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There are many science teachers throughout the world. This story unfolds around one. Still a young man in his early forties, he is a true genius at his trade, knowing great scientific facts and truths he teaches regularly to his students.

As a child he loved when his scout troop would go camping. While camping deep in the wilderness he notices that the night skies are always completely filled with stars. This unbelievable visibility he has never seen before, stars clustering everywhere his upturned head would move. Being completely amazed at this breathless sight he calls his scoutmaster to him asking him, "Why sir, are there so many stars visible out here when we go camping? There must be countless thousands of them. When I am home, in the city, I can barely see only four or five dozen at night." The scoutmaster tells him, "This breath taking number of stars you see now, is about the actual way it looks from all around our entire planet, earth, when it is dark outside.

There are two reasons why you cannot see this amazing sight at night when you are at home in the city. One reason is because of the city lights such as streetlights, cars, houses etc. All these lights block out the stars. The other reason is urban pollution from cars, houses, factories, etc. Out here in the country there are so few man made lights and almost no pollution. Because of this, the visibility is almost perfect. Besides what you're seeing here right now there are an unlimited number of galaxies of stars throughout the universe." So amazed by this unfolded hidden mystery, he never forgets growing up what he saw and learned during his camping days when he was a young boy scout.

He becomes utterly fascinated with science by reading books and watching science programs on television. He learns that when a tree, a plant, a bug, a fish or an animal dies, in time it's remains seeps into the earth. After many thousands of years go by, it then turns into a combustible liquid and coal. Then man digs and drills down into the earth retrieving this combustible liquid and coal. Worldwide mankind uses from the earth all this to heat our homes and businesses, run our automobiles and give artificial light to us.

After reading about this in science books and watching television programs on this subject, he begins to see a great scientific truth. Remembering, when he was a boy scout during his camping days and saw all these endless stars in space; the reason he now believes why they are burning on fire is because they are filled with fossil fuel, thus meaning they were once very long ago earth like planets.

After realizing this, he begins a studying blitz. He goes to different libraries all around his area and takes books out on the subject. He learns it takes many millions even billions of years for an earth like planet to get so filled with fossil fuel that it finally catches on fire and becomes a sun (a star). He finds out from his research that our planet earth in many millions of years from now will also be so filled with fuel from dead trees, plants, animals, bugs, even man, that it will catch on fire too; becoming a sun (a star). Since at least the majority of stars in outer space, once many millions and billions of years ago were earth like planets; there is an endless amount of what was earth like planets throughout space.

He gets a completely new way of seeing the reality of how outer space is. Before, he thought that beings more advanced than the way we are on earth, were the U.F.O.'s people claim to see here and there in the skies worldwide. These space beings, if they exist, seem to be only up to one or two thousand years more advanced than the way humans currently are on earth. Before they began burning on fire, most of the completely endless amount of stars in outer space must have been earth like planets. This would clearly mean that there are beings multi millions and maybe even billions of years older and more advanced than the way we are right now on planet earth and there would be many of them living throughout the endless limits of space. He now believes these most advanced beings from outer space would be the ones that we humans on earth should most fear and respect.

Meanwhile, knowing all this, he finishes his schooling and becomes a science teacher. He teaches these facts to all his students. There are great truths on the realities of outer space. He shows them DVD and video films of the countries night sky and shows his students DVDs, videos and books explaining this whole truth. (The actual amount of stars that would be visible to the naked eye if, was not for man made lights and pollution from planet earth.)

As the science teacher was viewing a certain cable channel on television, he watched as the narrator explained; that since man now has the technology to reach the depths of the oceans, researchers have discovered thousands of miles of deep canyons on the floors of the earth's five oceans. As the narrator explained this fact, this incredible discovery was then shown on the television. As the science teacher watched this amazing sight, the narrator explained that many of the canyons are ten, fifteen or more miles deep and researchers have mapped out about one percent of them so far.

Having figured out why these deep canyons exist, the science teacher then telephoned the cable network that aired the program, which explained and showed, on television, the recent discovery of the existence of deep canyons located throughout the floors of the five earth's oceans. He requested, then paid with his credit card and had mailed to his home address this certain episode.

At school the teacher shows the science DVD on a fifty-inch projection television in his classroom. After he plays the DVD to all his students, the science teacher explains the reason these canyons exist throughout the ocean floors of the earth. It is because many millions or even billions of years ago the earth's magma, located at its center, was dramatically larger. It was so large that lava came up pouring through these thousands of miles of canyons. In fact the massive amount of canyons on the floor of the oceans clearly explains the concluding proof that the earth, millions, even billions of years ago was a large sun (a burning star).

Many billions of years, or even much longer ago, the big bang accrued or even our area of the black endless empty universe's big bang exploded outward. As it happened, tiny particles of molten fire blew away from it. These many millions of tiny burning particles that flew off into the vastness of outer space when compared to human beings dimensions of comprehension continue to just look like burning particles when looked at from a great distance; when in reality they are even huge burning suns (stars). The amount of big bangs occurring throughout the endless reaches of the physical universe in time can also be endless. As an exact level of nothingness exists, a lengthy certain sized bang in time occurs. Black Holes are simply huge certain areas of empty space where a big bang has not yet happened or they are barren areas while even a large amount of stars are near by. As a star (sun) finally starts to burn out, it then either eventually turns into an earth like planet because another fully burning nearby sun is also helping it to evolve this way or because it is pulled in time as long as up to even millions of years across one or even many galaxies (because of its huge center metal molten magna) to another fully burning sun.

A sun's center molten metal magma is magnetized to the soon to be earthlike planet. With the help of all the nearby stars it starts it's long journey to this other sun. Many times the magnetic pull is so great that when a still partially burning soon to be perhaps an earth like planet arrives in another part of a galaxy it pulls right up crashing into this magnetizing star (sun).

As the earth was a continually burning sun, using up it's fuel, it began to shrink in size. (When the earth was a sun it was about eleven times larger than it currently is now.) When it's complete level of burning, on fire, decreased by two thirds, the earth became magnetized (pulled) by our current sun, which was a brand new sun that had only been burning for about ninety thousand years.

When a planet gets so filled with fossil fuel that it ignites and starts to burn as a sun, the fire is so hot it is as follows: if a person has seen fiery lava flowing down a volcano in a burning steam etc, in either photos in a book, newspaper, magazine or on television, you can then see how incredibly hot it is. Now this same burning lava you have seen when it was still deep inside either the earth or volcano, was much hotter, at least three times. This same burning molten rock and other ingredients in a burning sun are at least twice as hot as than lava that is deep in the earth or six times hotter than lava you see coming out of the earth through a volcano. A sun's hot lava completely burns even the hardest rocks to the core so what then happens is, the ingredients, metal, steel, aluminum, gold, silver, copper, lead, mercury, etc, that were a part of the now melted rock all completely sink to the center of the sun and form a huge metal like center named the magma. As the sun continues it's burning the magma grows steadily larger and because of this it acts as a magnet, which locked onto our earth's larger than now center, burning, molten magma.

Our earth, still burning at one third of its original temperature, left the location of the galaxy it was in and began to pull (travel) in the direction of our current sun. Tens of thousands of other stars located throughout space also helped direct its long journey as our current sun's center magnet continued pulling it in its direction. After about thirty million years the earth landed where it currently is (something like throwing an object and it lands in a certain place). As the earth rested (stopped) where it currently is, it's burning lessened to about twenty eight percent from its level of burning (one third) when it left its part of the galaxy.

Meanwhile, earth's current moon was an earth like planet that was about twice as large as it currently is. The magma (it's burning molten core) located at its center was about fifty percent as large as the planet was (this is the way earth's moon was about one billion years ago). The amount of fossil fuel inside of it was about double and an additional thirty percent more than the fossil fuel in our current earth when matched up to it by exact size ratio. It's sun, located at a different area of our galaxy, was burning out; it was burning at about twenty one percent its original full strength level. Life on the earth's moon had been dead for about one billion years because of it's dying sun. Because the moon's earth like inside (the huge burning magma core) was as it was, also aligned in a certain way with first our current sun and then our burning much larger back then traveling earth and the many thousands of nearby stars. The former earth like planet (earth's current moon) pulled out of its orbit about fifty thousand years after our larger burning earth started its long journey to our solar system.

After our twenty eight percent still burning and about six full times and a forty percent in addition larger than it currently is, earth finished its thirty million year journey. It arrived and stopped about where it currently is. About thirty thousand years later, our current moon (back then about twice as big as it is now) entered into our solar system and continued towards the larger partially burning earth. It kept coming towards and smashed into it at about ten thousand miles per hour. As this was happening the dramatically smaller planet, (the moon) smashed open right through the many thousands of miles of its ant farm like crust (dirt or outside). Our larger moon's magma finally then became completely exposed and then impacted against the earth, causing a huge explosion.

This impact caused about forty percent of the earth's outer layer of burning and non-burning fossil fuel to explode and instantly either quickly burn off or to fly out into outer space. Since this impact hit the moon's then huge magma, eighty percent of the fossil fuel out and inside ignited. After the complete impact, the earth's moon then flew back into its current orbit. Now that the earth's moon's fossil fuel had been ignited, it's entire outside began to burn. The moon lit up like a sun with about eighty percent of it now burning. It continued to burn and took about one million years for it to completely burn itself out.

The science teacher continues explaining to his students that after what our earth was, a sun, mostly burned out, the earth's form was something as follows; the earth's current land mass was mostly connected (one huge continent). The size of this land mass was about ten percent smaller than the earth's current worldwide landmasses. The earth's one huge ocean was different, many areas of it burned with fire because the original fossil fuel that caused it to burn even billions of years as a sun still had some combustible ingredients in it. As even millions of more years passed, the fossil fuel in the earth continued to burn out. The red hot molten magma located at the earth's center also continued to reduce in size causing the one large ocean to stop burning and to further neutralize into thick salt water.

One of earth's moon unmentioned invaluable services it performs for all of life on planet earth is; by being where it is in space it dramatically blocks out space winds and outer space cold from reaching our planet. If earth's current moon was not where it currently is it would mostly be safe to say that some, if not even most of earth's current life would not exist if it were not for our moon.

The science teacher figured what happened next in earth's evolution with the help of the following. After buying a bird calendar that had over two hundred photos of different species of birds and looking at the entire calendar then seeing how birds pure breed; the teacher remembers learning at school, from reading books, from watching television and from seeing it in every day life that just about all bugs, fish, retiles, birds and mammals pure breed and have been doing it as far back as ancient bones and fossils, scientists have found prove it.

Because of this the science teacher figures, even though evolution experts seem convinced that on earth mankind evolved directly from ape like ancestors, he is certain that man as well as all life (insects, fish, reptiles, birds, mammals) did all evolve through the countless millions and maybe even billions of years on earth, but he is now convinced that it happened exclusively from, "Cross breeding." Purebred animals, including bugs, fish, birds, reptiles and mammals purposely crossbred for however long it took until a dog came into existence and a cat finally came into being as well as all other creatures including the current form of man.

The science teacher is certain that earth's complete evolution of flesh life accrued like this; certain forms of insect life first formed then nature caused these bugs to develop antennas for a special mission (purpose). These antenna's, usually found above their heads, were developed so when the strongest and or absolute most intelligent insects sensed, realized and determined that life must advance and improve, they then sent and send out and or receive the order to cross breed (with their very advanced antennas). The purposely-performed cross breeding gets underway to build greater, stronger and more intelligent forms of life. As these smartest and strongest insects begin their cross breeding frenzy the second level of smartest and strongest insects first hear with their antennas the stronger and smarter insects order to aim and crossbreed and not too long afterwards many of them even witness it happening for themselves.

Since the rule in nature is to first exist and then survive, the insects at the second smartest and strongest level completely agree that life must advance and improve so they then copy the absolute strongest and smartest insects. Soon the crossbreeding frenzy spreads outwards by either regular average insects hearing orders on their antennas or from them seeing it happening and then copying it until not too long after it began it reaches the world's entire insect population. The smartest and strongest insects determined that the hugest level of bugs should exist and then life that is not only right for this worldwide hotter planet but creatures that can completely rule it with unquestionable authority. Because of this the order from their advanced antennas went out and was received ordering to continue aiming and then breeding to create all different species of dinosaurs.

The one huge ocean was 99.99---- percent lifeless with no forms of life in it. The world's smartest and strongest insects sent out and received the order on their antennas to aim and then crossbreed to start filling the gigantic ocean with life. Twenty years later at the shores of the ocean millions of different kinds of new life forms crawled onto the beaches and then into the ocean. This massive filling the ocean with life went on for millions and even billions of years. Once these creatures were in the ocean they then continued the crossbreeding frenzy until natures desired amount of different species of fish, etc, life existed.

About one million years after the earth's entire insect population began the cross breeding frenzy to create many different forms of land creature's huge dinosaurs began coming into being. At this time our earth was about twice as large as it currently is. There was mostly one huge ocean and the huge landmasses on its other side were again all connected. As the crossbreeding continues about ten million more years pass and the smartest and strongest of world's insect population determines that a version of man must come into being so they send out their order on their advanced antennas to all insect life and flesh life to aim and cross breed to create this very primitive form of man (much more animal than man).

Since the entire earth was hot, dinosaur's worldwide population eventually reached more than four billion.

About one billion years passed then suddenly a huge meteorite, about the current size of the sovereign country of Mexico, entered earth's solar system and continued towards our larger earth. It entered the earth's atmosphere and then crashed into its single huge ocean at a speed of about ten thousand miles an hour. After hitting the bottom of the ocean it then entered the earth and continued moving through the inside of it. It reached the earth's huge magma and went through it. It continued smashing through the earth and then several hours after it entered it, exited and flew off into outer space traveling now at about two thousand miles per hour. The huge asteroid lost about one third of its size as it exited the earth. It also came bursting out through an area of twenty three percent away from the ocean on the world's one huge landmass.

As it bust out of earth's one huge landmass, the huge earthquake like vibrations it made began to cause the earth's one huge landmass to split into many different sections. Meanwhile, because the huge asteroid first crashed into the earth through an area of the one huge ocean, the gigantic bottomless hole it made began to fill with ocean water, draining out the earth's one ocean. As the ocean came close to and then ran onto the earth's red-hot molten magma it began to turn off its huge outer layer. Several hours after the gigantic ocean began entering the large opening the meteorite left, it started to completely pass through the earth and began exploding out of the other side. As it continued to come out pouring over the splitting one huge landmass, about twenty minutes later it started to completely move apart the gigantic sections of land. In about twenty-eight hours all the many different huge landmasses stopped traveling away from each other and began re-rooting on the ground where they each stopped (thus leaving the world's landmasses as they currently are).

One of the earth's huge landmasses stopped traveling and re-rooted right over the second of the massive holes. Many hours later a different large landmass stopped traveling and re-rooted over the first huge hole the meteorite left, thus the two gigantic holes were plugged.

The one huge ocean completely passed through the earth at a ninety nine percent ratio in about twenty hours. This caused the world's huge center fiery magma to completely burn out at about a fifty percent ratio. The huge meteorite caused about eighty percent of the earth's dinosaurs to drown when the ocean gushed out through the huge exit hole on the one gigantic separating land mass.

Before the huge meteorite hit the larger sized planet earth, the average worldwide temperature was about ninety-two degrees. About one week after the meteorite, the size of the country of Mexico, blasted out of the earth and flew back into outer space, the earth's worldwide average temperature dropped to about twenty-nine degrees below zero. Five weeks after the gigantic meteorite exited the earth, the worldwide average temperature further dropped to about fifty-three degrees below zero. The worldwide average temperature continued dropping and in an additional six months, it maximized at seventy degrees below zero. At about this time the world's hottest area average degree was about ten degrees above zero. This average ten-degree temperature covered about one third of the earth's entire landmasses. Scientists know this period in history as, "The Ice Age." The majority of the Ice Age lasted about six hundred years. After this time (600 years) the earth's average temperature raised to about thirty degrees below zero. At this time the one-third hottest land mass areas rose from ten to an average of about fifty degrees above zero.

From the start of the entire Ice Age, about eighty-eight percent of all life that was the closest in evaluation to earth's current man migrated to and lived at this one third hottest areas of the world. About one thousand one hundred years after the huge meteorite exited the earth, the entire Ice Age ended. During the many centuries long Ice Age dinosaurs fate was as follows: Eighty percent of the entire about four billion of the earth's land dinosaurs were again killed by the huge waves of the flood caused by the gigantic meteorite. About eight hundred million dinosaurs worldwide survived through that incident.

About one hundred years into the Ice Age, only about thirty thousand dinosaurs remained alive. About ninety nine percent of these surviving dinosaurs all lived in the warmest two percent of the world's land. About fifty percent of our direct ancestors (man) also lived in this warmest two percent of the world. There was about fifty-five thousand of them (man's ancestors) living in this area. These ancestors of ours helped stop the dinosaurs growth and killed first for food and then for self defense, about one third of this population (of dinosaurs) by the end of the about one thousand-one hundred year Ice Age, were killed by man's ancestors. At the end of the one thousand-one hundred year Ice Age about twenty five thousand of the fifty thousand dinosaurs in this warmest two percent area of the world survived. In another three hundred years only about twenty percent of these dinosaurs still remained alive.

The five thousand that still lived had the absolute smartest minds and best genes of the entire race of the earth's dinosaurs and found a way to survive. With them and the entire world's remaining dinosaurs, a total of about fifteen thousand smartest and strongest dinosaurs remained alive in the world. As time continued these last dinosaurs also vanished out of existence.

Meanwhile, long before and as the dinosaurs walked the earth to bring all other forms of life into being crossbreeding continued. Because life on earth started from the insects and their cross breeding which is at such a frenzy state, the next stage of life (fish and reptiles) hears the orders from all insects advanced antennas and follows the absolute level of cross breeding. As insects continue to purposely cross breed now with fish and reptiles also doing it then as birds come into being, they hear from the bug's antennas orders to also completely cross breed. Next as mammals come into existence (which happened mostly after earth's Ice Age) they also completely obey nature and perform cross breeding until the desired amount of new mammal species exist.

Because the meteorite hit and then went completely through the earth, causing the Ice Age, knowing that the dinosaurs failed to survive through this disaster, the earth's insect population sent the order on their antennas for crossbreeding to aim for a highly intelligent form of life, so this smartest level species would find a way to survive through any future Ice Age. So therefore first mammals and then in time (the absolute highest level mammal possible in the physical outer universe meaning, 'outer space') man and woman finally appear in his and her current form.

The science teacher knows that all of mankind began switching, changing into his and her current physical form mostly at the same time, together, in all areas of the world (this was an act of nature that was completely premeditated and calculated through constant cross aiming and than breeding). Once the desired type of, bug, fish, reptile, bird, mammal including man became the way nature wanted, all the mentioned forms of earth's life switched back to pure breeding, once again to maintain all the current forms of life, as mankind currently knows it.

The skins (flesh) of the world's people are of different colors and or a male and female are slightly different in appearance (their features) than another one is strictly because of the area of the earth they or their ancestors lived in for even many, many thousands or more years. The science teacher teaches his discovered fact to all his students (all of life on earth evolved through millions or even billions of years of premeditated cross aiming and then breeding and most likely this cross breeding started with the first forms of the world's insects by them using their antennas to give and receive the order).

He continues explaining to his students that after what our earth was, a sun, mostly burned out and became an almost dead (star) sun. The remaining liquid that caused the earth to burn as a sun now exists as follows; inside the earth trillions of gallons of the world's liquid was still combustible but as much as a third of it has been and the remaining amount is currently being used mostly through the last two centuries to heat homes, businesses and run automobiles, rail and subway cars, boats and ships, airplanes and jets.

There are still many trillions of gallons of liquid that did not burn and this liquid in time further neutralized becoming earth's five oceans, seas and rivers. Meanwhile, the earth's current sun continued shining down (on the earth) causing the oceans salt water to evaporate thus making clouds to exist and next fresh water and then the first stages of life on earth.

The science teacher also explains to his students that most likely the planets and moons that are in our solar system believed to be completely dead (barren) in certain small or very small landmass areas currently do and or are able to support life, because of the following reasons and probable facts.

Looking at the earth's moon in a different, clear way we will see this incredible fact explained: scientists are certain that the earth's moon is about one third the exact size of planet earth. Now since this fact is complete truth, did you know that therefore the moon's complete landmass, being that it has no large oceans, is about the exact same as planet earth's complete worldwide landmasses combined. So therefore again, this is an unbending fact, that the earth moon's complete land mass is exactly the same size as planet earth's complete landmasses!

With this physical factual truth my example is: everyone knows that a man when losing his hair can lose in a lifetime, ten percent or twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety or even ninety-one, ninety-two, ninety-three, ninety-four, ninety-five, ninety-six, ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety-nine.

Ninety-nine and a quarter percent, ninety-nine and a half, ninety-nine and three quarters percent. Ninety-nine-point-one, ninety-nine-point-two, ninety-nine-point-three ninety-nine-point-four, ninety-nine-point-five, ninety-nine-point-six, ninety-nine-point-seven, ninety-nine-point-eight, ninety-nine-point-nine. Ninety-nine-point-nine-point-one, ninety-nine-point-nine-point-two, etc.

Therefore, following the example just mentioned, a certain man's possible hair loss ratio, one can see that the moon can have a small and even much smaller undetected area or areas of it's complete landmass that are earthlike. (An atmosphere containing breathable oxygen, having clouds, regular fresh water, plant life, bug, reptile, bird, mammal even human like being, forms of life.)

The complete moon wide earth like areas can be even no more than the size of the U.S., state of New Jersey or half the size or a quarter the size or ten or even five percent, etc the size of the U.S. state of New Jersey.

Since the planet Mars is perhaps ten times the size of our planet earth then a complete Mar's wide earth like landmass may be the size of the largest state in the U.S., California and this mentioned type of landmass can virtually go unnoticed by earth's regular or NASA astronomers. So therefore other seemingly barren planets located through the endless reaches of outer space can very partially be earthlike at different areas throughout their entire massive landmass regions.

One reason why the just mentioned exists is likely because of an area or areas where from steady volcanic activity or an area or areas where molten hot lava regularly comes up at and through different areas of land masses over a period of even hundreds of thousands, millions or billions of years thus giving this possible scientific ratio a chance for this to happen. There are many other unmentioned ways and reasons why a sadly ignorantly observed thought to be barren planet can be partially or very partially earth like.

As the science teacher explains everything just mentioned to his students we watch it all happening.

With him knowing these facts, he is always inwardly distressed and afraid. He knows that the world we live in is a mess, nuclear weapons continually growing worldwide, man's injustices to man (his brother). He thinks, "If man keeps advancing the way he is, in the not too distant future, will he become a threat to these furthest advanced beings that must be out there in outer space? Just one of us humans might figure out how to infect them with a deadly disease. Then this person teaches the rest of us how to possibly destroy these advanced beings."

The teacher also believes that since the earlier mentioned outer space aliens would be so advanced; they have no right to hurt the inhabitants of earth. Instead of destroying mankind, if we are a threat to them, they should have begun raising us from long ago the way they wanted, like parents who raise their own children. Now it is too late for these ancient super advanced beings from outer space to find us on earth a growing threat to them, they must accept us. This is his belief, even thought we might be a possible danger to them.

But one horrible day while walking home from his science-teaching job, suddenly it happens. Coming from multi millions of light year miles away from planet earth seven beings appear in the clear day sky. Their bodies bobbing up and down slightly as they walk towards the earth. Through all the time zones around the world; in India, China and all other countries where it is night the dark skies suddenly are a blaze lighting up as if it were daytime; revealing the seven terrifying super advanced men from outer space. Their terrifying faces are expressionless; and no one can hide from their lifeless, glass-like staring eyes as they continue walking towards the earth.

As they continue getting closer to the earth they begin to speak without their mouths opening, every person from around the world hears them talking in the native language that they mostly know and understand. A terrifying, screeching, thundering voice is heard as one of them says out loud, "Why should we let these beings live?" Just after this, another alien from the group with a completely different horrifying sounding voice says, "They are a threat to our existence!" As they all continue getting closer another one of the terrifying seven says in its unique scary echoing thundering voice, "To think that one of them from this multitude cannot teach the others how to harm us is a lie!"

As this is going on, in the streets below people everywhere are screaming and running wildly. Because these beings are so far advanced and wish to destroy human life on earth, by sheer mental will power they cause many individuals below to vaporize (skin melting off of bones). Human bodies are also exploding while these earthlings scream and cry.

The aliens want to prove that we are not worthy to have the gift of life, so they reveal these people's sins by unfolding them in front of their minds as they die. Not only sins that were committed but also sins that would be committed if these individuals were slightly tempted. Millions of people are being killed this way. But then, suddenly, these super advanced beings begin back walking away from the earth and vanish.

The military moves into all areas nationwide. Several million people are dead in the United States. Being that this same horrifying catastrophic event has happened throughout the entire earth, over one hundred million people are dead worldwide. The science teacher lived through this nightmare that has just happened. He and billions of people from different nations all around the world watch this breaking news on television. Individuals turn in DVD and video film recorded from their general public who own camcorders, thus revealing how this whole terrifying event unfolded in each of these hundreds of countries. The United States and other world governments are completely stunned and try to work on how to defeat these alien creatures should they return.

Meanwhile, the science teacher is bewildered, the very thing he dreaded happening, happened. Walking the city streets dazed, he sees monuments made by family members, relatives and friends in honor of the memories of the beloved people they knew that no longer live because of the horror from outer space. He sees people weeping before these memorials, some on their hands and knees and others are couples with arms around each other as they cry and sob, He returns home from his walk through the depressed city streets. Seated in his living room now, a tear falls from his eye, wiping it away he says out loud to himself, "My God, what if they are not done, what if they return to finish their evil mission."

After saying this thought, suddenly, the science teacher finds himself standing up in a large fully brick walled room, with graffiti on these walls. As he reaches his hand out towards one of these walls, he thinks, "Where am I and what does this graffiti writing on these walls say?" Just then his senses feel a fast growing terrifying presence. He falls to his knees, then he flattens his body on the floor and begins completely trembling as he says out loud, "One who is way up on high, please, go away from me. I am afraid!" A voice of thunder, then many oceans, then thunder again speaks to him saying, "My son, be not afraid, have courage!" This voice feels like it has authority over every known and unknown thing in existence. After hearing this, the science teacher gains enough courage to listen and speak.

The now slightly less terrifying ocean thunderous voice tells him, "I am many trillions of light years away from you, thinking just one thought towards you and walking backwards from your direction so that you do not die from my awesome presence while we speak to each other! I am a being much older than the ones that appeared from the heavens, killing many of the earth's people several days ago! They are multi-millions of years old while I am many billions of your years old! I agree with you, they cannot destroy all the people on the earth; they should have taken part in your evolution! You threaten them! But I am not threatened and never will be! There is a beautiful way of being, in time; earth's people will find it however! Very soon, they will reappear, to finish what they started a few days ago! I have picked you out before you were born! You are the chosen one who will protect the people of the earth from now on from such creatures! When they appear again you will become as my son, the heir to my throne and power! You will be exalted up to such complete power, then you will defeat them and they will be vanquished by you! When they soon appear again, you will know what to do!" After these final words are spoken, shaken, the science teacher finds himself back in his living room seated on his couch with his hands over his face.

A couple of days go by. He goes outside to shop for things on the avenue. A sudden chill is in the air. Everyone in all directions has stopped what they are doing. Every person, including the science teacher's head is upturned towards the heavens; then it happens. The sky turns gray and black. The seven alien beings reappear, their bodies bobbing up and down as they walk towards the earth. One of them in a horrifying, echoing loud voice says, "Now we will finish the job we started a short time ago!" Another one says, "To defend our lives!" People again in the streets below are running in horror and terror.

The science teacher suddenly vanishes and then reappears in the sky hovering slightly above, facing the seven beings and less than twenty yards away from them, as they descend towards the world. Terrifying angelic like beings fly around him, some playing trumpets others of these sword wearing warring angelic like beings are on striking white winged stallions. The now frighteningly, exulted teacher is clothed in a white robe clustered with priceless jewels. On his head is a golden crown lined with many jewels and diamonds. His face is blazing with light. His feet are walking on the deepest ocean of waters.

The seven evil beings change their walking towards the earth to the science teacher; as this is happening, one of them says out loud, "You will let us complete our mission!" Another one of the evil beings says to him as they all continue coming closer, "You will die with the multitude from the earth!" As the science teacher begins to speak, the terrifying angels fly from him straight to, then around the seven beings. The transformed science teacher says in a loud thunderous voice, "You will be punished for the deaths you caused and for the evil work you are about to commit!" While he is saying this he lifts up both of his arms then from his hands, large bolts of pure lightening like energy conducts, striking and thundering into the bodies of the seven evil aliens. Each one of them becomes frozen, then while standing motionless, they all die. They are then transported back from where they came and are destroyed and cremated (melted) in front of their origin.

From the exulted science teacher in thunderous words from the seven evil alien's origin and from all other areas of the deepest parts of outer space he says, "The planet earth is under the care of the begotten son of power and justice from way up on highest! Woe to the seven! The same fate awaits whoever challenges the safety of the inhabitants of the planet earth!"

The exulted science teacher saves the people of the earth from the alien's attack. He continues to live his life out on our planet earth as a science teacher with the appearance of one of us humans. Hidden, he is now the son of a being many billions of years old. Because of this, the teacher is dramatically further advanced on the evolutionary scale than humans living in the world are. Therefore seen only to those of us who are watching this movie, as he walks through the crowded city streets we see a spiritual vision of him from within. He suddenly is wearing a snow-white robe and is holding a walking staff in his hand and has the appearance of a shepherd protecting his sheep. All the people around him and everywhere else on earth are like sheep baaing, he is protecting us. "This is why, after the last scene of the movie, I named this movie outline, Animal Planet."


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