombs are out there, there is a danger that they will stop at nothing to find out where the nukes are so they could steal them from you and blow up major cities in the U.S. or a large military base or even the Pentagon or the U.S. Capital! Remember, Mr. Dawson, you have many bombs out somewhere in the United States, if they find out where they are they most likely will find not one but three, ten or as many as the entire remaining eleven!"

Mr. Dawson, having heard enough tells the agents, "Ok, I will tell you where I have hidden the remaining eleven atomic bombs." He then tells them in detail where they are as two agents hold tape recording microphones up to his mouth and two other agents write down everything he says. Just after the chairman finishes telling them, F.B.I. agents get on their cell phones and call different numbers at their national headquarters office in Washington, D.C. The agents tell their superiors of the five nuclear bombs at the small company warehouse in Chicago, Illinois. Another agent tells his boss that, "William Dawson's huge private yacht, which is docked at a Weehawken, New Jersey peer in the Hudson River, has five nuclear bombs on it!" A federal detective tells his boss, "William Dawson, has one nuclear bomb in his luxury condo apartment in Manhattan, New York City!" He then gives the full address to his superior and tells him exactly where in the apartment the A-bomb is located.

As this is happening an agent keeps his tape recorder on and asks the chairman, "How was it possible that you did not only make one nuclear bomb but twenty-three of them?" The chairman answers saying, "It was possible because the United States federal government for some reason believes that in order to build nuclear bombs you first must be an official sovereign government. A private individual or a business will never be smart enough to construct an atomic bomb. It is now obvious this is not true. The stupid U.S. government allows books to exist explaining step by step how an atomic bomb is built. If you diligently search you can find these books, videos and DVDs explaining all you need to know! Then if you're say, ten percent as wealthy as me, remember I am a multi billionaire. You can secretly build a warehouse on secluded land; buy all the expensive equipment you need then hire many hundreds of high-level scientists and technicians. Lying to them as I did stating, our company was given a top- secret U.S. military contract to build say, thirty nuclear bombs. You have experts go through all the step-by-step details revealed in the books, videos and DVDs accumulated. Then as the workers you hired make the bombs, you tell them this is all top-secret so they do not tell anyone that they are building these weapons. Then keep all the workers isolated as they build the atomic bombs. This would be by not letting them have telephones or cars." Mr. Dawson concludes by saying, "There most likely are other huge companies in this country and different countries of the world that have or are secretly building atomic bombs, and then afterwards storing them."

Agents do not want to wait so they have the search warrants faxed to their state headquarters as they race in cars to the areas where the atomic bombs are. The Chicago F.B.I. agents enter the medium sized warehouse from every entrance. With their guns and M16 rifles drawn they order everyone to lie down on the warehouse floor as they then slowly approach Mr. Dawson's office. A professional F.B.I. lock picker quickly picks the lock and opens the door. Agents then swiftly move in front of a metal closet, which has sliding doors that are closed and locked. Several F.B.I. nuclear bomb experts have also entered the room and are in front of the closet. From the numbers the chairman gave them, an agent first opens the combination lock. Then the professional lock picker successfully picks open the second lock. The sliding door is pulled open and just as Mr. Dawson said; neatly piled on top of each other are four flat squared, large aluminum suitcases, with a fifth one standing on the side of the stack. An agent reaches in and slowly removes the five of them. Agents pick them up and quickly walk them out to a waiting specially made van. The men put the large suitcases into the small truck then shut and lock the doors closed. The van and a multitude of cars then drive off with red lights flashing.

In New York City federal detectives enter Mr. Dawson's home where he has hidden one atomic bomb. They immediately find the bomb and quickly remove it from the apartment.

Meanwhile, a massive number of F.B.I. agents and F.B.I., S.W.A.T. team members from New Jersey and New York City, merge towards the peer where the huge luxury yacht is supposed to be docked. Several police speedboats, with F.B.I. agents on them, are in the Hudson River and are also moving towards the pier. Two police helicopters are in the air flying towards the pier where the huge boat should be docked. Just as the massive amount of agents come on to the pier they see that the boat is not there.

Immediately the police boats, helicopters and cars all turn on their spotlights as well as powerful hand held beam lights and shine them onto the Hudson River. In less than thirty-seconds the yacht is spotted in the middle of the river at Thirty-Fifth-Street from the New York City side. One of the police boats quickly pulls up to a pier and lets dozens of F.B.I. agents on it as three other police speedboats move at top speed towards the yacht. The police helicopters shine bright spotlights on the luxury boat, then on loud speakers an officer says, "This is the police! Turn off your boat's motor! Officers are approaching your vessel and you will allow them to board!" The officer continues to demand saying, "If you have any weapons drop them and put your hands up!" The men on the boat are terrified. Several of them run below and grab the five metal suitcases. They all race back on deck and then throw all the large suitcases carrying the nuclear bombs overboard. Seconds later, two police-boats arrive and in fifteen seconds another one arrives. Police officers and F.B.I. agents board the boat with their weapons drawn ordering the men to lie flat on their stomachs with their hands above their heads.

Meanwhile, the suitcases continue dropping down into the river. Being that the yacht is in the direct middle of The Hudson River the suitcases drop four city blocks deep.

The first suitcase hits the bottom, then the second, then third and when the fourth hits a rock that is lying on the river's bottom its small computer system malfunctions causing the two thirds regular strength atomic bomb to explode. As this is happening, just as we see the water exploding up to the surface the yacht and police boats are burned to a cinder. The police speedboat carrying the extra F.B.I. agents is almost completely vaporized. The two low flying police helicopters explode and burn into nothingness.

We see at the bottom of the Hudson, the three Lincoln tunnel pathways completely rupturing open. Cars, trucks and buses in them are all swept away and vaporized. We watch the exploding blast continue right to the main entrances ripping the entrance walls away with river water gushing out where they once were. We see the cars, buses and trucks waiting to enter and or leave on the New Jersey side and New York City side, swept away by the rushing water.

Meanwhile, we see the flaming fire center of the blast burning at ten thousand degrees as the huge atomic mushroom cloud rises up and pushes out multi tens of thousands of gallons of salt water out of its way as it lifts up with its deafening cracking exploding sound. We watch the massive circling out destructive wave sweep towards the New Jersey side instantly disintegrating all the buildings before the cliffs. On the New York City side the blast almost completely vaporizes two huge ocean liners docked at separate peers. It continues completely wiping out property and killing everyone for almost three city blocks. After this distance the bomb's destructive power quickly dies down. In New York and New Jersey thousands of people are dead.

A man who filmed the entire atomic explosion from his skyscraper apartment with a camcorder, turned it in and now hours later the whole world watches the tragedy on television.

Days after this terrible event, the world, after watching on television, listening on radio, or reading in newspapers, believes the entire incredible story. How the chairman of one of the largest U.S. conglomerate businesses lied to the majority of his board of directors telling them the United States military made a contract with their company to build fifty nuclear bombs.

As the U.S, British and Canadian military continues battling their way through North Korea and Iran, these governments hear and see the story unfold on the news in their countries. They contact and tell the United States that they now believe the entire story and are no longer a threat to our country. The U.S. president has a meeting with his chief advisors after being given this information.

The Korean government is contacted and told the following conditions the United States has come up with concerning them. "We shall withdraw all troops if you give us a written statement by your governments highest officials that you will never drop a nuclear bomb on the U.S. We are warning you ahead of time, if you do drop a nuclear bomb on our country then not only will we retaliate by dropping an atomic bomb on your country. The United States with the help of N.A.T.O. forces shall invade and overthrow your government as quickly as possible!

Since we feel partially responsible we shall pay all fees to rebuild the bombed areas. In fact if you wish we shall immediately send the many tens of thousands of construction workers over to your country to rebuild the destroyed areas. We will also send over three hundred doctors and one thousand nurses. We will provide all the medicines and medical equipment needed to help heal the sick. We will fly and ship billions of dollars of food to feed the hungry in these areas." A day after receiving this faxed document the Korean president and his leaders completely agree to the U.S. conditions.

Meanwhile, the U.S. president decides to continue to move the United States and N.A.T.O armies towards the capital of Iran to overthrow the evil government. Less than two months after the U.S. moved into the country with N.A.T.O forces the capital is reached and overthrown. As the months pass the U.S. and her allies, with help from the United Nations located in New York City, set up a new democratic government in Iran.

Knowing the entire story how the huge U.S. conglomerate company built nuclear bombs, the president, congress and senate also now know through the years why there where several atomic bombs mysteriously blown up in the Nevada, desert. The United States now also believes in the possibility that the several times through the years when a nuclear bomb exploded over a different area of an ocean, the governments suspected of doing this were not lying when they swore that it was not them that did this. It might have been one of these huge worldwide companies testing a bomb. The public was never told of these mysterious illegal nuclear explosions.

Never wanting these situations to ever happen again, the federal government passes the following laws: "From now on it is illegal for any books, videos or DVDs to be made stating in any way how atomic bombs are made. All books, videos, DVDs or computer software explaining the slightest details on how a nuclear bomb is built must be immediately destroyed. Any type of equipment that can aid in building nuclear bombs is now not only illegal to buy but is illegal to manufacture. If anyone breaks these laws they can be sent to prison serving up to a life sentence or even receive the death penalty!"

The federal government also sets up the following. The federal, state, county and local (city and town) government shall send out on a regular basis specially trained investigators, to all very large businesses nationwide to fully investigate all their undertakings to assure this horrifying incident never again happens. These laws are passed in every N.A.T.O. country as well as many other countries in the world.

As the U.S. president is signing this into law we watch North Korea being rebuilt next we see Iran being rebuilt. Then we see the several blocks in New Jersey and New York getting rebuilt and as we watch the Lincoln Tunnel getting reconstructed we see U.S. government investigators calling the F.B.I. as they find a huge business either building or having nuclear bombs. A year later we see that the government has found forty-one nuclear bombs nationwide and the total of seven companies that built them through the years. In all the N.A.T.O. countries a total of fifteen bombs are found. As we see these people who ordered them built standing in front of a U.S. federal or a different country of the world's judge and they are sentenced to serve life sentences in prison, this movie ends.


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