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As this movie starts we go way back in time to the year nine hundred and one, AD. We go to the country, Italy, and draw into a certain area of ancient Rome. As we move about an elite area of Rome, we suddenly pull into a huge classic type of Roman building. As we move through the building, we suddenly enter into a certain large room and watch elite level Roman scientists and doctors administer (inject) experimental medicines into an arm or shoulder of male and female slaves. We see as the slaves are injected many of them either fall out of their chairs and or the ones that were standing drop onto the floor and then start to shiver or convulse. We see some of these slaves foam at the mouth or vomit as they continue shivering and or convulsing on the floor.

At the end of each day we watch the many now dead slaves get carried out of the building and put into the back end of several horse drawn carriages.

The next several days we move back into this building and then into the same large room and watch the just mentioned tragic scene happen again and again.

Two weeks after we first entered this building, we move to a different room and see seventeen men seated about a large table. Two of them take turns speaking as the other fifteen men present listen. One of the two men says to the others, "Tomorrow we shall start to administer to chosen old slaves what we all believe is the best formula, so far, that we developed which shall not only completely stop the aging process but also shall permanently return the body of each injected old slave back to his or her early adult life (to about eighteen years old)." As we see the other men present agree with what was just said, we then move out of this room.

The next day arrives and we move back into the huge Roman building and then back into the same large room and as we do this we see a total of seventeen either scientists or doctors standing in front of either a different old seated male or female slave who is between the ages of seventy five to eighty five years old. We see each of the mass of slaves receive two separate one cc injections with a pair of sharp hypo needles.

After having been injected, several of these very old peoples' faces suddenly turn black and blue as they then just close their eyes and die. With their faces turning black and blue others start to convulse and or vomit on themselves and they then die in their seats. Others fall out of their chairs and violently land on the floor and start to either foam at the mouth and or vomit as they continue severely convoluting. Many of the slaves fall out of their seats and then immediately die as they hit the floor. We watch Roman scientists and or doctors continue their injecting old slaves with experimental anti aging medicine.

As they continue administering their crude cure for aging, amazingly, one in fifteen people within about three hours continues to get ten, twenty, thirty years younger and then suddenly dies. We watch other slaves continue to get younger until they finally return to the youthful appearance of eighteen years old. But after returning to this age, a few hours later they all die. One old slave in about every fifty-one of them, not only returns to about the youthful age of eighteen but then also appears to the scientists and physicians as if they retained their full health during the incredible transformation.

As we move about, looking at the individuals who were just injected, we watch several of these successful transformations of old people age back to about eighteen years old. As we watch these certain old slaves regain their youth, we move right in front of an eighty three year old woman and watch her struggle with physical pain as her body regenerates back to eighteen years old. After seeing her return to the youthful age of eighteen, we then fade from this scene.

As one month passes, from the time they started injecting the mass of old slaves, these highest-level Roman scientists and doctors have a meeting. At this meeting the men are seated around the large table. Suddenly, the head doctor begins to speak and says, "Yesterday, we concluded our injecting very old slaves with our, so far, absolute best cure drug formula, for aging. From the seven hundred slaves we injected with our formula, sixteen of them reverted back to the age of about eighteen years old and appear to be in good health." The doctor concludes by saying, "These surviving, now very young and no longer aging slaves, shall simply either be kept by the Roman government while they perform their daily slave duties or sold off to very wealthy individuals as elite level slaves."

Just after this is said, we quickly move out from this meeting room and building. We then go to a different Roman building in the area and see several of the male and female slaves that were administered the cure for aging and then reverted back to about eighteen years old. As we move from slave to slave, we now get a good look at each of their faces and see that these formerly very old people are now at the young age of about eighteen years old. As we continue looking at these dramatically transformed slaves, we refocus on a transformed female slave we earlier watched change. We see her get sold to a certain powerful senator and then escorted by guards to this official's house.

At this luxury home we see people explain to her what her daily duties are. We then watch the very young woman perform them. Years start to pass and then decades. The senator who owned the young ageless female slave gets very old and then dies. Because she is considered an elite level quality slave, being that she has the most level of skills and abilities, she is then sold off to a much younger wealthy Roman senator.

Years turn into decades as we see this second senator who was in his early thirties reach forty, fifty, sixty, seventy and at eighty one years old he finally dies of prostate cancer. During these years, to improve all her skills, the immortal female slave was taught how to read and write Spanish. She also received the equivalency of an ivy-league school bachelor's and master's degree.

Just after her owner died, one week later, during the reading of his last will and testament, by his request, she was given her freedom. No longer being a slave, the one hundred and fifty one year old woman moves to a different area of Rome, looks for and finds a job teaching wealthy peoples' children. She continues teaching as fifty years pass. During this time she learns how to speak Greek and goes to eight more years of an ivy-league college school.

Time keeps moving forward, Claudia continues just living her life. Meanwhile, Roman politics is finally evolving in the following way; senators are getting tired of ruling a government that entertains its population with gladiator fighting, with putting Christians and slaves in arenas to be eaten by lions, tigers, cheetahs, bears, (including grizzly and polar bears) alligators, large snakes, wild dogs, to be killed by rhinos, elephants, hippopotamus, charging bulls, etc. As spectators stand alongside and watch slaves or Christians, etc killed in gigantic completely transparent water filled tanks by hammerhead, mayco, megalodon and great white sharks, to be killed by giant squid, swordfish, giant tuna, barracudas, schools of large piranha, etc. To have even up to thirty thousand people crucified along roadsides, in fields or throughout town and city areas during a year, for Rome to have a two hundred thousand a year suicide ratio. For politicians constantly purposely holding back from the masses of the general public incredible levels of scientific technological breakthroughs that would make life easier for all.

Constantly, never having a great leader at the top head of the government showing the way and having the endless mentioned pattern flow of Roman society, sickened senators finally set into motion the gradual end of Rome. Seventy-five years later, Rome's power and greatness reduces to about one third the size and power it was at seventy-five years earlier. In the next additional twenty years, the entire political system as planned packs up and permanently abandons Rome. At first after the complete fall of Rome, the already very high poverty ratio climbs even much further as barbarian leaders from the nearby country sides seize the opportunity of the complete abandonment and then run many areas of the former Roman government.

Meanwhile, twenty-five years before the complete political abandonment of Rome by its original leaders, having seen it's coming the former female slave, whose name is Claudia, leaves Italy and travels to England. Now in England Claudia immediately joins a school and learns how to read and write English. Being already very intelligent and educated, in less than six months she completely learns how to read and write English. Claudia then looks for and finds a job as a schoolteacher. As more decades pass, we see Claudia make friends as she continues working and going to school.

One hundred and sixty years pass since she moved from Rome to England. As Claudia walks through the streets she suddenly has tears flowing down her face and at home at night she finds herself suddenly even bitterly weeping. Focusing and trying to understand why this is happening, several years after it began, the answer starts clarifying itself, Claudia is becoming certain that the reason she is miserable is because deep down even though she has resisted it through the many, many years she has naturally developed an overpowering, great need to have a complete marriage like relationship with a man.

Claudia was never married but when she was a slave, before she was forcibly injected with the cure for aging, there was a male slave that was assigned to her to have a family. Claudia had a twenty-year sexual relationship with this male slave. During this time she gave birth to four healthy children. She also developed very strong feelings (she fell in love) towards this other slave during their relationship.

After fighting the ever-growing feelings to be with a man for another twenty years, Claudia decides that she has been and is suffering too much, so it is time to find a husband. She looks hard for two years and then meets a man who is a schoolteacher just as she is. The pair starts to date and then two years later are married. As the married couple went off to start their honeymoon, Claudia's husband was just twenty-five years old. The two happily married people return and move into a home they bought.

Years start to pass and Claudia has a total of three healthy children with Steven. We watch the happy couple just enjoying their life together as years keep passing. Their children continue to grow older as we see each one pass the age of eighteen years old. Meanwhile, Steven enters into his forties and starts to show signs of aging. As he passes forty-five these natural aging signs start to get more noticeable.

Meanwhile, Claudia remains in appearance as a woman as young as from eighteen to twenty years old. Through the many years of their marriage, Steven would think to himself, "It is strange, it looks to me like Claudia is not aging, she looks as young as she looked the day we were both married many years ago." Finally, at the age of forty-eight Steven confronts Claudia and demands to know why she has not aged through the years.

The two argue for twenty minutes, then, because Steven will not accept anything but a very logical explanation. As he keeps insisting, Claudia thinks to herself, "I guess this is it, the time has come." She continues thinking, "Since I deeply love Steven, I shall not hold back, I will tell him everything." Claudia then tells Steven her entire story, of being a Roman slave several centuries ago and being forcibly injected with the cure for aging by a Roman scientist. She continues telling Steven that he is her long awaited dream of her having a loving husband-wife relationship. As tears flow from her eyes and while she has trouble breathing, she concludes by telling him that it's true, "I love you, Steven, with all of my heart!"

At first, Steven is even disgusted by the story she revealed to him, but as several painful weeks pass; he approaches Claudia one night as she is sleeping in bed and lies down next to her. He gently wakes her up and after making certain that she is conscious enough he looks deep into her sleepy eyes and says in his loud whispering voice, "Claudia." As he says her name, he gently takes her lying body into his arms and continues saying, "I have never loved a woman as much as I love you. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you. As far as I am concerned, I shall remain as your loyal, loving husband as long as you want me to."

As he finishes saying this, tears begin to flow down from Claudia's eyes. As she looks into Steven's deep sincere gazing eyes she says, "Oh Steven, my love, how I have waited for you. I have been alone for centuries and am finally in love. I have no intention to ever leave you, I shall remain as your wife until the end!" Just after this is said, Steven moves his face forward and then starts to deeply kiss Claudia. The kissing becomes more intense as they then go into deep romantic passionate sex.

Many, more years pass as Steven continues aging and Claudia remains young. He turns fifty, sixty, seventy, then, at the age of seventy-nine Steven dies of natural causes. Claudia has him lying in an opened coffin for two days; in the living room of their home, wearing his best cloths. Close friends and family are invited and come to pay their respect for the retired schoolteacher. Steven is then buried at the family cemetery, in his mother's and father's plot, on top of their coffins.

After the death of her husband, Claudia makes a vow that she will never marry again. She also makes a vow that she will remain celibate for the rest of her life. Claudia continues living her life; as more decades pass, we see her bury her beloved children one by one. Finally, her third child, also fathered by her deceased husband, Steven, is buried. In spite of her terrible family losses, Claudia has no choice but to move on with her life.

As more decades pass, she decides to go back to school on a part time basis, to learn more languages and to increase her education level. Decades turn into centuries and because Claudia keeps going to school, mostly on a part time basis, she gets doctor degrees in English, Math, Science, Medicine and she learns to read and write French, Chinese, Russian and German.

More decades turn into centuries and because Claudia is so highly educated and has so much wisdom from being many centuries old, she properly invests her finances into business ventures and starts earning a lot of money each year.

As time moves, she learns the Indian (India) language and earns a few more doctorate degrees. In spite of a steadily growing feeling of loneliness, Claudia keeps her vow to never remarry and to stay celibate. Through the centuries she dates men once in a while, but never has sex with any of them.

In the year 1870 a semi wealthy Claudia moves from England to the United States of America. Finally, a sad Claudia is at a huge party counting down then celebrating the new year of 1900. As the exciting new century gets underway, we see Claudia start to go regularly to watch silent movies. In the year 1912 we see her buy and read a newspaper that explains the tragic sinking of the huge ocean liner, Titanic. As several more years pass we see her buy and then read a newspaper explaining the German u-boat sinking the large ocean liner, The Lusitanian. Claudia keeps buying newspapers regularly to find out the outcome of this tragedy. She reads that, because of the purposeful sinking of this ocean liner, the United States will now enter World War One. As some more years pass, Claudia reads of the end of World War One.

The roaring twenties get underway and into full motion as we see Claudia go to some wild parties with friends. As the nineteen twenties continue moving along, because of being without a male companion for many centuries, we notice Claudia's steadily growing feelings to commit suicide becoming more apparent. Meanwhile, as her mental attitude deteriorates time now continues to slowly move along. In the year of 1927 she goes to the movies to watch Al Joleson in the first partially talking movie, The Jazz Singer. Then in 1929, motion pictures finally have full regular sound (talking). She goes to the movies to watch the Academy Awards first Oscar winner for, the best picture of the year (1929), All Quite On The Western Front.

Finally, as the year 1930 arrives, because she is in constant unbearable emotional pain, Claudia decides to end her very unhappy life. She enters a three story building and walks up the three flights of stairs, opens the door's latch leading to the roof. She steps out onto the roof. Standing frozen near the door leading back off the roof, we see several tears quickly flow down her facial cheeks. She wipes them, walks to the front side of the roof (the side facing the street) and steps off. She falls the three stories and then crashes onto the ground below. As her body smashes into the concrete ground, her left arm, hip and head hit the very hard ground with great force.

As Claudia continues lying on the ground, we see blood running out of her mouth and down the side of her left lower jaw area. Blood also starts to flow out of her two nostrils. As we move right up in front of her face and into her mind, we see that as she looks out in front of her, everything is spinning fast and she is also seeing stars as she goes in and out of consciousness. As she continues lying on the slightly bloodied ground, several concerned people who were walking nearby, swiftly approach her. Two of them yell out as they see the bad condition she is in, "Somebody, quick call an ambulance!"

In less than two minutes later, the increasing sound of ambulance and police sirens are heard nearing the tragic scene. As the siren sounds gets louder, amazingly, in agony, Claudia turns, reaches out her hands and arms onto the ground then pushes herself up in order to get onto her feet. She next slowly steps her right and then left foot onto the ground and painfully lifts herself up to her feet. Still stunned and bleeding from her face, she gets up to a standing position. With most of them knowing that she just fell off a three story building, the growing amount of concerned people about her are amazed at seeing this.

As she is standing, the ambulance and the two police vehicles arrive at the scene. As the man in the front passenger seat races to the back end of the ambulance, the driver rushes up to Claudia who is now trying to walk away from the scene. The ambulance driver stops her and says, "Miss, you can't go home after falling off a three story building, you must come with us to the hospital to be checked by a doctor!" Just after this is said, two police officers approach and also stand in front of Claudia and say the same thing. Not wanting any trouble, Claudia agrees to be put into the back end of the ambulance and then taken to the hospital. Claudia is then laid out on a bed that is put back into the rear end of the ambulance. The loud siren is turned on as the ambulance then races off with a police car escort to the hospital.

The ambulance arrives at the hospital. As Claudia is removed from it, she is then quickly wheeled through the emergency room door entrance. Two doctors are there waiting for her. She is x-rayed and then quickly given a complete examination. Incredibly, after having fallen off of a three-story buildings roof, Claudia has just broken her left arm, sustained a hairline fracture in her left hip and a hairline fracture on her skull. Her mouth required seven stitches and there were several bruises on different areas of her incredible body. The doctors put a cast on her left arm; they taped up her hip and her head and have her stay at the hospital for one week in order to be observed by them.

While Claudia is in the hospital, we see her body's amazing recuperative powers are more than three and a half times as fast as any healthy twenty-year old female. Her left arm cast is removed after being on for just after eleven days. All her bandages are also removed after a week. Knowing that Claudia purposely jumped off the three story high roof, her doctors recommend that she seriously seek out mental help. She tells them that she will consider their advice as she then checks herself out of the hospital.

More years start to pass as we see Claudia, who has a new hobby, going to the movies. We see her as the years pass at the movies watching, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Fredrick March, Mutiny On The Bounty with Clark Gable, The Adventures Of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn, Gunga Din with Cary Grant, Gone With The Wind with Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh.

Then we go with Claudia to the movies to watch, The Wizard Of Oz, starring, Judy Garland. Claudia enters the theater and takes her seat. Ten minutes later the movie begins. As the movie continues and after Dorothy's house lands in the land of Oz, we move back and forth from the screen to Claudia. As she continues watching one of Hollywood's best quality family movies Claudia starts to lose control of her emotions. We see that she is finding it hard to breathe and tears are starting to flow down her facial cheeks.

As the elated scene with the elves telling and insisting that Dorothy, "Follow The Yellow Brick Road" we see she is doing this. We watch her as she continues to happily skip along the brick road, then turn, and face the happy waving elves. As this happening, the elves are happily singing to Dorothy, "You're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz." As we watch Dorothy turn and give the little people (the elves) a final wave with her hand, we pull up to and then pass a now very emotional, weeping Claudia and then we continue pulling back passed others happily watching the classic movie and next we move out of the movie theater.

Decades start to pass with Claudia continually thinking about trying to commit suicide, again. Meanwhile, she wants to know if other people like her exist and then if they also want to kill themselves because of having lived for twelve hundred years or even longer. Claudia starts to look for hidden resources where she could find this needed information. After searching for several months, she finds the important information she has been looking hard for.

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