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Before this movie begins shown on the big screen in perfect grammar lettering, the following two paragraphs just below shall be explained (read), for those who do not know what a chairman of the board is.

All businesses have an owner. Many times a business starts and might have two, three or more partners (owners). A major national or worldwide company that makes hundreds of millions of dollars or more a year can have five, ten, twenty or even more owners. An example, say a huge company that makes an average of one billion dollars gross per year has ten owners and each of these individuals own an average of five percent of the company. Then you have the person who owns the highest percent of this total business and it is fifty percent. Or this person owns thirty percent and the person who owns the second highest amount is fifteen percent. The individual who owns the highest percentage of a business is called the Chairman Of The Board. The Board Of Directors are the other people who own the smaller amount of the company. The president of the company is the top man in charge, hired by the Board Of Directors or the Chairman Of The Board to oversee and run their business.

A conglomerate means a huge business buys another huge business and another and even several more. All these gigantic companies have different famous names. But then we see that there is one underlying bigger name revealing that these businesses are all owned by one hugest, one (a conglomerate).

As this movie begins we watch several Atomic bombs explode, we next see the movie's title appear, "Chairman Of The Board." Then we move from one to another huge famous business franchise. As we continue we see that these different big businesses, are owned by one biggest level one. We then see a big corporate meeting getting ready to start. Seated at a huge table are the company president, executive vice president and the entire ten board of directors who together own a total of sixty percent of this conglomerate company. As there is low talking going on, we see that all the seats at this big table are occupied except for the seat at the top end of the table.

Then suddenly we are in front of a door that has the following chief executive title professionally painted on the outside stating, "Office Of, The Chairman Of The Board, Mr. William Dawson." (Mr. William Dawson owns forty percent of the company, the largest amount owned by any one individual.) Suddenly, this door swings open, we then see a man who is fifty-seven years of age (this man is William Dawson) with younger men wearing suits on each side of him as he leaves his office (the two men in suits with Mr. Dawson are his bodyguards). They escort him past several doors down the long hallway.

Suddenly, the three men are in front of a door with large professional words engraved on the outside stating, "Conference Room." One of the bodyguards opens the door and Mr. Dawson enters the room. The company president, who was watching the entrance door the entire time, hits a wooden hammer on a thin block of wood that is in front of him as he speaks out in a strong voice saying, "All rise for the honorable Chairman Of The Board, Mr. William Dawson!" As the president is saying this every man seated at the huge table stands up. Mr. Dawson continues walking to his seat at the head of the large table, arriving he sits down. Looking into everyone's eyes from his seat the chairman then says, "You all may be seated." Hearing this the twelve men reseat themselves.

Mr. Dawson starts to speak saying, "It is my goal to get many military contracts from the United States federal government for several reasons. One is because I believe as we have been expanding our business we have always only invested in companies that are already established and have proven through time that they have what it takes to continue being successful. The U.S. government would probably be financially wise, one of the safest investments for our billion dollar conglomerate organization. After we get a contract from them all we have to do is come up with what they wanted and then the money profits we make will at least be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Also, in time, since we have done a good job having correctly built things for the military they shall always come back asking us to construct more billion-dollar military weaponry." He continues saying, "I cannot speak for any other company hired by the U.S. government but since I love this country I know that our huge company will do all it can to build the absolute best weaponry systems for our great nation!" Just after the powerful chairman finishes saying this his board of directors give him a lengthy standing ovation.

That night we see Mr. Dawson at home in his living room watching the television. We see he is viewing military footage on his DVD player. This film shows scenes of World-War Two, Korean War, Vietnam War and the Desert Storm War. He then watches the World Trade Towers being struck by the two different commercial passenger airliner jets. He next views scenes of the partially destroyed smoking Pentagon just moments after it got struck by a commercial airliner that was hijacked by the same group of evil fanatical terrorists that destroyed The World Trade Towers. He then watches scenes of the United States military going after the terrorist Islamic group al-Qaeda. He next sees the U.S. military overthrow the evil, dangerous, Iraqi government.

Seeing enough of this, he ejects the DVD and quickly puts into the player another one. Just as the film is underway we see him watching nuclear bombs exploding at test sites from different parts of the world. Meanwhile, as we are seeing Mr. Dawson watching this on his television, we move around his living room and see neatly laid out clippings from newspapers and magazines that go as far back as five years ago. As we pull up and look closely at these news clippings we see that the articles mention countries that are causing the United States problems, becoming a dangerous threat to us. The reason could be because they are starting to build several nuclear bombs even when we urged them not to.

Unknown to most of the other members of the board of directors, on behalf of his huge company Mr. Dawson already applied for the billion dollar military contract and was turned down. Also unknown to most of his board, he is a man with distorted views. He thinks since the U.S. government is not doing much about these smaller governments, using nuclear power to produce atomic bombs, and there are other nations obtaining through science, massive destructive authorities (this would be by having warehouses of biological warfare chemicals, anthrax, small-pox, plague, so on) therefore it is up to him, the chairman of one of the largest business franchises in the U.S., to do something about it.

He sets up a meeting with his board of directors to be in a few days. The day arrives, at the meeting, documents that are stamped with the words, "Top Secret," are handed out to each executive. Mr. Dawson starts talking and lying by telling the other men of authority in his company that his office contacted the U.S. federal government and they agreed to let their huge conglomerate have the multi billon dollar top-secret contract. The men all applaud after hearing the chairman's comments. He continues saying, "This top secret contract shall exclusively be for building our country's newest most advanced nuclear weapons."

The applauds continues for about thirty seconds then the chairman tells the group of men, "Open the document that is in front of you to page two." Each man does this and sees drawings of housing complexes and of a huge modern warehouse. He continues telling them, "This is how the military wants this done. On eighty acres of land our company owns, sixty miles from Las Vegas, Nevada, we shall hire a large number of contractors who in less than a year shall build living quarters for more than three hundred scientists and over two hundred and fifty technicians. The reason for this is because they must live at this location for the several years it will take to construct these fifty advanced nuclear bombs. They will have no telephones only intercoms in their living quarters. No one will have his or her own private car. If traveling is required, one of our vans or buses will transport them. This is to assure that our building these bombs stays Top Secret for the United States government. All these people shall sign contracts before they begin working with us. If any of them break the contract commitment they will be arrested, tried then sent to a maximum-security prison for many years. Because of these stiff conditions they each shall receive a very large salary. A huge several story high warehouse will also be quickly constructed. This warehouse will be where the just mentioned scientists and technicians shall build the fifty nuclear bombs. After the work has been completed and the government has stored all the nuclear weapons, then all the workers may return to their homes and families." After explaining all of the conditions, the meeting is concluded.

A few weeks after the meeting, a huge company is hired. Then, quickly as possible a multitude of workers begin constructing the buildings where all the workers shall live. At the same time other construction workers are building the massive sized warehouse where the nuclear bombs are going to be made. First the housing complex is completed then four months later the huge warehouse is finished being built. All the expensive equipment needed to build the nuclear bombs is then put into the warehouse.

The huge company then gets mail lists and telephone numbers of top scientists and technicians who live throughout the United States. First a letter is sent out to each one of these individuals and then, it is followed up with a phone call by a professional operator. These people are told by letter as well as by the telephone operators that if they agree to work for this company under a contract agreement they shall receive a very large salary (the salary range is listed in the letters and told by the operators) and an excellent benefits package.

A few months after the letters were mailed and the telephone operators made the phone calls hundreds of men and women step out of the more than two-dozen charter buses that brought these highly skilled workers to the location. First, each person is to go to his or her assigned living quarters to unpack and to get to know where they will be living, then before anyone starts working a huge meeting is called.

At the meeting in front of the more than five hundred and seventy five workers a speaker stands before a podium and states, "Since you all are now working to build weapons for the national security of The United States, anything anyone sees or hears must remain as Top Secret information." The speaker continues saying, "If anyone is caught leaving this base without permission they could be shot by one of the posted armed guards!" The speaker continues telling the rules for another twenty minutes. Then the man who shall be in charge of the entire amount of workers stands in front of them and gives a patriotic pep speech. He finishes in less than fifteen minutes. The scientists and technicians then leave and go to their apartments and houses.

The next day at nine thirty in the morning we see all these highest educated people (meaning they almost all have doctorate degrees) in the huge warehouse working.

Months pass and the workers get past the first twenty percent stage of building seven nuclear bombs. More time passes, then after three years it appears that seven nuclear bombs are finished. Six months later another five are completed and as another year passes a total of twenty-one atomic bombs are done.

Meanwhile, as the nuclear bombs are being made the chairman of the board has been looking for and finding other fanatical people like him. These men who are on the edge of sanity have secret meetings together. At these meetings they read newspaper and magazine articles out loud to each other. These articles that they read always only explain how a certain country is planning to or is building nuclear weapons. This country might have warehouses of advanced biological warfare (anthrax, small-pox, plague, so on). Another country may be saying threatening things about the United States in the world news. What the men discuss at these meetings is how the U.S. government is not doing much about these hostile governments. The men horrifyingly conclude that since the U.S. government will not take care of these problems that are sure to explode in the future, then it is up to them to do something about it.

They start to put together a list of what they believe are the most dangerous countries in the world threatening the safety of the United States. They know that Russia and China are too powerful and if any nuclear weapons are dropped on them they would research and find out that a wealthy U.S. business did it and they probably would then drop the same amount if not more atomic bombs on United States as retaliation. These two countries have thousands of nuclear weapons and in a war with them there would be no winners.

Mr. Dawson and the other men's plan are to drop bombs on countries that have less than ten atomic bombs. These men are hoping that after they drop a bomb on a country like this, in fear of nuclear retaliation the U.S. will have no choice but to move into these countries with full military force and quickly overthrow the evil governments. The U.S. then shall set up new governments in these areas of the world just like they did in Iraq.

Before moving forward with their plan, Mr. Dawson has the remaining nuclear bombs, which are not going to be used, moved to different parts of the country. He has five secretly moved to a huge luxury yacht he owns and has docked at a peer in the Hudson River off Weehawken, New Jersey. He has five other bombs secretly moved to a high security medium sized warehouse in Chicago, Illinois. He has one put in his high-rise luxury condo apartment in Manhattan, New York City. The rest remain locked away in the warehouse where they're being built.

Since Mr. Dawson's business franchise is one of the largest in the United States, after receiving permission from these less powerful evil nations, it is nothing to have one of their business jets fly over these countries. They really would love to drop the bombs on military sites, major weapon-storage buildings or weapon building factories or on an area where their atomic bombs are being made. But alas, it would be impossible to get permission to fly over these restricted areas. If any of the company's commercial cargo jets fly over one of these areas, there is no doubt that it will be shot down. Because of this, Mr. Dawson and the other men regretfully pick out two major cities in each country to drop the regular strength nuclear bombs on.

They decide the first two countries to drop a nuclear bomb on are North Korea and Iran. Because Mr. Dawson's company has twenty-one weapons completed, he decides there is no time to lose. His plan is waiting for as long as it takes while his company's specially trained operators try to convince North Korea and Iran that his company's commercial jets need to fly over their countries strictly because of business purposes. As soon as he receives permission he will send four of his company's business jets. Two planes will fly into each country over designated areas and then each jet will drop one bomb exploding a total of four, two in each country.

After several appointed secretaries negotiate for a few months North Korea and Iran finally give the permission needed to fly Mr. Dawson's company commercial business jets over these two countries.

The nuclear weapons are the latest most advanced therefore they are so compacted that each one is stored in a large lightweight aluminum suitcase.

The large business cargo jets are at two different airports; they are fueled and ready to fly. Not knowing about the nuclear bombs, two pilots and a radio communication expert board each jet. Then three men pull up in a luxury car close to each jet. As they get out of the car they walk to the back of the automobile and open it's trunk. Two of the men reach in and each one pulls out one of the large aluminum suitcases. They walk to a flight of stairs and up into the jet. The first two jets take off and fly to their separate destinations in North Korea.

At a different airport fifteen minutes later, the third and fourth jet takes off and flies to their two different destinations in Iran.

The four jets are scheduled to drop the bombs all at the same time. They fly at different speeds to assure arriving at their appointed destinations at the same time. After many hours of flying at a very high altitude the four jets fly in over separate areas of each country. As each pilot reaches the designated country, he announces this fact on the intercom. Within a few minutes the pilots on the four different jets confirm to each other by radio that they are flying over their assigned country. The pilot on each jet then relays this information to his small crew. All this time the pilots still do not know the real reason why they are flying over these communist countries. The pilots in each jet have an exact time schedule to be over a certain area of the country.

The four jets arrive, the pilots on an intercom as earlier instructed, tell the men in the cargo part of the jet that they are over the designated areas. The aluminum suitcases are all quickly opened. A combination is quickly typed in then keys are inserted and turned. The bombs are set to explode when they hit the ground. The men then force open the cargo door of each jet and throw out the suitcases containing the nuclear bombs.

Minutes later we see the suitcases come streaking out of the sky and hit the ground, exploding on impact. From the different areas a total of four huge mushroom clouds rise up. Each bomb instantly destroys everything in a three quarter square mile radius. The pilots not expecting anything first see a blinding flashing light, then hear a deafening exploding sound below. They next experience some turbulence. As each one of them looks out of the cockpit window to see why they saw the scary light then hear the exploding sound. They see the horrifying huge mushroom cloud below as they continue to fly back home at top speed.

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