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As this movie begins we see the United States Constitution being written by our founding fathers. We watch the right to bare arms section, being written into law. We then see this law remaining as the years pass.

We see people making guns at factories through the centuries, during this time we watch handguns get better built and more advanced. We watch men dual for a multitude of reasons from the time of the birth of the first handgun almost until the year nineteen hundred. We see people from the past right up to the present time at gun stores purchasing guns. Then we quickly pass through the millions of homes that own guns.

We next see gun lobbyists mostly hired by gun manufacturing companies at the United States Capital in Washington, D.C. We witness them trying to influence the federal congress members and senators. Some of these gun lobbyists would like to bring back the right to carry side arms, just like in the days of the old west.

Thinking one day they might have a chance of succeeding, these men always have ten or more powerful federal judges who besides practicing the right to bare arms, are willing to pass any ridiculous gun laws the gun manufactures want. Through the years we see that these lobbyists secretly have gained many supporters in the congress and senate. They even have one Supreme Court member known to them who not only practices the right to bare arms, he secretly also swears he will stand completely by any type of gun legislation these fanatical lobbyists want to pass into law.

We then witness a man with his wife at his side getting sworn in as, The President Of The United States by a Supreme Court Justice in front of a national and worldwide television and radio audience as well as many live spectators. The current newly elected president is behind all the gun manufacturers. Before his presidential win, he was a federal senator who secretly swore complete loyalty to the gun manufactures.

During the new president's first two years in office, something very rare happens; first one Supreme Court member dies in a car crash. The powerful gun lobbyists secretly approach the president and then tell him to appoint a certain federal judge to the Supreme Court to replace him, he does. The congress then accepts his choice. Three months later another one dies of natural causes being eighty-three years old. Again, after secretly meeting with the gun manufacture lobbyists the president replaces the justice with one of their powerful federal judges. Four months later another justice dies of cancer and three months after this, another one suddenly just retires. The president, secretly talking with the gun lobbyists, replaces them with two federal judges they picked. The congress disapproves one of the president's choices, so after speaking with the lobbyists the president appoints another, which the congress approves.

These powerful gun lobbyists, secretly speak to the four new lifetime appointed Supreme Court Justices. They hand them and the one justice, who has already sworn loyalty, a proposal telling the judges they want this made into a national law. This proposal goes as follows. "Anyone not having a criminal record and being over the age of eighteen can wear side arms and then may defend him or herself if challenged by another individual. A person may wear the side arms at any general business like when shopping or being outside. You cannot wear guns in any type of school or in houses of worship." The five new judges vote this into law a month later.

Many members of the congress and senate decide this is an irresponsible new law so they start preparing a bill for all the elected officials to vote on in order to knock it down. Hearing this news the president immediately tells them, "If this bill comes to my desk I will veto it!" Seeing it has a little too much support, the majority in the congress decides to wait until the next presidential election, which is in a little more than two years. They hope at that time a new president will be in office. They then will try to end this law.

Being that this is now law, the gun manufactures start a massive commercial campaign across the United States promoting the use of side arms. Within a few months, multi millions of handguns with belt holsters are sold nationally. Of the individuals who purchase the handguns seventy five percent are men and twenty five percent are women. Meanwhile, mostly at the Capital, Washington, D.C. and also in major cities across the U.S., people protest the Supreme Court's decision. Smaller groups of supporters of this new law march and rally, not only from at the U.S. Capital but also in different areas of the country.

Massive numbers of practice shooting ranges open up across the U.S. We see people become members of these places. We watch endless numbers of individuals drawing handguns from their belt holsters and shooting at paper human bull's-eye targets at these ranges. Then we see more and more people walking in the streets and in businesses wearing guns around their waists. We see many of these people buying and wearing clothes cowboys wore, back in the days of the old west over a century ago. Then we see, in many different areas across the country, mostly men challenge one another to a dual. As this goes on many men are getting reputations having ten kills another having fourteen, another having twenty kills.

In hospitals across the country there now are a growing number of people, predominately men, in their emergency rooms with serious gunshot wounds. We see them being readied for surgery or just returning from an operation to remove one or more bullets from their bodies. At this time the largest number of requests for blood donations in U.S. history is underway. Because they understand the need, we then witness the most massive amount of people ever donating their blood. We next witness the greatest number of people in U.S. history with this total amount being over ninety percent men, being laid out in funeral homes then getting buried or cremated.

Meanwhile, the more than two years have passed since this insane gun law was passed, the president runs for re-election and wins by a narrow margin over his opponent. Two months after the election the congress passes a bill stating this law would end by a fifty eight percent majority, it is then sent to the senate. It passes there by fifty-nine votes. Two weeks later the president vetoes this bill, allowing this law to remain.

Meanwhile, at different areas across the U.S. some gunfighters dual while wearing bulletproof vests. The United States Supreme Court passes an amendment stating, "If you are wearing one or more handguns on your person it is now illegal to be wearing a bulletproof vest."

At this time we enter a young man's life, who's name is Alfred. About a year ago Alfred bought a handgun and belt with a gun holster that he now wears around his waist most of the time when he goes outside.

One early Saturday afternoon as he is walking the streets and wearing his gun a man approaches him who is also wearing side arms. The other man is a known gunfighter with ten kills from duels over the past two years. Walking, his shoulder rubs against Alfred's as they pass each other. This man turns, facing Alfred who now also stops and turns facing this man. Standing about thirty-five feet apart the man angrily looks into Alfred's eyes and shouts at him saying, "Are you stupid?" He next looks down at the handgun hanging on the right side of his hip. He looks back into his eyes and say's, "Draw!" Because of nervous reflexes, even though he does not want to, Alfred goes for his gun with his right hand, but the stranger draws his gun faster and shoots Alfred in the chest. Alfred falls to the ground, dead.

Several police cars with sirens screaming and flashing lights pull up in front of this bloody scene. With their guns drawn the police approach the gunmen ordering them to put their hands up. The first gunman is handcuffed and the Miranda rites are read to him while the second gunman is examined and found to be dead. There were several eyewitnesses that tell the police and detectives both men were drawing their weapons. The police take the winner of the dual to the station house to question him. The paramedics arrive, finding Alfred is dead, following procedure they take him to the hospital. Meanwhile, back at the station, the police, doing a computer check on their suspect and finds that the man they have in their custody is a troublemaker having now eleven kills to his credit. Because of the new gun laws and the several eyewitnesses saying Alfred was drawing too and being he has no outstanding warrants the police release him.

Later that day Alfred's brother hears about him being shot to death in a dual. He leaves his manager in charge of his clothing store business as he goes to be with Alfred's wife and two young children. A few days after the funeral he calls the police from that town. After fighting with them for several minutes he realizes they won't do anything about it.

Alfred's brother, whose name is Richard, is a world-class champion gun drawer and shooter; through the years he has won many medals and trophies. He decides to go after this man. When he was on the telephone with the police, they gave him the name of the man who killed his brother. Buying a local newspaper and searching through it, Richard finds a photo of this man and reads a full account of the incident. Doing a little detective work Richard learns where this gunslinger lives. He then goes and waits near the apartment complex where this man resides.

After one day of waiting he sees the man, who is about twenty-five years old, leave the building with a gun on each side of his hips. Richard follows him, keeping a good distance between them. Following for just a short time, they walk onto a block where Richard feels ready to perform his mission. He sees several adults who will be able to act as witnesses for him telling the authorities it was a clean dual. He walks as fast as he can pass the killer of his brother and then turns about thirty-five feet in front facing him. Holding up his hands he orders, "Stop!" The young gunslinger obeys. Looking into each other's eyes Richard says, "You killed my brother in a gunfight about ten days ago and now I wish to challenge you to a gunfight, if you're man enough!" Staring at each other for several seconds, the man that killed Richard's brother then stands himself with his legs about a foot and a half apart and puts his arms in a ready to draw position. Richard then does the same. Both men stare at each other for what seems to be a long time. Suddenly, the man who killed his brother reaches for his gun, seeing this Richard draws quicker and shoots the man in the chest. He falls and as he struggles to move on the ground, he dies.

Richard waits as the police arrive a few minutes later. The authorities handcuff and take him to the police station. There were a few eyewitnesses who tell the police both men drew at each other. Seeing that Richard has no outstanding warrants they reluctantly give him his guns then release him.

He returns to his hotel room. Sitting on his bed, Richard remembers when he visited his brother's gravesite. He put flowers on the grave just before the head stone. Then he stood looking at his brother's name and the young age he was when killed. Knowing there are many ruthless gunmen walking the streets across the United States, piling up kills to their credit, thus leaving their victim's families devastated. These men almost always only challenge non-experienced individuals who just wear side arms for show. Richard thinks to himself, "Maybe I could slow down these killer gunslingers by challenging them and beating them at their own game."

Having first buried his brother then shot to death his brother's killer in a clean duel, Richard travels home. Later on he goes to a store that has a large magazine section. He browses through several magazines until he finds one that has a section on the top gunmen with the most kills from across the country. He buys a few copies of the magazine taking them home with him.

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